Granville Community Calendar

GCP 11/28/94

Members Present: Jurgen Pape,Gary Stansbury,Larry Huey,Dorothy Garrett
Absent: Lyn Robertson,James Harf
Visitors: see attached list}
Work Session:
Mr. Pape explains to the citizens that the work session has been scheduled to allow the GPC to
discuss possible zoning changes in the area of Cherry Valley Road and State Route 16. The GPC want to
hear the input ofthe residents in the area before making any formal recommendation to Council.
Mr. Pape asked Mr. Tailford to explain the developments that are ready planning to go in the area.
Mr. Tailford explains that SuperAmerica,McDonalds and the possibility ofthree other business are
planning to build on the southwest corner of Cherry Valley Road and SR16;Bob Evans Farms and a 60-
unit motel are planning to build on the southeast corner of Cherry Valley Road and SR16;Mr. And Mrs.
Pyle are requesting to build a small storage unit on their property. Mr. Tailford stated that those were the
only known development s looking on Cherry Valley Road south of SR16. Mr. Pape explains what
Planned Commercial District P(CD)and Suburban Business District S( BD)zonings are and the difference
between the two.
Mr. Pape opens the meeting to public comments and questions. Many questions asked about the
plans for sewer expansion in the area,how the roads were going to be improved. Mr. Tailford attempted
to answer those questions. Other questions pertained to taxes and whether they would go up with
commercial zoning. Mr. Tailford was not sure at the time but said he check on that issue.
Many of the residents were concerned about an individual lot developing in between to residential
lots and how that could be avoided. It was explained that PCD zoning would give the GPC the ability to
regulate that from happening. PCD zoning has a requirement of five acre minimum lot size which can be
varied by the Planning Commission to a smaller size. Many of the residents requested that they would
prefer that type of zoning over the SBD zoning and GPC members also expressed the same desire.
After lengthy discussion on relatively the same issues,Mr. Pape asked by a show of hands how
many were in favor ofbeing rezoned to commercial zoning. Most ofthe citizens raised their hands. Mr.
Pape asked how many opposed,no one raised their hand. The GPC believed this was enough reason to schedule a public hearing. The Public hearing was to be scheduled as soon as possible and would be on a GPC recommendation to Council to rezone the property on Cherry Valley Road south of State Route 16. fo Ftp
Adjournment: 8:33 p.m.
Respectively submitted,

gpc 04/07/94

March 7, 1994
Dorothy Garrett, Lyn Robertson, Jurgen Pape, Gary
Members Absent: James Harf, Larry Huey
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Nan Steyn (Sentinel)G,erald Martin (15 Briarwood)D,on
Bonar (237 West Elm), Kate &Chris Kenah (339 W. Broadway)
Minutes: Minutes of February 7 require two corrections: on Page
2, Paragraph 2, eliminate "and" from Line 3. In Paragraph 4, Line
7 change "citing"to "siting."Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Ms.
Citizen Comments: None
Old Business: None
New Business:
Don &Martha Bonar, 127 West Elm
The Bonars wish to construct a two-story matching addition
between the garage and the house, remove the current garage, and
replace it with a matching two-story garage. They will also remove
small back porch. Mr. Bonar explained that there will be one
change in the plans to connect upstairs the existing house and new
addition with different roof lines. A stairs/landing precludes
connection at the old roof line. Lot coverage will be 48.9%,and
setback has been approved by BZBA. Mr. Bonar said there will be
landscaping or plantings done.
Ms. Robertson moved to approve application pending approval by
Mr. Tailford of revisions in connector/extension of the two parts
of the house; Mr. Stansbury seconded and MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Chris &Kate Kenah, 339 West Broadway
The Kenahs wish to expand the kitchen and, to balance the
structure, add a screened porch to the side of their home with
matching exteriors. There will be a skylight on the east side.
Mr. Kenah explained locations of doors and windows to members'
satisfaction. Ms. Robertson moved to approve appliction, Mr.
Mr. Martin will convert the Tole House into the new location
for his coffeehouse. His plans involve changing landscaping in
front of the building. Mr. Pape preferred brick rather than
exposed aggregate, and he would prefer something other than
seasonal color."There was considerable discussion on plantings
and the merits of different materials for the porch. Consensus
of GPC members preferred that the application be tabled until Mr.
Martin could solicit estimates for various flooring materials.
No sign was on the application, but discussion ensued on how
a proposed sign at the location of the present one on the side of
the building could fit ihto the ordinance. Mr. Martin explained
that he wants to paint the sign white and place his logo to
whatever dimensions will fit the regulations. The question was
whether the board itself was a sign or whether the letters were the
sign, and members need to take care about precedent setting. Mr.
Martin wishes to use a sandwich board at least for the time being.
Ms. Robertson moved to table application, Mr. Stansbury
Extending Architectural Review District
GPC members discussed, street by street, the revised map which
Mr. Tailford reproduced for consideration. Mr. Tailford will apply
all suggestions to a second revision. L-{-h--ae¥m-ored-et4#4-edne-tcsi<
trieyarrneeded-r} Then, when approved, it will be forwarded to
Village Council for action.
Mr. Pape met with the Dimension Cable people (sans Marc
Brockman) and wrote up his recommendations, which were distributed
to Village Council. GPC members discussed plantings and locations
and appreciated Mr. Pape's morning's work.
Next meetings: March 21 and April 4.
Adjournment: 8: 45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

