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Ordinance No. 09-2014




            WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, has determined that it is necessary to update the zoning code of the Village. 

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Licking County, Ohio that: 

            Section 1. That existing sections 1176.04 and 1176.05of the Codified Ordinances are hereby amended to read as follows:



               The Planning Commission shall be responsible for reviewing all plans for construction and development, to ensure the following:    

 (a)        Setback Requirements.  Setbacks in areas designated for office, commercial, or similar uses should be consistent with other buildings already constructed within the general area.

(b)        Access and Circulation.  Access and circulation standards that apply include the following:

            (1)        A maximum of two curb cuts per property frontage are permitted.

            (2)        Limited frontage roads and shared curb cuts should be encouraged.

             (3)        Pedestrian access should be provided and designed to minimize automobile/pedestrian conflict.

(c)        Development Standards.

           (1)        Utility and transmission lines are to be located in underground conduit wherever possible.

           (2)        Loading areas, public parking areas, storage areas including trash storage receptacles shall be completely screened from corridor roads. 

(d)       Landscaping Requirements.  The objective is a comprehensive landscape program for each parcel or lot within the Corridor Overlay District, to protect and promote the appearance, character, and economic value of lands along the corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.  Elements include tree preservation, landscape plan and planting requirements, parking area requirements, and maintenance standards.  Landscape requirements to be submitted for review by the Planning Commission include the following:

            (1)        A landscaped greenbelt area shall be provided between the building(s) and roadway edge.  This area shall include only plant material, plazas, walks and bikeways, sculpture, or signage.  Such greenbelt treatment shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review.  Existing vegetation shall be preserved and protected as much as feasible, and large proposed plantings shall be exhibited or illustrated on submitted proposals.

            (2)        Details of the location, type, size, and amount of plant material proposed as well as areas of tree preservation, existing plant material and greenbelt treatment.

            (3)        Outdoor lighting plans

(e)        Fences, Walls or Barriers.  No fence, wall or other artificial barrier shall be erected and/or constructed in this district without prior approval of the Planning Commission.  Approval shall be based upon review of an application as set forth in Section 1137.05 of the Codified Ordinances of Granville, Ohio.  Planning Commission review shall include type, location, height, compatibility with the area and such other features or characteristics as may be appropriate.


               The Village desires to insure that new developments and redevelopments on lands served by Cherry Valley Road (and South Galway Drive) do not overwhelm the carrying capacity of the new roadway system. As such, the Village has adopted a plan, with standards, that:  limits corridor traffic volumes to acceptable levels and, defines specific points of access for the properties.

               (a)        In order to maintain a safe and effective roadway system within the Cherry Valley Road corridor, the number of access points on Cherry Valley Road and South Galway Drive shall be minimized. The access points shall be located properly and be of appropriate design. Referencing Figures 1 and 2, and recognizing that long-term development/redevelopment is being considered, the following “access management” guidelines shall be followed: 

               (1)        Prohibit access for Site A off Newark-Granville Road.

                (2)        Permit up to two full access points for Site A on South Galway Road.

                            A.        Drive A-1 is located opposite Donegal Drive.

                            B.        Drive A-2 is located about 500 feet southeast of Donegal Drive.

(3)        Permit one full access point for Site A on Cherry Valley Road. This point of access should be located approximately 400 feet north of the centerline of South Galway Drive. This driveway (Drive A-3) should align with the driveway serving Site C.

(4)        Permit up to two full access points for Site B on South Galway Drive.

       A.        Drive B-1 should be aligned with Drive A-2 – which should be located about 500 feet southeast of Donegal Drive.

        B.        Drive B-2, which primarily serves as an access road for Wendy’s, could also be used to serve Site B – particularly the portion of the tract that lies north of Wendy’s between Drive B-2 and Cherry Valley Road. The intersection of Drive B-2 on South Galway Drive should be placed approximately 350 feet west of the centerline of Cherry Valley Road.

(5)        Permit one access point for Site B on Cherry Valley Road. This access point could serve the portion of the tract north of Wendy’s between Drive B-2 and Cherry Valley Road.

(6)        Alternate access for Wendy’s shall be provided via Drive B-2 as described above, unless this requirement is waived by the Planning Commission.

(7)        Provide one full access point for Site C on Cherry Valley Road. This access point (Drive C) should align with Drive A-3 that serves Site A which should be located approximately 400 feet north of the centerline of South Galway Drive. (A single access point serving Site C would be realized only with the redevelopment of the involved properties. If the involved properties are redeveloped, consideration shall be given to the elimination of access for Site C on Newark-Granville Road.)

(8)       Provide one full access point for Site D on Cherry Valley Road.  This access point (Drive D) should align with South Galway Drive.

(9)        Provide northbound and southbound left turn lanes, as appropriate, on Cherry Valley Road at its intersections with South Galway Drive/Drive D, Drive A-3/Drive C, and Newark-Granville Road.

            Section 2.  This ordinance shall become effective upon the earliest date allowed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the Village of Granville.

Passed this 20th day of August, 2014.

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