Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 08-05

            WHEREAS, St Luke’s Episcopal Church is desirous of entering into a long-term lease for the premises located at 118 South Main Street, Granville, Ohio; and


            WHEREAS, The Village of Granville and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church have negotiated a lease agreement for the premises located at 118 South Main Street; and


            WHEREAS, Council finds that said lease agreement is in the best interests of the Village of Granville.


            NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of Granville, Ohio, at least five of its members concurring that:     


            Section 1.  Council hereby authorizes the Village Manager to execute the Lease Agreement with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church attached hereto, identified as Exhibit A, for the lease of the premises located at 118 South Main Street commencing on March 1, 2005, on the terms and conditions specified in Exhibit A.


Section 2:  This Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency ordinance that is necessary for the public peace, safety, health, morals and welfare.  The reason for such necessity is that immediate action is necessary in order to allow the Village to permit the continued use and occupancy of the Village’s property located at 118 South Main Street by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church without disruption thereof. Therefore, this ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage.



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