CGP 06/06/94

June 6, 1994
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf, Jurgen Pape, Lyn
Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent: Larry Huey
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel), Ann and Don Russell (205 S.
Prospect),Steven Katz (221 E. Elm),Pat Reid (989 Davis Ave.,
Newark),Vickie Avery (127 1/2 S. Prospect),Bryan Law (346 East
College),Ed Vance (248 Thornewood)
The minutes of May 16 were missing Page 2, so Mr.
moved to table until next meeting; Ms. Robertson
and minutes were tabled unanimously.
Citizens Comments: None
Old Business:
Bryan and Christine Law, 346 East College Street
Application tabled from last meeting because no one was
present to answer questions. ] The Laws wish to replace the existing
carport with a new one and add a 12' x12' storage shed to the back
of the carport. They received a variance of 7' from BZBA, and BZBA
placed three conditions on the approval: 1) that landscaping and
lattice will shield the neighboring property, (2) that the driveway
would not be extended to the point of removing the bushes at the
end of the driveway; and (3) the carport will not be enclosed in
the future.
Mr. Law explained that the variance was for both the carport and the shed and that the driveway will not be paved. The driveway will flare out closer to the carport to allow the hedges to remain.
The building material will match the house and will be a seamless white vinyl, with redwood it will look like wood. Tchoerners, for low maintenance costs, and tree will remain. The storage shed
will have a centered garage door, and the roof will be shingled on both structures.
Ms. Robertson moved to approve; Mr. Harf seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
New Business::
Steven Katz and Constance Barsky, 221 East Elm
The owners wish to add onto a matching porch at the back of
their house, screen it with aluminum or fiberglass screening, and
add a wood screen door. The setback will be 35' from side lot line
and 93. 6' from the back lot line. Ms. Robertson moved to approve,
Vickie Avery, 127 1/2 South Prospect
Ms. Avery is resubmitting her sign application, a 6 sq. ft.
hanging sign affixed to the porch, parallel to the street, to be a
color similar to what she has there now. Discussion ensued on
whether multiple signs were allowed on a building, and Mr. Tailford
explained that a building may have multiple signs, none of which
may be more than 10 sq. ft.,according to the new ordinance and Mr.
Hurst, but there can only be one wall sign. Mr. Stansbury moved
to approve application, Ms. Robertson seconded, AND IT WAS
Sensibilities, 118 S. Main
Mr. Vance wishes the group to be aware of what he is doing and
showed the GPC the site plan for renovating the old village hall,
which he has leased. The ihterior work is being done presently;
they have completely gutted the inside and will replace all
utilities. False ceilings were found with 14' ceilings above, and
a dome exists over the false ceiling upstairs. The brick walls
are double. The center of the stair treads will be carpeted, as
will the downstairs. They will add new subflooring and flooring
and carpeting with some tile (Mr. Vance showed samples),and the
building will be accessible for the handicapped. Ductwork will be
at ceiling level and painted to match ceiling. The area will
remain open except for the bathroom. They found that the old jail
has silver walls to make it look like steel. The shed on the east
side has rotted walls and doors and will need to be replaced. The
pair of doors on Main Street will not be used, but will be replaced
as they were originally, and the main entrance will be from the
Opera House Park. Exterior lighting will be replaced.
Questions arose about parking, and Mr. Vance indicated that
the lease includes the parking area in the back, but Ms. Garrett
stated that that is public parking back there, a fact unknown to
Mr. Vance. Mr. Hurst will need to clarify the parking situation.
He would like to put the air conditioning units on the southeast
corner with screening.
Robert Kent, Bryn Du Woods IV, Sign Application
Mr. Kent wants two temporary advertising signs, one on Bryn Du
Drive at the point of the future entrance of Glyn Tawel East,
setback from right of way 15';the second sign will be on Newark-
Granville in the open field area, 15' from right of way. Ms.
Reid, signmaker, answered questions about colors and sizes of the
signs. The second sign was changed from what is on the application
4'x8')to 4' x6' because it lies in the TCOD. GPC members lacked
enthusiasm about the multicolored signs and preferred the muted
colors specified in the ordinance. Mr. Kent had selected brown
letters on ivory background. Mr. Harf moved to approve the signs
with GPC recommendation of muted brown letters on ivory background,
location and size of signs to be as amended. Ms. Robertson
Granville Fire Department, 113 N. Prospect
GFD wants to do some necessary repairs on their building, and
someone was expected to be present tonight to answer questions.
Since no one arrived, Mr. Harf moved to table the application; Ms
Henry Luther, 233 East Broadway
Mr. Luther wishes to install a 3 1/2' to 4' picket fence in
his back yard. GPC members were concerned about the exact location
of the fence in regard to the property line and the existing
planting. Since applicant was not present to answer questions,
Mr. Harf moved to table the application; Mr. Stansbury seconded,
Donald and Anne Russell, 205 South Prospect
The Russells wish to add a velux skylight to the second floor
bathroom, remove the screened porch and restore the porch to its
original condition, and add an air conditioner in the back yard.
Mr. Pape was concerned about the proximity of the air conditioner
to the neighbor' s property. Mr. Harf moved to approve the
application subject to the neighbor' s approval of the air
conditioning unit. Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION WAS
UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED. Mrs. Miller will be asked by Mr. Tailford to
submit a letter of approval.
Lisa and Jim McKivergin, REMAX, 124 South Main, Reconsideration
Mrs. McKivergin wishes a reconsideration of the brick base on
phelarntsiniggns, twohicshoftheans tnhoew lboeoekn oinf sthtaellebdricakn.d suggested. the idea of / The lettering wiTIZi t<'°
shrunk to include a balloon logo, required by the company. The GPC members discussed the size and appearance of the earlier sign and concluded that it was not exactly what was approved. In the
historic district sign colors must be muted, and these colors are
not subdued, and the brick base must match the building. The
whole sign needs to be within 4'x4';the base is not part of the
sign and is not included in the measurement. Ms. Robertson
suggested that Mr. Tailford write the applicant and tell her this
is not what was approved and she will have to take it down;
moreover, the color scheme does not meet the code, an issue brought
up by the GPC.
The sign is now on a post, and the applicant is asking whether
GPC would rather have plantings. Ms. Robertson reminded the group
that the idea was to tie the sign in with the building. Ms.
McKivergin had been told t6 put it on a base without any size
stipulation, and she would be willing to go to a smaller base. Mr.
Pape thought the sign would look better smaller and floating above
some plantings. Members agreed that plantings are preferable to
the brick base, and now that they have seen the sign, they agree
that the applicant has violated the code.
Mr. Harf moved that we convey to the petitioner our strong
preference for the base as it now is, surrounded by plantings. Mr.
Tailford presented a Design Review Board program from
and for better control purposes, he wanted to make such a
plan applicable for all new Granville buildings or developments or
redevelopment sites, reviewable by the GPC. This is already
relevant under PUD and could be added to PCD and SBD, etc. He
preferred a small committee assigned to the task of strengthening
design controls, particularly in SBD.
Adjournment: 9: 15 p. m.
Next Meetings: June 20 and July 18
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

