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Ordinance 15-01

 WHEREAS, there have been requests from residents to make W. College St., from N. Main St. to N. Mulberry St., a residential permit parking zone; and

WHEREAS, several events take place in the summer months, both in the Village and on Denison University, that have an effect on parking in the residential permit parking zones;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio that:

Section I: Section 351.17 (a) of the Codified Ordinance of the Village of Granville, Ohio is hereby amended to read as follows:


(a) The following residential permit parking zones are hereby established: (deleted “during the months of August through May”) (1) Thresher St., from W. Broadway to Burg St.; (2) W. College St. in the, 400, and 500 blocks only (from N. Plum St. west to the end of the street); (3) In the 100 block of W. College St. from the eastern most property line of 111 W. College to the western most property line of 129 W. College St.; (4) Sheppard Place; (5) The municipally-owned parking lot located on Burg St just south of Thresher St. in any space so posted; (6) Summit St. from N. Pearl St. to N. Prospect St.; (7) N. Plum St. from Broadway to College St.

Section II: This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force upon the earliest date allowed by law. 

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