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Ordinance 04-02


    WHEREAS, certain provisions within the Codified
Ordinances should be amended to conform with current State
Law as required by the Ohio Constitution; and

    WHEREAS, various ordinances of a general and
permanent nature have been passed by Council which should
be included in the Codified Ordinances; and

    WHEREAS, Council has heretofore entered into a
contract with the Walter H. Drane Company to prepare and
publish such revision which is before Council;

    NOW, THEREFORE, Be it ordained by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section I:    The ordinances of Granville, Ohio, of a
general and permanent nature, as revised, recodified,
rearranged and consolidated into component codes, titles,
chapters and sections within the 2002 Replacement Pages to
the Codified Ordinances are hereby approved and adopted.   

Section II:    The following sections and chapters are
hereby added, amended or repealed as respectively indicated
in order to comply with current State law:

Traffic Code

301.20    Motor Vehicle Defined.  (Amended)
335.08    Operation or Sale Without Certificate of Title.  
337.27    Seat Belt Requirements.  (Amended)
375.08    Snowmobile Certificate of Title.  (Amended)

General Offenses Code
513.01    Definitions.  (Amended)
513.12    Drug Paraphernalia.  (Amended)
525.01    Law Enforcement Definitions.  (Amended)
525.02    Falsification.  (Amended)
525.16    Assaulting a Police Dog, Horse or Handicapped
Assistance Dog.  (Amended)
525.17    False Allegation of Peace Officer Misconduct.  
529.07    Open Container Prohibited.  (Amended)
533.01    Obscenity and Sex Offenses Definitions.  (Amended)
533.04    Sexual Imposition.  (Amended)
537.03    Assault.  (Amended)
537.05    Aggravated Menacing.  (Amended)
537.051    Menacing By Stalking.  (Amended)
537.06    Menacing.  (Amended)
537.17    Criminal Child Enticement.  (Amended)
537.18    Contributing to Unruliness or Delinquency of a
Child.  (Amended)
549.07    Underage Purchase of Firearm.  (Amended)

Fire Prevention Code

1519.02    Fireworks Public Exhibition Permit Required.  
1519.03    Unlawful Conduct by Exhibitor.  (Amended)
Section III:    The complete text of the sections of the
Codified Ordinances listed above are set forth in full in
the current replacement pages to the Codified Ordinances
which are hereby attached to this ordinance as Exhibit A.  
Notice of adoption of each new section by reference to its
title shall constitute sufficient publication of new matter
contained therein.
Section IV:     Wherefore, this ordinance shall take
effect and be in full force from and after the earliest
date permitted by law.

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