CGP 06/20/94

June 20, 1994
Meinbers Preselit: Larry Huey, Maxine Montgotiiery (substituting for Dorothy Garrett),
Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Me,iibers Absewit: jatiies 1-larf
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Carolyn Huey (129 West College)
Minutes: The minutes of May 16 were again missing Page 2, so Mr. Tailford will provide
tliem for tlie next agenda.
Iii tlie Minutes of Julie 6, Page 3, third line under REMAX, change "will be"to "has
been"because the sign is already standing. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve minutes as
coirecled; Ms. Robertson secotided, and minutes were unanimously approved.
Citizens Comments: None
Old Busiliess:
1-lenry Luther, 233 East Broadway
Mr. Luther wishes to install a 3 1/2' to 4' while picket fence iii his back yard. He
is out of town tonight, but had explained to Mr. Tailford what he planned to do.
Clarification was given on (1) where the fence was in relation to the property line (2' from
the back portion and on the side it will go up to the brickwork, and (2) whether the
piantings would remain (they will not be disturbed).Ms. Robertson moved to approve
applicatioli with the condition that Mr. Tailford approves appearance of tile felice; Mr.
New Busiliess:
Kenneth and Katherine Richards, 1034. West Broadway -Lot split
A lot split was approved by GPC on May 2d but discrepancies were subsequently
found iii the lot boundaries, and a revision is necessary in order to split the properly into
two square lots. When the house is designed,the owners will have to be careful to observe
tlie TCOD setback. The drainage was discussed, and the water will be diverted when the
liouse, which will be situated at the top of the hill, is built. Mr. Pape hoped that most of
tlie trees will be retained when a liouse is built. Mr. Huey nioved to approve the
application; Mr. Statisbury seconded, AND APPLICATION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Evans Foundation, Wildwood Park -TCOD Review
Mrs. 1- luey explained the necessity of a felice to screen tlie dumpster, located within
100' of the right of way,across the drive from tlie shelter house. It will be screened on
three sides, opeli on one side for accessibility of tlie garbage truck. The village had been
collecting trash from three small cans, but the volume of trash has been growing too fast for
their services to handle. Members thought it should not be too close to the shelter house.
Mrs. Huey thought it could be located near the yew bushes and more plantings could be
sought. Mi. Statisbury was concerned that the dumpster not being on a concrete pad
would itivite ruts in wet weallier. Ms. Robertson asked wliether a compromise could be
worked out willi the village to collect trash, and Ms. Montgomery will ask Mr. Plunkett.
She also thought there should be smaller cans to encourage easy disposal of trash. Mr. Pape
suggested that before the park personnel spend money on a permanent screen,they should
wait to see whether there is a better solution. Ms. Montgomery or Ms. Garrett will report
back to GPC at the nextineeling. Mr. Huey nioved that Wildwood can leave the temporary
dunipsler iii place until tliis issue is resolved. After a second, MOTION WAS
A!1 11ou,ice,nents :
Mr. Pape lias been approached by Bob Kent about the open space Phase IV at Bryn
Du a,id has approached tlie nature conservalicy. This inight be a question to pose to Mr.
Hurst. Tlie village needs to keep that land open, and Mr. Huey suggested a covenant be
inserted into each plat saying tliat this lot cannot be broken up in the future, for the longest
allowable tirneframe. Open spaces were designated in the preliminary plat, and Mr. Kent
may not change things in there without returning to Village Council.
Nku-•t /Uge-d
Mr. 1l-uey wanted g.:@eeltd: e in tlie proposed sign ordinance that the Village has lhe
riglit to deterinine size, color, and desigii of signs. Mr-TaiforchTTaya-me*¥et-empurary-
64.g'* Sr
Mr. Huey brought up the wording on umbrellas at outdoor cafes and whether this
constituted signs,and if so, they need GPC approval. Mr. Tailford wondered whether this
would require a variance aild stated his preference was ratlier to proceed through the
normal annual approval process for the outdoor cafes. Ms. Montgomery felt that this matter
should be on the agenda for the next regular approval process of Victoria's and Brew's cates
and tile owners should be notified early. Mr. Tailford will inform them that they are in
violation of the sign code and by next year they will have to come before GPC for approval.
rhis could be written into the agreement with Village Council.

