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Ordinance 40-01


WHEREAS, the Granville Exempted Village School District Board of Education (“the District”) has determined that, as a result of increased enrollment, the construction of a new intermediate grade 4, 5 & 6 school is necessary (“the new school”); and

WHEREAS, the District decided to construct the new school on 184 acres located between Burg Street and Loudon Street in the Northern portion of Granville Township, on property known as the Van Winkle property (“Van Winkle property”); and

WHEREAS, the District requested that the Village provide sewer services to the Van Winkle property; and

WHEREAS, on November 7, 2001, pursuant to the District’s second request, Village Council passed Ordinance No. 37-01 granting the School District the sewer extension for the reasons stated in that ordinance; and

WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 37-01 conditioned the sewer extension, in part, on the District making the road it planned to construct between Burg Street and Loudon Street a public road versus a private road (such road having been recommended to the Village in the traffic study commissioned by the Village and submitted by the Parsons Transportation Group, a Traffic-engineering firm, on March 22, 2001, as the way for the Village to protect its streets from the large increase in traffic the new school will create); and

WHEREAS, the Village Council has the responsibility of maintaining the Village streets and minimizing taxpayer expense in such maintenance by planning for and regulating, where possible, the amount of traffic on the streets; and

WHEREAS following the November 7, 2001 meeting and the passage of Ordinance No. 37-01, school officials made public statements expressing doubts about their ability to meet Council’s request for a public road, primarily because of cost; and

WHEREAS, an example of the District’s concern on costs was expressed in the Thursday, November 15, 2001 edition of the Granville Sentinel, whereby it was reported that: “If the road were built to county engineering standards with curb, gutters, and possibly sidewalks, it would cost $1 million, according to the school district’s engineering consultant, ADR & Associates of Newark;” and WHEREAS, following those statements by the District, Council learned that the road that the District plans to construct already meets County requirements for a public road and, therefore, should not result in additional costs to the District; and

WHEREAS, by making the road a public road the District can save substantial sums for maintenance and repair as the Township, County, and/or Village would be responsible for all these costs; and

WHEREAS, Council wishes to clarify its position and re- state its willingness to work with the District to reach an agreement on the sewer extension. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Council of Granville, Ohio, a majority of the elected members concurring that:

Section 1: The Village restates its position that the road between Burg Street and Loudon Street be a public road. However, the Village clarifies that the District’s plan to construct a 24-foot road is the type of road the Village anticipated in its original ordinance, Ordinance 37-01, and, to the Village’s understanding, such road satisfies the County’s standards for a public road. The Village merely requests that the road the District already plans to construct be deemed a public road;

Section 2: To the extent that the road already planned by the District does not meet the County standards in either road width or road construction (e.g. type of materials, thickness, etc.), the Village is willing to negotiate with the District and share in the additional costs, if any;

Section 3: If the District joins the new school and the Van Winkle property to the Village as anticipated by Ordinance No. 37-01, and if the road is built to public standards as anticipated in Sections 1 and 2 above, the Village will accept maintenance responsibility for the road, just as it does for any other public road, thereby saving the District substantial sums over the life time of the road;

Section 4: The Village is willing to negotiate further any details as to the size or location of the road easement, including issues such as whether the road is centered in the easement or whether the easement is offset to one side of the road;

Section 5: In addition, to demonstrate its good faith and willingness to reach a mutually acceptable resolution with the District, the Village makes the following offer: If the District is successful in joining the new school and Van Winkle property to the Village as anticipated by Ordinance No. 37-01, and if the road already planned is made a public road as anticipated by Ordinance No. 37-01, the Village will waive the tap-in fee for the sewer extension;

Section 6: This Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the Municipality and its inhabitants for the following reasons: (1) OEPA’s position that when sanitary sewers are available that they are the preferred alternative to on-site package plants; (2) OEPA’s policy to deny on-site systems or package plants when sanitary sewers are available; (3) OEPA’s conclusion that an on-site package plant would be an unnecessary burden on the District and would result in the degradation of the waters of the State; (4) that the degradation of the waters and streams in the Granville area constitutes an immediate and unacceptable threat of environmental harm to the Village and its surrounding townships; and (5) that failure to immediately approve the selective extension of the Village’s sewer services could result in the school site not being ready for the academic year 2002-2003, thereby resulting in over-crowded classrooms for children in the existing schools. 

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