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Ordinance No. 15-2012

ORDINANCE NO. 15– 2012


WHEREAS, events are held at the Bryn Du Mansion and other public facilities that are open to the public, thereby constituting a “public place” under Granville Ordinance 529.07(b)(3); and 

WHEREAS, under the current Granville Ordinances, no person shall have in their possession an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor in a public place; and 

WHEREAS, there may be events where the Village intends for the legal possession, sale, and consumption of alcohol at the Bryn Du Mansion and other public facilities; and 

WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to update the General Offenses Code of the Village in order to better serve the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Village.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section 1:    Existing section 529.07(b)(3) is hereby amended as follows:

General Offenses Code

                     529.07 OPEN CONTAINER PROHIBITED. 

(b)(3)    In any other public place, except when possession, sale, or consumption at certain public facilities is permitted by written authorization from the Village Manager; 

Section 2:    This Ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville. 

Passed this 1st day of August, 2012.

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