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Ordinance No. 04-2014




WHEREAS, certain provisions within the Codified Ordinances should be amended to conform with current State Law as required by the Ohio Constitution; and 

WHEREAS, various ordinances of a general and permanent nature have been passed by Council which should be included in the Codified Ordinances; and 

WHEREAS, Council has heretofore entered into a contract with the Walter H. Drane Company to prepare and publish such revision that is before Council. 


Section 1: The ordinances of Granville, Ohio, of a general and permanent nature, as revised, recodified, rearranged and consolidated into component codes, titles, chapters and sections within the 2014 Replacement Pages to the Codified Ordinances are hereby approved and adopted. 

Section 2: The following sections and chapters are hereby added, amended or repealed as respectively indicated in order to comply with current State law:

 Traffic Code

301.031 Beacon; Hybrid Beacon. (Added)

301.04 Bicycle. (Amended)

301.161 Highway Traffic Signal. (Added)

301.17 Intersection. (Amended)

301.181 Median. (Added)

301.26(b) Private Road or Driveway. (Added)

301-361 Shared-Use Path. (Added)

301.45 Traffic. (Added)

301.46 Traffic Control Device. (Amended)

301.47 Traffic Control Signal. (Amended)

303.01 Compliance With Order of Police Officer. (Amended)

303.041 Emergency, Public Safety and Coroner’s Vehicles Exempt. (Amended)

303.99 General Traffic Code Penalty. (Amended)

313.03 Traffic Signal Indications. (Amended)

313.04 Lane-Use Control Signal Indications. (Amended)

313.05 Special Pedestrian Control Signals. (Amended)

313.06 Flashing Traffic Signals. (Repealed)

331.12 U-Turns Restricted. (Amended)

333.01 Driving or Physical Control While Under the Influence. (Amended)

333.03 Maximum Speed Limits. (Amended)

333.11 Texting While Driving Prohibited. (Added)

335.032 Electronic Wireless Communication Device Prohibited. (Added)

335.07 Driving Under License Suspension or Restriction. (Amended)

335.072 Driving Under Financial Responsibility Law Suspension or Cancellation. 


335.074 Driving Under License Forfeiture or Child Support Suspension. (Amended)

337.01 Driving Unsafe Vehicles. (Amended)

337.09 Lights on Parked or Stopped Vehicles. (Amended)

337.18 Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Brakes. (Amended)

337.23 Limited Load Extension on Left Side of Passenger Vehicle. (Amended)

337.29 Bumper Heights. (Amended)

339.03 Maximum Width, Height and Length. (Amended)

339.06 Vehicles Transporting Explosives. (Amended)

339.07 Towing Requirements. (Amended)

339.08 Loads Dropping or Leaking. (Amended)

341.01 Commercial Vehicle Definitions. (Amended)

341.03 Prerequisites to Operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle. (Amended)

341.05 Commercial Drivers’ Criminal Offenses. 

351.04 Parking Near Curb; Handicapped Parking. (Amended)

373.02 Riding Upon Seats; Handle Bars; Helmets and Glasses. (Amended)

 General Offenses Code 

501.01 Definitions. (Amended)

501.11 Organizational Criminal Liability. (Amended)

505.071 Cruelty to Companion Animals. (Amended)

513.01 Drug Abuse Definitions. (Amended)

513.03 Drug Abuse; Controlled Substance Possession. (Amended)

513.12 Drug Paraphernalia. (Amended)

513.121 Marihuana Drug Paraphernalia. (Added)

517.01 Gambling Definitions. (Amended)

517.02 Gambling. (Amended)

517.05 Cheating. (Amended)

517.06 Methods of Conducting a Bingo Game. (Amended)

517.07 Instant Bingo Conduct. (Amended)

517.08 Raffles. (Amended)

517.09 Charitable Instant Bingo Organizations. (Amended)

517.10 Location of Instant Bingo. (Amended)

517.11 Bingo or Game of Chance Records. (Amended)

517.13 Bingo Exceptions. (Amended)

517.15 Skill-Based Amusement Machines. (Amended)

525.01 Law Enforcement and Public Office Definitions. (Amended)

525.02 Falsification. (Amended)

525.05 Failure to Report a Crime, Injury or Knowledge of Death. (Amended)

529.01 Liquor Consumption in Motor Vehicle. (Amended)

529.021 Purchase by Minors. (Amended)

529.04 Liquor Consumption in Motor Vehicle. (Amended)

529.07 Open Container Prohibited. (Amended)

533.08 Procuring. (Amended)

533.09 Soliciting. (Amended)

537.03 Assault. (Amended)

537.12 Misuse of 9-1-1 System. (Amended)

537.17 Criminal Child Enticement. (Amended)

545.01 Theft and Fraud Definitions. (Amended)

545.05 Petty Theft. (Amended)

545.18 Receiving Stolen Property. (Amended)

549.01 Weapons and Explosives Definitions. (Amended)

549.02 Carrying Concealed Weapons. (Amended)

549.04 Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle. (Amended)

549.10 Possessing Replica Firearms in School. (Amended)

553.03 Duties of Locomotive Engineer. (Amended)

 Fire Prevention Code 

1501.01 Adoption. (Amended)

1511.05 Open Burning; Recreational Fires; Portable Outdoor Fireplaces (Added) 

Section 3: The complete text of the sections of the Codified Ordinances listed above is set forth in full in the current replacement pages to the Codified Ordinances. Notice of adoption of each new section by reference to its title shall constitute sufficient publication of new matter contained therein. 

Section 4: This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the earliest period allowed by law. 

Passed this 7th day of May, 2014.

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