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Ordinance No. 11-2011



WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to modernize and update the Zoning Code of the Village in order to better protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Village. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Licking County, Ohio that: 

            Section 1. That existing sections 1159.01, 1159.02, 1159.03, 1159.04, 1159.05 and 1159.07 of the Codified Ordinances are hereby amended to read as follows: 


The old village section of Granville is a unique area comprised of residences, neighborhood businesses serving the personal, family and household needs of residents, and public and semipublic land uses.  These uses are contained in structures representing a variety of architectural styles which reflect the era in which most of the village section was built.  Many of these buildings are now included on the National Register of Historic Buildings.  The goal of regulation in the Village District is to insure that any land use changes which occur within the District are harmonious and compatible with the appearance and the character of adjacent land uses and that such changes enhance the Village District. 

Uses in the Village District are oriented toward the pedestrian rather than the automobile.  Amenities such as small park areas, benches and special sidewalk treatments are encouraged.  Requirements for parking and setback may be eased when it advances the overall purpose of the Village District.  The preservation of existing structures which have historical and architectural significance as well as the integration of new and renovated structures with the character and appearance of existing structures in the Village District is emphasized. 

The Village District is comprised of four subdistricts:  the Village Residential District (VRD), the Village Business District (VBD), the Village Square District (VSD) and the Village Institutional District (VID). 

(Ord. 8-95.  Passed 5-17-95.)


The uses in the Village District are subject to the site plan requirements of this chapter and the architectural review requirements of Chapter 1161, as well as the general provisions of this Zoning Ordinance. 

            (a)        Permitted Uses.

                        (1)        Village Residential District.

                                    A.        Single-family dwellings and accessory uses incidental thereto, such as garages.

                                    B.         Non-profit educational, civic, religious, and social uses which serve and are compatible with other permitted uses in this District.

                        (2)        Village Business District.  The uses below are separated into use categories defined by capital letter subheadings.  Zoning may be approved for any one or more of these categories (ex.: VBD-A).  Should a proposed use not occur in the following list (ex.:  a financial planning consultant), the Planning Commission upon application may approve such use if it is closely related to those uses listed in any specific category.

                                    A.        Hotels, motels and inns, offering board and lodging.

                                    B.         Retail outlets: furniture, clothing, shoe and variety stores, hardware, appliance, paint and wallpaper stores; and specialty shops: antique shops, gift shops, magazine, book and stationery outlets, florist shops, camera and photography shops and sporting goods.

                                    C.        Business and professional offices: medical, counseling, and dental offices and clinics, law offices, insurance and real estate offices. 

                                    D.        Food, drug and beverage businesses: grocery stores, meat markets, drug stores and bakeries in conjunction with retail sales, restaurants and tea rooms.

                                    E.         Clubs, sororities, fraternities, lodges and meeting places for other organizations, not including any use that is customarily conducted as a gainful business, and places of assembly; non-profit educational, civic, religious and social uses, which serve and are compatible with other permitted uses in this District.

                                    F.         Service businesses:  Laundromat, dry cleaning and laundry pick-up stations, barber and beauty shops, shoe repair and tailor shops, printing shops with not more than ten full-time regular employees.

                                    G.        Fitness related businesses.

                                    H.        Accessory uses, buildings or structures to the previous A - G.

                        (3)        Village Square District.

                                    A.        Nonprofit educational, civic, religious, and social uses which serve and are compatible with other permitted uses in this District.

                                    B.         Uses permitted in the Village Residential District and the Village Business  District.

                        (4)        Village Institutional District.

                                    A.        University and school buildings, including residence halls, food service facilities, classroom buildings and auditoriums.

                                    B.         Faculty housing.

                                    C.        Sorority and fraternity houses.

                                    D.        Passive recreational areas including parks and walkways. 

               (b)        Conditional Uses.

                           (1)        Village Residential District.

                                       A.        Clubs, sororities, fraternities, lodges and meeting places for such organizations, not including any use that is customarily conducted as a gainful business.

                                       B.         Home Occupations.

                           (2)        Village Business District.

                                       A.        Parking lots.

                                       B.         Mortuaries.

                                       C.        Gas stations.

                                       D.        Banks (including drive-in banks), finance and utility.

                                       E.         Single family residential.

                                       F.         Bed and Breakfasts.

                           (3)        Village Square District.

                                       A.        Cultural uses.

                           (4)        Village Institutional District.

                                       A.        Active recreational uses such as play fields or skating rinks where a large number of participants and/or spectators can be anticipated.

                                       B.         Parking lots to service a university or school. (Ord. 15-08.  Passed 1-7-09.) 


             (a)       Minimum Lot Area.   The minimum lot area shall be determined by aggregating the parking requirements, yard requirements, setback requirements and lot coverage requirements.

              (b)       Lot Coverage.  Lot coverage shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) for structures, driveways or driveway areas within the VRD.  Lot coverage shall not exceed seventy percent (70%) for structures, driveways, driveway areas or loading areas in the VBD and VID.  Sidewalks may be included in the calculation of open area where there is special landscape or pedestrian elements.  Lot coverage may be increased to eighty-five percent (85%) in the VBD if the applicant provides adequate landscaping, pedestrian conveniences, such as benches, special ornamental lighting, etc. upon acceptance and approval by the Planning Commission.  In the case of reconstruction in the VRD, ground coverage may be equal to what it was previously.  Lot coverage within the VSD shall not exceed fifty percent (50%). 

             (c)       Minimum Lot Width; Side Yards; Rear Yards.    Side yards and rear yards shall be a minimum of ten feet. 

