Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 22-04

WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to enact uniform regulations that govern certain temporary signs that are placed within the Village, which include signs relating to civic and community events, for-sale and for-rent signs, and political signs of various types.


            Section 1.  Section 1189.10 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio, be and hereby is amended to read as follows:


            (a)        The following signs shall be exempt from regulation under this ordinance, except as provided in this section:

            (1)        Any public notice or warning required by a valid and applicable federal, state, or local law, regulation or ordinance.

            (2)        Any sign inside a building, not attached to a window or door that is not legible from the lot line of the zone lot or parcel on which such sign is located.

            (3)        Works of art that do not include a commercial message.

            (4)        Holiday lights and decoration with no commercial message, but only between November 15 and January 15.

            (5)        Traffic control signs on private property which meet Ohio Department of Transportation Standards and which contain no commercial message

            (b)        The following temporary signs shall be exempt from regulation under this ordinance provided each such sign satisfies the requirements set forth in division (c) of this section:

            (1)        Temporary for sale, rental or lease signs

            (2)        Temporary signs for the civic promotion of any one school; church or community service activity may be displayed for a maximum of fourteen consecutive days and no more than thirty days in one calendar year. 

            (3)        Political signs and signs or posters indicating candidates or issues on the public ballot.

            (c)        All temporary signs referred to division (b) of this section shall be limited to not more than six square feet in sign area.  Any such temporary sign shall be removed or replaced after thirty days if the sign has become damaged or has deteriorated, by the weather or otherwise, to the point where the sign cannot be read from the street or the sign has or appears to have become detached, in whole or in part, from its sign posts or supporting structure.  All such temporary signs shall be removed within ten days after the property to which the sign relates has sold, rented or leased, or the promotion, activity, or election to which the sign relates has been conducted.  No sign referred to in section (b) of this section shall be placed within fifteen feet of an established right of way, unless there is less than fifteen feet of land between the right of way and the facade of the structure on the land, in which case, the sign shall be located at the closest point to the structure and shall not constitute a safety hazard.

            Section 2.  Existing Section 1189.10 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village Of Granville, Ohio, is hereby repealed.


            Section 3.  This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest date permitted by law.

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