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Ordinance No. 02-2014

ORDINANCE NO. 02-2014 



            WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to update the zoning code of the Village. 

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Licking County, Ohio that: 

Section 1. That existing Sections 1113.03 and 1113.04 are hereby amended and Section 1113.05 of the Codified Ordinances is added to read as follows: 

            1113.03  PRELIMINARY PLAT.

            (a)       Submission.

                        (1)       The subdivider/developer shall prepare a preliminary plat together with improvement plans and such other data as may be required by Chapters 1109, 1117, 1121 or 1147.

                        (2)       Eleven (11) copies of the preliminary plat and other required material shall accompany a written application to the Planning Commission.

                        (3)       For consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission, the application including all required attachments shall be submitted to the Village Planner. The application shall be considered officially filed after it is examined by the Village Planner or his/her designee and is found to be complete in all respects. The Planning Commission shall not consider an application for a preliminary plat which is found to be incomplete.

            (b)       Approval.

                        (1)       The Village Planner or other designee of the Manager shall transmit copies to the Municipal Engineer, the appropriate boards, commissions and departments of the Municipality, and to all affected local utility companies for their review, recommendations, or action.

                        (2)       The Planning Commission shall determine whether the preliminary plat shall be approved, approved with modifications, conditionally approved, or disapproved. Conditional approval may be based upon the subdivider/developer obtaining approval for any deviations or variances from these regulations by the authority empowered to grant such deviations or variances.  

            (c)       Size and Scale.

                        (1)       The preliminary plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn. The scale of the plat shall be not less than one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet.

                        (2)       The plat of a subdivision containing six (6) acres or less shall be drawn at a scale of one (1) inch equals fifty (50) feet. 

            (d)       Plat Contents.  The preliminary plat shall contain the following information:

                        (1)       Proposed name of the subdivision which name shall not duplicate, be of the same in spelling or alike in pronunciation with any other recorded subdivision. However, in the case of a subdivision platted by phases, the subdivider/developer shall be permitted to use the same subdivision name;

                        (2)       Location and distance to any adjacent street intersection or plat;

                        (3)       Names and addresses of the subdivider/developer and/or owner and surveyor;

                        (4)       Scale of the plan, north point and date;

                        (5)       Boundaries of the subdivision indicated by a heavy line and the acreage of the subdivision;

                        (6)       Location, widths and names of existing or platted streets, railroad rights of way, easements, parks, permanent buildings, military survey and township lines within and adjacent to the subdivision;

                        (7)       Names of adjacent subdivisions and owners of adjoining parcels of land, deed book and page number and adjacent zoning;

                        (8)       Existing contours with intervals of not more than five (5) feet where the slope is greater than ten (10) percent, or not more than two (2) feet where the slope is less than ten (10) percent. Elevations shall be based on sea level datum;

                        (9)       Power transmission poles and lines and any other significant items; and

                        (10)     Vicinity sketch at a scale not smaller than 1" = 2000'. 

            (e)       Other Contents.

                        (1)       Wooded areas, rivers, streams, watercourses, drainage routes and patterns, pending areas and wetlands.

                        (2)       The 100-year floodplain, including the floodway definition, of any watercourse identified by FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program, Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

                        (3)       Soils information, derived from the Soil Survey of Licking County.

                        (4)       Approximate building locations within 100 feet of the subdivision.

                        (5)       Storm and sanitary sewers (with sizes and inverts), culverts, drainage tile, water lines, gas lines, and utility lines and poles within and adjacent to the site. Direction and distances to water and sewer lines if not located on or adjacent to the tract of land to be subdivided or developed.

                        (6)       Name, location, pavement and right-of-way width, and approximate grade of proposed and existing streets within or near the site.

                        (7)       Location of proposed blocks, lots (with dimensions, numbers and building lines), reserves and purpose of reserves, and minimum building setback lines.

                        (8)       Preliminary location and size of proposed storm sewers, culverts, stormwater control facilities, sanitary sewers, and waterlines showing easements and outlets or connections to areas beyond the boundaries of the proposed subdivision or development.

                        (9)       Lot grading elevations and major storm routing path.

                        (10)     Location of proposed parkland, public open space, playground, school land, or common areas or facilities.

                        (11)     Location and type of other proposed improvements. 

            (f)        Additional Requirements.  The following items may be required, by the Municipality, to be included with, or be a supplement to the preliminary plat or development plan.

                        (1)       Landscape Plan that is in accordance with Chapter 1193 of the Codified Ordinances.

                        (2)       Screening, buffering and/or noise abatement measures.

                        (3)       Location and results of soil borings or test pits.

                        (4)       Plat wording and/or deed restrictions.

                        (5)       Land dedicated for public use, land reserved by plat wording for public or common use.

                        (6)       Traffic control measures including turning lanes, special curbing and other public safety measures.

                        (7)       Access management practices to control the number and location of drives and access points onto public right of way.

                        (8)       Special type and width of street pavement.

                        (9)       Potential street locations within or adjacent to the site.

                        (10)     Other provisions deemed necessary to allow development consistent with public health, safety and welfare. 