Denison Universi1t¥d-*oi,ig some unauthorized utility work behind Cleveland Hall,
wliich is allegedly in the Architectural Review District,according to Mr. Huey. There is still
solne dispute about the boundary of the district in that area, and Ms. Robertson suggested
that the university be given the new map Witil instructions that they are not immune to
approval by GPC for tlieir changes.
With regard to a popular initiative lo purchase Quest, people need to be aware of
tlie fact they they need to contact the villaga iii writing and start a petition process.
Adjourtimelit: 8:50 p.iii.
Next Meetii,g: july 18
Respectfully sub,nitted,
Betty Allen

CGP 01/03/94

January 3, 1994
Members Present: Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Marc
Members Absent: James Harf, Gary Stansbury
Also Absent: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Rob Messinger Sentinel),Shirley Johnson (40 N. 2d,
Newark), Patrick Guanciale (40 N. 2d.,Newark), Dorothy Garrett
Minutes: Minutes of December 20 require corrections: Page 1,
under Kent: change "nose piece of the glasses" to connecting drive
between the two loops of the Colony. Page 2, Para. 5, change to
Ms. Robertson. Page 2, under Williams, Line 2, change "has" to
had. Line 3, after PROSECUTED, add This was removed Der the Zoning
Inspector's request. An application for a 2' x 4' sign. same
language and yellow fluorescent color was submitted. Line 7,
change " tow cars"to prosecute o ffenders. Page 3, add to end of
second paragraph: Two abstentions were opposed to the size, and
the no vote opposed the second sentence on the sign. Mr. Huey
moved to approve minutes as corrected, Ms. Robertson seconded, and
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
First Federal Savings &Loan, 116 East Broadway
First Federal wishes to change the front porch steps to
provide wheelchair access. The porch will not be expanded and the
roof and supports will not be changed. The only physical change
will be the steps and handrails. Mr. Huey moved to approve, Ms.
Guanciale &Johnson Realty, 125 East Broadway
Guanciale and Johnson Realty wishes to install an awning
similar to the one at Blackstones and matching or compatible to the
one at Crosswalk Cards. The name of the company will be on the
vertical drop and will be hand-lettered. Ms. Johnson provided
sample colors of the awning and said they would like to remove the
company name from the window. GPC agreed that it should be the
same scale as the Crosswalk awning and should not exceed the 12'
maximum width for lettering on the awning next door. Ms. Robertson
moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Tim Flynn Custom Builders, 960 West Broadway, and Richard Guy
Mr. Flynn is resubmitting the application rejected at last
meeting, this time asking for a two-car side-loaded garage at the
50' setback. The single-family house will be situated no farther
east and no farther north than on the existing plan. Mr. Tailford
suggested that appropriate drawings be approved by him. Members
preferred to restrict the cutting of trees to no more than required
for construction. Mr. Huey moved to approve the application
subject to the following restrictions: 1) the house be set back
50' from the right of way; (2) maximum number of trees be preserved;
( 3) no trees within the first 50' shall be removed; (4) the
garage to be two- car and side-loaded; (5) the house to be approximately
as shown on the previous plan; (6) final approval of
drawings be approved by the Zoning Inspector. Ms. Robertson
Next meetings: January 24 and February 7
Adjournment: 8: 00 p.m. Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

