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The Village of Granville is well known for its distinctive character, historic architectural features, and strong sense of place. An important desire of Granville residents is the preservation of the "small-town New England" feel of the community.

Guiding Principles

Land use planning and the related zoning provisions are tools to enhance and protect the key assets of the community such as the residential neighborhoods, the downtown, the natural areas, and the historic resources. Those tools establish the location and preferred characteristics of various land uses to help assure that development and future growth is managed in a manner that is consistent with the public interest.

The Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2012 by the Village Council and the Township Trustees provides that the distinctive small-town character of Granville be preserved by following some basic principles and guidelines:

  • Direct Development toward the Existing Village

  • Preserve the Existing Village Character

  • Strengthen the Community Core

  • Design Real Neighborhoods

  • Delineate and Enhance Gateways


Zoning Regulations 

The Zoning Code requires that any new construction, addition, or modification to any building, structure or land within the Village limits must be approved by the Village staff or by the Granville Planning Commission. This would include homes, garages, air conditioning units, fences, swimming pools, antennas, signs, driveways, or anything that requires permanent location on the ground or attachment to something having a permanent location on the ground. In any of these situations, a property owner must file an application with the Planning and Zoning Department for review and approval. A permit is also required for any excavation of land or the demolition of any building. The only types of construction that are exempt from a zoning permit are exact replacements (such as replacing steps) or the re-roofing of a building or structure. However, if the replacement is not exact and alters the building or structure architecturally, the property owner is required to pursue the issuance of a zoning permit.

If an application is consistent with the requirements of the zoning code, it will be approved by the Village staff or by the Planning Commission, whichever is applicable. If any application does not meet the criteria found in the zoning code, the application will be denied. However, the applicant may request a variance hearing before the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals for an alteration or waiver of some of the Code requirements (for example, setback requirements).  

Zoning Map

Architectural Review

If your property is located in the Architectural Review Overly District, you are required to meet additional architectural standards, which can be found in Section 1161 of the Zoning Code. Applications for all new construction or external structural alterations in the Architectural Review District are reviewed by the Granville Planning Commission. The Planning Commission meets twice-a-month in order to expedite the review process. Generally, if your property is located outside the Architectural Review Overlay District, the Planning and Zoning Staff will review the application and render a decision.

Building Permit

The state of Ohio recently adopted a new set of building code regulations, entitled the "Residential Code of Ohio", that apply to single family, two-family, and three-family dwelling units. While zoning permits for the construction and alteration of dwelling units are issued by the Village, building permits are issued on behalf of the Village by the Licking County Building Department. The following chart lists some examples of work or projects that require either a zoning permit or a building permit:


Type of Work                                                                                                                                  Zoning Permit Required                                                                  Building Permit Required


New one-, two-, or three-family site-built home                                                                                          Yes                                                                                                 Yes


Garage attached to one-, two-, or three-family home                                                                                Yes                                                                                                  Yes


Open porch addition to one-, two-, or three-family home                                                                         Yes                                                                                                  Yes


Detached garage or shed less than 200 square feet in area                                                                      Yes                                                                                                   No 


Detached garage or shed more than 200 square feet in area                                                                   Yes                                                                                                   Yes


Replacement of furnace in one-, two-, or three-family home                                                                     No                                                                                                   Yes


Replacement or addition of electrical wiring in one-, two-, or three-family home                                  No                                                                                                    Yes


Change from residential use to commercial use                                                                                          Yes                                                                                                    Yes


Finishing of basement in one-, two-, or three-family home                                                                        No                                                                                                     Yes


Change of use from any commercial use to any other (different) commercial use                                Yes                                                                                                   Yes


New 4- or more family residential structure or modifications to such a structure                                 Yes                                                                                                   Yes


The types of projects listed above are just some of the projects that require either a zoning permit or a building permit, or both. When you are considering any home improvement or land planning projects, it is best to contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (740) 587-3997 to find out what the regulations are and what approvals may be needed prior to starting the project.

Additional Information

The following is some additional information that may be helpful:

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Office at (740) 587-0707 for information about the following application forms and process descriptions:

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