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Ordinance No. 17-2012

ORDINANCE NO. 17-2012 


WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to amend the Zoning Code of the Village in order to protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Village. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio that:

Section 1.  Existing Sections 1171.03 and 1189.13 are hereby amended as follows: 


               (a)       Planned Development District Lot Guidelines: Minimum Yards.


                                                                 MINIMUM YARDS 

                                    Frontage                                             Min.

                  Min            To A                                    Total         Rear          Max

                  Lot           Public  Set            Backs       Side          Set-          Bldg           Max

Zoning      Area          Row    Front         Side         Yard          Back         Lot             Height

District      (Sq. Ft.)    (Feet)  (Feet)        (Feet)      (Feet)       (Feet)     Coverage     (Feet)

PUD                *            *        35              14            30              50         20%              35

PID                 *          350      40            none                          none       35%              35

PCD                *          125      30              15                            none       40%              See (b)(3) below


      * Minimum lot area requirements shall be determined by the Planning Commission upon conditions of the proposed development of the land and the requirements established herein for each development.   In measuring lot coverage, all buildings and other covered areas, such as parking areas, sidewalks, loading areas, driveways and driveway areas, shall be included.

      (1)    There must be sufficient lot area and width to meet all parking and yard requirements.

      (2)    Planned Unit District (PUD) when abutting another district, no structure shall be closer than thirty-five feet and no parking area or access drive shall be closer than fifteen feet to a side lot line.

      (3)    Planned Industrial District (PID) when abutting another district, no structure shall be closer than fifty feet and no parking area, loading area or access drive shall be closer than fifteen feet to the rear lot line.

      (4)    Parking areas shall be no closer to the main structure(s) than ten feet.

      (5)    Planned Unit District (PUD) parking and accessory building standards shall be as follows:

               a.   No driveway or parking area shall be within five feet of a side lot line; or ten feet for multi-family dwellings.

               b.   No driveways or parking areas shall be within ten feet of a rear lot line.

               c.   For accessory buildings, such as detached garages:  minimum yard requirements shall be the same as required for main structures,except in all cases the minimum distance between an accessory building and the rear property line shall be fifteen feet.

  (6)     The gross maximum density in a PUD development shall be as follows:

a.   Single-family residential: one (1) dwelling units per acre.

b.   Two-family and multi-family residential: five (5) dwelling units per acre. 



            The following procedures shall govern the application for, and the issuance of, all sign permits under this chapter, and the submission and review of a Master or Common Signage Plan.

(1)       Applications. All applications for the sign permits of any kind and for approval of a Master Signage Plan shall be submitted to the Village Planner on an application form with the application specifications and materials as published by the Planning and Zoning Office.

(2)       Fees. Each application for a sign permit or for approval of a Master Signage Plan shall be accompanied by the applicable fees, which shall be established by the Village Council from time to time by ordinance.

(3)       Completeness. Within seven days of receiving an application for a sign permit or a Master Signage Plan, the Village Planner shall review it for completeness. If the Planner finds that it is complete, the applications shall then be processed. If the Planner finds it incomplete, the Planner shall, within such seven-day period, send the applicant a notice of the specific ways in which the application is deficient, with appropriate reference to the applicable sections of this chapter.

(4)       Submission Requirements. The following materials must be included with the completed application forms. Examples are available from the Planning and Zoning Office.

           (a)    Site plan. A site plan drawn to an appropriate scale which shows the proposed location of the sign as well as all other significant site features such as rights of way, topography, existing vegetation, and adjacent buildings and properties which may be affected by the proposal.

           (b)    Elevation. An elevation of the proposed sign and its mounting system that includes an accurate rendering of the proposed graphic design, typography, color, and materials used for construction. For window, wall or building signs this drawing should include a complete elevation of the building face on which the sign will be attached.

(5)       Action. After processing a complete application, the Village Planner will submit the application to the Planning Commission for review at its next available meeting. This review will be scheduled as the Planning Commission agenda will allow, but action must be taken within forty-five days of the acceptance of the completed application, unless the applicant requests a delay.

(6)       Appeal. Any party aggrieved or affected by a decision of the Planning Commission involving a sign application may appeal to Council. The appeal shall follow the procedures established in Chapter 1137. Such appeal shall be submitted to the Village Clerk no later than ten days after the decision of the Commission is filed with the Village Clerk or sent to the applicant by personal service or ordinary mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, whichever shall last occur. 

Section 2.  That all previous existing sections inconsistent with the revisions above are hereby repealed. 

Section 3.  This ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville. 

Passed this 1st day of August, 2012.


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