CGP 12/19/94

December 19, 1994
Members Present: Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary
Absent: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf
Visitors: see attached list]
Minutes of November 21, 1994:
Under GFD, Line 12, change "within" to outside. Page 3,
under Parsley, Line 17, change "sign" to structure. Page 4,
under GFD, last line ". .c h.ange of use application and
architectural review. . ."
Page 5, under sign Ordinance, Line 8, "Wendy' s si=n is a
permanent. . . .' next paragraph starts "Mr. Huey reported that
Mr. Hurst' s. . ."Change last sentence of this paragraph to "II
simns were ever lecal. thev thev can be grandfathered."Next
paragraph, Line 5, add "Mr. Stansburv sullested that the new
ordinancNeext.p.a.r"agraph, Line 2, ". . be.cause they are
not architecturally correct for Granville s architecture." Line
2 from bottom, change "suggested" to recommended.
Page 6, delete "If all neon signs must go, this includes
Wendy s sign." Mr. Stansbury moved to approve Minutes as
corrected, Ms. Robertson seconded, AND MOTION WAS APPROVED
Minutes of November 28, 1994:
On last line add "to PCD" at end of sentence. Mr. Huey
moved to approve minutes, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION WAS
Citizen Comments: None
Public Hearing: Cherry Valley South District
Following the worksession on November 28, this is to be a formal Public Hearing to determine whether to proceed with
recommendation to change zoning to PCD in this area. Mr. Pape
described the definitions of the proposed district and reported that the feeling of the neighbors was that this is the time to consider rezoning the entire area. If changed to PCD, that would
allow GPC to look at the overall traffic situation and allow for planning attractive businesses. The main difference between SBD
and PCD is size. The Master Plan recommended that this whole
area be made commercial, and tonight- s hearing would include all area south of Rt 16 on Cherry Valley Road.
Mary Lou van Atta had a question about size, and Mr. Huey
clarified the acreage and explained that special circumstances
would require a careful looking at. There is some freedom under
PCD to move things around.
Dr. Scarpitti asked about the area north of Rt. 16, and Mr.
Tailford explained that the highway will be widened on the south
side to five lanes and that the north side will have a new turn
lane into Wendy s. At the same time improvements will be made
when new businesses come in. Nothing will be done on Rt. 16, but
the county is looking at improvements along the entire corridor
all the way to Rt. 79. New potential tenants have been informed
about how the ordinance works and how structures should look.
Mr. Twork asked who is going to pay for improvements on the
north side, and Mr. Tailford said there is a direct correlation
between north and south sides, and the village and the businesses
will share in paying.
Mr. Pape declared the public hearing closed. Mr. Huey
moved to recommend to Village Council that all existing village
land south of Rt. 16 be rezoned from its current zoning to PCD.
roll call. 5441'8*5. Councll willr- bulloduker-snother hcari;: 14-,
New Business:
The Murphy Group, The Ridge, Lot 103, Lot Split
The Murphy Group wishes to split Lot 103 and deed half to
Lot 102 and half to Lot 104 in order to provide more room on these two lots. Mr. Huey moved to approve application, Ms.
Gran-Rental Station, 113 N. Prospect, Sign
Russ Adams wishes to install a pair of projecting 7-colored
signs, 11. 25 sq. ft total, to be mounted on either side of pro- jecting poles to conceal mounting. The application falls within
the requirements. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Work Session
St. Luke' s Episcopal Church
Mr. Bolden explained that the church is expecting a lot of growth and is looking at ways to improve handicapped access and other changes over the long term. The elevator they would like needs a doorway access on the west wall off the Opera House Park, which would require some landscaping changes in the park. There
is probably not enough room at the rear to do much remodelling.
Mr. Bolden showed the plans, stating that they would need to
start soon with the elevator. The plan does not affect lot
lines, and no trees would have to be removed.
Consensus of the group was that the church can go ahead with
n +here-·e*e-nd Landscape
<lmili] ZiolI[iiff <19:CY¢I:lL]IF;2C'.0! 0i'.,424.-.2 Adjournment: 8: 35 p. m.
Next Meetings: January 9 and January 23
Respectfully submitted.
Betty Allen

