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Ordinance No. 26-2012

ORDINANCE NO. 26-2010 


WHEREAS, Section 5705.12 of the Ohio Revised Code authorizes the Village to establish special funds to account for money derived from special sources other than general property tax; and 

WHEREAS, the Village will be accepting a generous cash donation of approximately $25,000 from the Hubert and Oese Robinson Foundation, sponsor of the Granville Lifestyle Museum; and 

WHEREAS, the Hubert and Oese Robinson Foundation has designated that these funds be used towards the beautification of the downtown area, specifically within Opera House Park; and 

WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Village Council to create a special revenue fund to account for this cash donation and ensure the funds are used solely for development, improvement and beautification of Opera House Park.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section 1. The Chart of Accounts for the Village of Granville be amended as follows to include a new special revenue fund for the future development, improvement and beautification of Opera House Park:

Fund               Description

B3                   Opera House Park Improvement Fund 

Section 2: This ordinance shall be effective from and after the earliest date allowed by law.

 Passed this 15th day of December, 2010.

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