             (d)       Required Front Yard.  The required front yard or building setback line shall be determined by the existing line established by the remaining buildings on that block front.  Any new construction or additions to existing structures shall maintain present setback lines. 

             (e)       Parking Requirements.

                        (1)        For permitted and conditional uses within the VRD, all required parking is to be provided on site.  For permitted and conditional uses within the VBD, VSD, and the VID, the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals shall have the right to grant variances from the parking requirements listed under the parking regulations upon a showing by the applicant in accord with the standards of Chapter 1147.

                        (2)        Access to such parking areas shall be permitted only in accordance with the provisions of Section 1183.04(f)

                        (3)        Notwithstanding the requirements set forth in the above sub sections, in the Village Business District (VBD), where the change of use is form any of the uses set forth in 1159.02(a)(2) to another of the uses set forth in that section and does not result in a greater parking requirement than the existing use, as determined by the Village Planner, then, as to parking requirements, a Board of Zoning and Building Appeals review is not required. 

              (f)       Other Requirements.

                        (1)        All applicable requirements of the landscaping, sign, architectural review and general regulations of this Zoning Ordinance shall be met.

                        (2)        Outdoor storage or display of merchandise on public sidewalks shall be prohibited unless written application is made and approval granted by the Village Manager or his/her designee. (Ord. 15-08.  Passed 1-7-09.) 


In addition to requirements imposed by Chapter 1161 and any other requirements of this Zoning Ordinance, and as a prerequisite to the issuance of a Zoning Permit in the Village District, new construction, exterior modifications and structural alterations to existing buildings in the Village District shall be permitted only upon application and approval of a site plan submitted in accordance with this section. 

            (a)        Site plan requirements for new construction on a vacant lot within the VBD, VRD, VSD and VID:

                        (1)        Structures. All existing surrounding structures and the proposed structures shall be shown with all building measurements, descriptions of use, location of expected entrances and exits, service and pedestrian areas, building elevations, and a description or sample of materials to be used in construction.  The applicant shall also submit a drawing that shows the location of buildings (with measurements) on adjacent lots.

                        (2)        Traffic. All points of ingress and egress onto public roadways or alleys shall be shown, including anticipated location and size of all curb cuts.

                        (3)        Parking layout.  All proposed parking spaces, access to parking spaces, and other paved areas proposed on the site are to be indicated.

                        (4)        Landscaping and site treatment. As applicable, proposed landscaping and other site design treatment, including lighting plans, shall be indicated.

            (b)        Site plan requirements for any exterior modification or structural alteration of any existing structure.

                        (1)        A site plan, unless waived by the Planning Commission, is required, drawn to scale, illustrating the existing site in question; all surrounding buildings, all buildings on adjacent lots, and the proposed structural or exterior changes, including any changes in parking layout, landscaping, screening, fences, walkways, signs and other relevant structures and fixtures shall be shown.  In addition, the relationship to surrounding structures, elevations showing the proposed changes, and a description or sample of materials to be used for this project may be required as described below.

                        (2)        The Planning Commission may waive those plan requirements listed above upon determination that full compliance with the requirements is not necessary for a determination upon a specific application.

            (c)        At the request of the applicant, site plan requirements described above may be submitted and acted upon in two phases as outlined in Section 1161.03(d). (Ord. 15-08.  Passed 1-7-09.) 


            (a)        An application for a Zoning Permit in the Village District shall be submitted with eleven copies, (unless a lesser number is established), of the required plan to the Village Planner.  Each application, for Village Business District (VBD) properties, shall state the use category or categories, as set forth in Section 1159.02(a) (2), for which approval is sought. 

            (b)        After staff review and recommendations, the application and plans shall be forwarded to the Planning Commission for hearing and recommendation.  The Planning Commission may request additional information.  In determining the acceptability of the site plan, exterior modification or structural alteration of any existing structure, the Planning Commission shall consider the following:

                        (1)        Setbacks

                        (2)        Distances between buildings

                        (3)        Yard space and adequacy of open space in accordance with lot coverage standards

                        (4)        Traffic accessibility and parking layout

                        (5)        Compatibility and building height

                        (6)        Findings as to style of architecture in relationship to surrounding uses in accordance with the standards set forth in Chapter 1161

                        (7)        Building materials

                        (8)        Storm drains considerations, if applicable

                        (9)        For Village Business District (VBD) properties, the existing use category or categories as established by Section 1159.02(a)(2) whether such property has previously received formal category designation or otherwise 

            (c)        After hearing and consideration, the Planning Commission shall approve or deny the application and site plan, or approve the application and site plan with modifications.  

            (d)        In all circumstances, the site plan and exterior modification or structural alteration of any existing structure shall be considered a condition of approval of the application.  Any construction must start within twelve months and be completed within twenty-four months from the date of final approval. With the approval of the Village Planner, subsequent minor modifications of the approval may be made, provided such changes do not alter the essential character, as determined by the Village Planner, of the original plan as approved.  If the Village Planner determines that such changes are significant, the application shall be resubmitted to the Planning Commission for approval as an amended application. Any new construction, exterior modifications or structural alterations to existing structures, which proceed prior to final approval of the site plan, shall be deemed to be an abatable nuisance. (Ord. 15-08.  Passed 1-7-09)

       1159.06  APPEALS. 

      Appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission on an application for site approval, exterior modification or structural alteration of any existing structure may be had as provided in Chapter 1141. 

          Section 2.  That existing Section 1159.06 Chapter 11 of the Codified Ordinances of Granville Ohio is hereby repealed.

          Section 3.  This ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville.

Passed this 1st day of June, 2011.

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