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Ordinance No. 02-2011

ORDINANCE NO. 02-2011 


 WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to update the zoning code of the Village. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Licking County, Ohio that: 

            Section 1. That existing section 1162.02 of the Codified Ordinances is hereby amended to read as follows: 


            An application for demolition of any structure with a foundation in the Village must be submitted to the Village Manager or his/her designee.  All properties that are located within the Architectural Review Overlay District (Chapter 1161) will be reviewed and given a recommendation by the Planning Commission and reviewed and approved by Village Council.  All properties located elsewhere within the Village require the review and recommendation from the Village Manager and/or the Village Planner and review and approval by the Village Council.

            (a)        Prior to the demolition of any structure within the Village, a permit must be obtained from the Village Manager or his/her designee.

            (b)        All applications which are submitted for review shall be heard by the Planning Commission or Village Council within forty-five (45) days from the date of filing.

            (c)        (1)        Public Notice for Hearing.  Notice of the date set for the Planning Commission and/or Village Council hearing shall be published in one or more local newspapers of general circulation in the Village.  Such notice shall include the time, date and place of the hearing and the nature of the request.

                        (2)        Notice to Property Owners.  Notice to the applicant and all property owners within 200 feet of the property on which the demolition is to be considered shall be sent by first class mail as evidenced by a certificate of mailing or by personal service at least six days prior to the hearing date for the Planning Commission and/or the Village Council.  The failure of delivery of such notice shall not invalidate any decision by the Planning Commission or Village Council related to the hearing.  A sign shall be posted on the subject property indicating the proposed demolition and the date, time and location of the hearing at least six days prior to the hearing date for the Planning Commission and/or the Village Council.

            (d)        If the Planning Commission or Village Council determines that the structure in question is of significant historical or architectural character or makes a contribution to the continuous fabric of the street edge, a sixty-day waiting period shall take affect during which time notification of the proposed demolition shall be made to the Granville Historical Society, who will contact the Ohio Historical Society.  The Planning Commission or Village Council will wait the entire sixty days for a recommendation from the Granville Historical Society or the Ohio Historical Society before making a decision on the application.

            (e)        Any application for demolition must also be accompanied with future construction plans and a schedule for implementation of the proposed improvements for the proposed area.  If future construction plans are not finalized, the applicant will submit a landscaping plan for the area to ensure aesthetic quality and maintenance until such time as future construction plans can be commenced.

            (f)         Action by the Planning Commission.  Following the public hearing, the Planning Commission shall review the application and make one of the following recommendations to Council within fifteen days:

                        (1)        Recommend that the demolition be granted as requested.

                        (2)        Recommend a modification of the demolition request.

                        (3)        Recommend that the demolition not be granted.

            (g)        Action by the Council.

(1)        Following a hearing, Council shall approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove the demolition request.

(2)        Council shall make a decision not later than the next regularly scheduled Council meeting following the conclusion of its hearing, subject to subsection (d) hereof.   (Ord. 29-05.  Passed 9-7-05.)

          Section 2.  This ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville. 

Passed this 19th day of January, 2011.

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