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Ordinance 02-03


    WHEREAS, an auxiliary police unit can augment the
manpower of the police department on both a day to day
basis and in times of emergency, thereby significantly
enhancing public safety within the Village; and

    WHEREAS, an auxiliary police unit could provide a
pool of trained and qualified individuals from which full-
time positions could be filled, thereby significantly
reducing the time full-time positions remain vacant; and

    WHEREAS, an auxiliary police unit would allow
citizens, who are unable to commit to a career in law
enforcement, to provide service to the community on a
voluntary basis.

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section    I:    Section 127.10 of the Granville Codified
Ordinances is hereby enacted to read as    follows:

127.10    Auxiliary Police
(a)    There is hereby created within the Department of
Safety an auxiliary police unit with a     maximum number of
six (6) members, who shall be appointed by the Village
(b)    Auxiliary police officers shall serve so long as
the Village Manager may direct, or until a resignation
submitted by such member is accepted by the Village
(c)    Each member of the auxiliary police unit shall be
a resident of Licking County, Ohio or an adjacent county,
and must be at least twenty one years of age at the time
of his/her appointment.
(d)    The Chief of Police shall be the commanding
officer of the auxiliary police unit and shall have
control of the assignment, training, stationing, and
direction of work of such unit.  The auxiliary police unit
shall have all police powers, but shall perform only such
police duties as are assigned by the Chief of Police and
shall act only when in a prescribed uniform.  The Chief of
Police shall prescribe the time and place such uniform
shall be worn.  Auxiliary police unit members shall obey
the chain of command of the Police Department and shall
take orders from all regularly appointed members thereof.
(e)    The Chief of Police shall prescribe the rules and
regulations for the organization, administration, conduct,
and control of the auxiliary police unit.
(f)    Uniforms will be provided for each member of the
auxiliary police unit, with the exception of leather gear
and footwear, and each member will be required to provide
his/her own duty sidearm.
(g)    Service to be Voluntary; Travel and Expense
    (1)    All services performed by auxiliary police
personnel shall be on a voluntary basis and within the
    (2)    Auxiliary police unit members shall be
entitled to receive the sum of one hundred fifty dollars
($150.00) annually as a travel and incidental expense
allowance.  Payment of this sum may be made either by
installments or in a lump sum, as determined by the
Finance Director.  The method of payment shall be uniform
for all members, but may be changed from time to time.  
Newly appointed members shall be entitled to a prorated
portion of the yearly a    allowance based upon time of

Section II:    This ordinance shall take effect and be in
force from and after the earliest date allowed by law.

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