CGP 08/01/94

August 1, 1994
Dorothy Garrett, Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Gary
Absent: James Harf, Lyn Robertson
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Lisa McKivergin (124 S.
Main),Ed Vance (248 Thornewood Drive),Carmen MacLean (221 S.
Pearl),Luis MacLean (Columbus),Roger Card (225 S. Prospect),
Mary Jane Williams (475 West Broadway),Barbara Roidl (121
Shepardson Ct.)
Minutes: Julv 18, corrections: Page 1, first line under Citizen
Comments, "Marcia Downes, from Granville Business and
Professional Association. wants two signs. one at the Main and
Broadwav corner and one at the Blackstone Alley. M.r. .H.uey
explained the conditions. . . ."
Page 4, center. Correct spelling of Mr. Harf' s name.
Page 4, 10 lines up: remove her sign until the new
one is ready nz_61-_clays. -
Page 6, line 8: delete "or leave it PUD."
Mr. Huey moved to approve minutes as corrected, Mr.
Citizen Comments:
Ed Vance, from Sensibilities, had three matters to discuss
with GPC:
1) Exterior Trim Paint. Mr. Vance showed an off-white
color sample for the trim and explained that the brick will be
left as is and downspouts will be painted to match the brick.
2) Exterior doors: Three doors are needed, two on South
Main and one on Broadway. He showed sketches of the 3' 6" x 8'
doors with glass panels, painted to match trim. The two South
Main doors are for exit only.
3) Exterior Lighting. They will remove existing lights and
put in new lights and emergency lighting. He showed a sample of
the lamp to be used, two on Main and one on Broadway.
Carmen MacLean, 221 South Pearl Street
Ms. MacLean wishes to construct a screened porch with
skylights on the back of her home. She will need a variance from
BZBA since the porch will be located within the required setback
of 10'. Members had no questions regarding the application. Mr.
Huey moved to approve application, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND IT
Roger and Hope Card, 225 South Prospect
The Cards wish to construct some lattice work between the
house and the garage in the back yard. Again there were no
questions. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded,
John Thornborough, Shepardson Court -Worksession
Mr. Thornborough announced that he is buying the Shepardson
property, which is subdivided into seven lots and has a house in
fairly good condition on the property with exterior siding of
walnut and in prairie architectural style. The family will give
him the original blueprints for the house, _and the new owners
will restore it and add onto the back to ( Elq. f t. to accommodate <500
a new kitchen, replace a porch, and add a great room, as well as
adding bedroom and bath upstairs.
With the remainder of the property, he wishes to build two
more houses on speculation, utilizing the same prairie style. The
remodelling will start as soon as possible, then the others will
be built in January for one and in the spring for the other.
Each house will be on ca. one acre.
The properties along Broadway use some of this property as
access. Mr. Thornborough wants to deed this to the village, or,
if that is not feasible, find some other arrangement to allow
access if the driveway is to be used in common. Mr. Hurst will
have to approve this measure.
They want to build sidewalks on Shepardson Court and there
must be an easement, for if they build them in the normal place,
they will have to take down a lot of trees; therefore, they are
suggesting increasing the sidewalk easement around the trees,
which met with members' approval.
There are a lot of original plantings around the existing
house and a stone wall, and they will retain these as much as possible. They will have to cut some greenery close to the
house, and a landscape architect will be consulted.
Mr. Thornborough asked about siting of the two houses, and he will have to consult normal setbacks. If there are site
problems, modifications may be made. The surveyor will note
He asked how to go about changing the seven lots to three or
four (to allow for driveway access),and Mr. Tailford said he
will need to recombine the lots and then apply for a lot split.
Mr. Thornborough needs to talk to Mr. Hurst about this. Mr. Huey
suggested selling the access "track" to one owner and letting
that owner rent to the others. This matter needs to be decided
before the application arrives. He also needs the survey and
site location first. Consensus of the group approved of the plans
so far.
Mr. Pape and Mr. Stansbury met with Lisa McKivergin on
colors and have approved a dark bronze and off-white sign.
Hal Jackson of Victoria' s signified that an umbrella is not
a sign, and this brought up the situation whereby Victoria' s and
Brew s bypassed normal GPC channels for renewal of agreements by
gaining approval directly from Village Council. Since we had
some questions last year, we would have preferred reviewing it
beforehand, and this would also afford opportunity for. citizens'
comments. Mr. Pape thought we could tell Village Council what to
look for and they could monitor this, but Mr. Huey felt that if
the laws change or if the owner changes signs or appearance, it
is important to return to GPC rather than granting blanket
approval. Ms. Garrett will present GPC' s concerns to Village
Council, and they will consider Mr. Jackson- s letter also.
Mr. Tailford made up a thorough sign application form,
which, after some discussion of color requirements in the
architectural review district, earned approval and praise. Ms.
Garrett stressed the importance of being specific.
Mrs. McKivergin asked whether GPC could write a letter to
Village Council, explaining their lack of vote on Mr. Vance' s air
conditioning units. She objected to the Village' s approval by
consensus of the units being placed almost at her front door and
also to the garbage cans- location. Mr. Pape explained that the
minutes were very clear on this point, and this was merely a
worksession, not a formal application. The village as property
owner may override variance requirements, thus provoking not only
consternation but possible legal situations. The legal advisor
must decide [@Townership, boundary lines, and access to the parking area behind the house. No letter e.*-P=C *will be written.
b (1 K PCAdjournment:
9: 00 P. m.
Next Meetings: August 15 and September 19
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