            1113.04  APPROVAL OF PRELIMINARY PLAT.

            After action by the Planning Commission on an application for preliminary plat approval, the Village Planner shall record the action taken as follows:

(a)       If the application was approved, three (3) copies of the approved preliminary plat shall be stamped "Approved by Planning Commission in an official meeting held (date) with the following additional provisions: (list or attach the specific provisions or contingencies, if none so note)" and shall be signed by the Chairman or Village Planner attesting to the action taken.

(b)       If application is disapproved, three (3) copies of the disapproved preliminary plat shall be stamped "Disapproved by the Planning Commission in an official meeting held (date) for the following reasons: (list or attach the specific reasons for denial)" and shall sign same attesting to action taken.

Two (2) copies of the signed preliminary plat shall be forwarded to the applicant and one copy retained in the permanent files of the zoning office. 

The approval of a preliminary plat shall be effective for a period of twelve (12) months, or for such other time as approved by the Planning Commission. 

            1113.05  FINAL PLAT.

            (a)       Submission.   The final plat shall be submitted not later than twelve (12) months after the date of approval of the preliminary plat, or as indicated by the Planning Commission in their final review and approval. Otherwise the preliminary plat shall be considered void unless an extension is requested by the subdivider/developer or is a portion of an overall development previously approved. The final plat shall be considered by the Planning Commission and approved if found to be in full compliance with the formal provisions of these Regulations. The final plat shall be submitted to the Planning Commission in accordance with Section 1141.05, Procedure for Decisions of the Planning Commission. 

            (b)       Contents.  The final plat shall conform to the preliminary plat. The final plat may constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which the subdivider/developer proposes to record and develop at the time, provided that such portion conforms with all the requirements of these Regulations. Cross sections and profiles of streets and all other construction drawings related to the improvements to be constructed in the subdivision shall be submitted with the final plat. 

            (c)       Review.   The Village Planner or designee of the Manager shall transmit copies of the plat to the appropriate Municipal departments for final study and recommendation to the Village Planner. The cross sections and all other construction drawings shall be forwarded to the Municipal Engineer. After receiving a report from the Village Planner, the Planning Commission shall notify the subdivider/developer of any recommended changes or suggestions so that the subdivider/developer may correct the final tracing. In the event a written report is not received prior to the meeting to consider the final plat, the Planning Commission may proceed to act in accordance with these Regulations. 

            (d)       The final tracing shall be submitted in accordance with Section 1141.05, Procedure for Decisions of the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall approve or disapprove the final plat within thirty (30) days of consideration, unless mutually extended. If the subdivider/developer resubmits a plat having incorporated any amendments or changes required to meet the provisions of these Regulations, the Planning Commission shall approve the plat. 

            (e)       Form.   The final plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn in permanent ink on Mylar or equivalent. The size of the plat shall be eighteen (18) by twenty-four (24) inches in size. The plat of a subdivision containing six (6) acres or less shall be drawn at a scale of one (1) inch equals fifty (50) feet. All other subdivisions shall be drawn at a scale of one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet, unless otherwise required by the Planning Commission. 

            (f)        Plat Contents.   The final plat shall contain the following information:

                        (1)       Name of the subdivision and location;

                        (2)       Accurate traverse of subdivision boundary with true angles and distances to an error of closure of 1: 10,000;

                        (3)       Bearing and distances to the nearest established street lines, military survey or township lines, or other recognized permanent monuments which shall be accurately described on the plat;

                        (4)       Municipal, military survey or township lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and bearings;

                        (5)       Names of streets within the plat;

                        (6)       Length of all arcs, chord and chord bearings, radii, internal angles, points of curvature and tangent bearings;

                        (7)       All easements for rights of way provided for public services or utilities, and any limitations of such easements;

                        (8)       All lot numbers and lines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths, and with bearings or angles to street and alley or crosswalk way lines;

                        (9)       Accurate locations of all monuments;

                        (10)     Accurate outlines of any areas to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use with the purpose indicated thereon;

                        (11)     Building setback lines with dimensions;

                        (12)     The width at the building lines when tots are located on a curve or when side lot lines are at angles other than ninety (90) degrees;

                        (13)     Protective covenants;

                        (14)     Certification, with seal by a registered professional engineer or registered land surveyor with the State, that the survey and plat are correct;

                        (15)     Notarized certification, by the owner or owners, of the adoption of the plat and the dedication of streets and other public areas;

                        (16)     Certificate for approval of the Planning Commission;

                        (17)     A certificate to provide for the County Recorder;

                        (18)     A certificate to provide for the County Auditor;

                        (19)     Certificate for approval by the Municipal Engineer; and

                        (20)     Such other certificates of approval by proper authority. 

            (g)       Approval.  The subdivider shall be notified of the final action of the Planning Commission, and shall record the final plat in the office of the County Recorder, within sixty (60) days after the date of approval, otherwise the plat shall be considered void. The subdivider/developer shall, immediately upon recording, furnish the Municipality with five (5) prints of the recorded plat. 

Section 2.  This ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville. 

Passed this 19th day of February, 2014.

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