CGP 08/15/94

August 15, 1994
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf, Larry Huey, Jurgen
Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Jack Hartford (550
Ridgefield Road, Newark),Susan Burgin (100 Westgate Drive),Mary
Bline (P. 0. 127),Lisa Sandman (4868 Dry Creek Doad),Amy Deeds
and W. E. Deeds (3080 Deeds Road),Chris Avery (340 Cedar Street),
Jack Harman (20 S. 4th Street),Audrey and Orville Orr (313 East
Broadway),Lori Green, Jennifer Eerdman, Robert Palmer (136-B
South Main)
Minutes: August 1, corrections: Page 2, under Thornborough, line
6, change to 300 sq. ft. Page 3, next to last line under
McKivergin; delete the word -who.' Mr. Stansbury moved to
approve minutes as corrected, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MINUTES WERE
Citizen Comments:
Jack Hartford, Spring Hills Baptist Church, described the
situation in the church- s parking lot whereby-construction trucks
are destroying the asphalt. The church members would like to
have a temporary sign designating something like "No heavy truck
turns,"for six months or so until most of the Erinwood construction
is completed.
Mr. Huey indicated that if GPC tells him what it may say, he
can go ahead and make the sign and come back with an application
for a sign meeting the size limitations, white with green 4. lettering. Mr. Tailford has f inal approval on the app-Irireatier * - ,
W«9>- ./
Old Business:
Dr. Susan Burgin, Cherry Valley Animal Clinic, 100 Westgate Drive
Application tabled from earlier meeting} Dr. Burgin has
repainted two on-site signs, designating the new business, for
which she needed a variance. These are considered new signs, not
grandfathered. The decision to be made is whether to approve the
standing signs or permit a variation of them. Mr. Huey thinks
she should stick to the code-designated 32 sq. ft. wherever sited.
Mr. Stansbury would like to see her go for a variance for the two
signs because they are large enough to be seen by fast-moving
traffic and attractively done. Mr. Huey wondered what the future
holds for signs in that area. Mr Hurst had recommended going for
a variance before appearing before GPC, but for now GPC will
consider it without knowing, whether it will receive a variance.
Ms. Garrett stated that all signs are to be reduced in size under
the new code, and Village Council recommended the larger sign.
Compared to other signs in the area, this one is smaller.
Following Mr. Hurst' s recommendation to give first consider--
ation to BZBA, consensus wanted to table, as did the applicant.
Mr. Huey moved to table, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION TO
John and Mary Bline, 128 South Main, Greystone House
Application tabled from last meeting} Mr. Hurst has reviewed
the request to construct a separate building for the shop
behind the house and GPC cannot require that the house remain
residential. Members discussed (1) the close proximity of the
new shop to the house, <2) the general overall landscaping and
access and to the shop by pedestrians, 3) ownership of the
parking area and close proximity of it*09.-shop, 4( ) density of
activity on the lot and lot coverage-,(}6e/tting precedent by
increased commercial space on a residential street, (6) traffic
congestion in the alley, and (7) commercial space behind a
building. These are in addition to the lack of sufficient
parking required by the ordinance.
Ms. Bline explained that Park National Bank owns the lot and
had granted easement at an earlier time to the parsonage for 0, 04+0:1
parking. She would like to maintain the front of the house as an
office, and live in the rest of the house. Of the two drawings
submitted, she prefers the square plan to allow more visibil and open space, while Mr. Pape preferred the more aesthetic
rectangular plan. Ms. Bline felt she would be serving thed_Z_Z_-- B.O
village well by providing employment for craftsmen/ artists and A--
paying taxes, and she reminded the group that Sensibilities has
been approved without sufficient parking spaces, an irrelevant
situation because there has been no application through GPC.
Ms. Bline noted that Bernie Williams has offered to let her
use five of his extra parking spaces, but Mr. Pape thought that
this would not solve the shortage. She stated that there is
never a parking problem and people have no trouble finding a
place to park nearby. Mr. Pape reminded her of the role of GPC to
heed the wishes of the village and how the village will look in
the future and stated his disapproval of rear-facing businesses.
While the antique shop may be attractive, GPC has no control over
what might occur in that location in the future. Even now Ms.
11/UL 3
Bline could_urn her home
onfong permit in existeneo.
into commercial spaceramdisth.e
Mr. Harf suggested waiting until BZBA makes its decision on
parking, and while it would have perhaps been better to begin the
application with BZBA, other members preferred voting this evening
on the architectural review. Members referred to guidelines
in the ordinance, which included setbacks, distances between
buildings, lot coverage, parking, compatibility with neighborhood,
height, open space; therefore, parking is not the only
consideration. GPC has tried to work with Ms. Bline to work out
their differences.
Mr. Harf moved to approve the application; Mr. Huey
Huey, Pape, Robertson, Stansbury}.Applicant may appeal within
ten days to Village Council. The rationale included insufficient
yard space and inadequacy of open space, the problem of
accessibility, too much density on the lot, automobile access,
incompatibility of dense commercial activityn *-a- -s-ida*n,-t: ial
ze: 4h·b*·e4,90K/ i--
Eric and Alexis Deeds, 221 South Mulberry
The Deedses wish to demolish a garage that has severely
deteriorated and has become a safety hazard. GPC members agreed
this would be an improvement, and if they wish to build a garage
in the future, the pad is there. Mr. Harf moved to approve
application, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Robbins-Hunter Museum, 221 East Broadway
Members of the Museum board wish to reinstall a 17-foot
wrought iron fence section on NE corner of the property to match
existing fence. Dr. Avery explained that they will not put fence
up across the front. Mr. Huey stated that this is a structure in
the right of way and Village Council has to approve it, and he
moved to recommend to Council that application be approved; Ms.
Erinwood Subdivision Sign Relocation (Offices)
Mr. Harden explained that they want to move the sign at the
offices to the entry off Newark- Granville Road. Ms. Garrett was
concerned about access and a possible future light and potential
right-turn problem, and Mr. Harden explained how this plan should
alleviate any problems. The size meets the code. Mr. Huey moved
to approve; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY
The Murphy Group wishes to provide a simple sign and
landscaping at entry to "The Ridge" subdivision similar to the
one already there. The sign is the style GPC said would be
acceptable at a previous worksession. Mr. Stansbury moved to
approve; Ms. Robertson seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Erinwood Five Temporary Directional Signs (sales office)
Mr. Harden showed where the double-faced signs would be
located; they will be lined up with the fence, would not be
located in the right of way and will resemble signs already in
place. There was some discussion whether these are exempted
signs; Mr. Hurst had said anything goes in PUD, but Sign No. 5 is
not in PUD and condo property is owned jointly. Mr. Huey thought
the signs were awfully big and wanted to revisit the signs in a
year. Mr. Huey moved to approve Signs No. 1, 2, 3, and 4. No. 5 is
not under consideration, AND APPLICATION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Erinwood -Renew Temporary Sign "The Condominium at Erinwood '
This is the existing sign located at the back of the Condo
property and viewed from Route 16. Mr. Huey wondered whether the
painting is still in good shape. Ms. Robertson moved to approve,
Audrey and Orville Orr, Buxton Inn, 313 East Broadway
The Orrs wish to place a 54'x8' walk-in cooler with one door
at the side of the Inn, which will be enclosed with vertical wood
siding and trellis to match existing decor. Although the
location is on the lot line, both properties are owned by Buxton
Inn. There is already a pad on the site, and they are not
increasing lot coverage. GPC had discussed up to 85%lot
coverage with amenitieMTs. .H-uey asked about parking, since ,·
approved spaces behind i)zlecame covered with debris and ' emphasized the necessity of abiding by the requirements for
adequate parking spaces in the complex. r C
Mr. Harf moved to approve application; Mr. Stansbury
Bob Parker, Parker &Assoc.,136B South Main Worksession
For his new accounting business upstairs, Mr. Parker would
like to have input on a good sign. Members asked whether the
building is on one lot or two, for this will affect the number of
signs allowed. An existing ground sign has two businesses listed
already, at the rear building. If the sign were to be moved
Erinwood Subdivision Entrance Sign (Ridge)
closer to the center, it could list Parker also, but that would
make the sign too big. He might need a variance, and if needed,
he would get the variance before he applies to GPC. Mr. Parker' s
entrance is on Elm, although the address is South Main; therefore,
he wants signs on both Main and Elm. The Elm Street sign
would be similar to the existing sign, and the wall sign would be
on Main, 16' up on the little fence in front of his office on the
second floor, but the code limits 13' heights. GPC is not
required to approve the design as long as it meets the code.
Ms. Garrett preferred an eye-level sign hear the door with
an arrow; Mr. Harf proposed consulting with the Sentinel and
Eloise Dezwarte about adding a shingle to their sign and moving
it west toward the center of the buildings. He cannot put it on
the building itself because there is a door in the way. Mr. Harf
thought it prudent to go look at the site and then give him
Consensus of the group thought that adding to the current
sign to total 10 sq. ft would be agreeable if the two tenants
agree. Ms. Robertson volunteered to go look at the site with
Old Village Offices -Air Conditioner
Mr. Tailford reported that Village Council wants formal
recommendation from GPC on the new location of the units.
Putting them on the roof is unacceptable because of the expense.
Anything in the lease is the same as the Village doing it and it
does not need formal application (the Village is exempt)IA. T_-
comesb_efore1-5--i s boGEra- sr--sg*n-:The lease requires one unit-.
for downstairs and one for upstairs.0 (0-KI 0/ 2/ -r-f- /7-
'SMs. McKivergin s front door is directly facing the units as
originally approved, and she requested that the location be reviewed
and units placed at the rear of the structure. There must
be 3- between units, 3 away from a building or any fencing. Mr.
Vance did not want to sacrifice any parking area in order to put
units on the east side, and he says there needs to be an emergency
Consensus of the group recommended that the door be on the
south end of the east/ rear wall and the trash containers be next
to the door with the pair of A. C. units 3' northward on that
Adjournment: 10: 20 p. m.
Next Meetings: September 19 and October 3
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen
Granville Planning Commission
Please sigii iii below
1)1 1 _1 - <d*j-ft 550 404951ELD01.E-l\o|AAlc- 21 A 100 veslyl€· or, Mtw<FK- 43 6'i S
3) 3)91 ALA0, 1o ED - 5 )7 9. 9
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38*6 1./0 1*)
9A r,)*6&.-..
jktA6»1- / nu r> L o<biti 4 /0. Ft . Gn.BLk>tle2 !i.r

CGP 04/04/94

April 4, 1994
Members Present: Peter Marshall (substituting for Dorothy Garrett) ,
James Harf, Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent: Lyn Robertson
Visitors: Jim Miller, Roger Coombs, James P. Davis (127 S. Main),
Jack Harden (20 S. 4th),Nan Steyn (Sentinel),David Cassell (217
E. Center St.)Ma,ry Fellabaum
Minutes: March 21, corrections: Change Mr. to Ms. Robertson in
Minutes section. Page 2, AROD: It is important to try to locate
the original ordinance specifying the boundary of the village for
the proposed AROD map; last line of Paragraph 3, "redraw the
proposed AROD map." End of next line, change boundaries to
districts. Mr. Tailford will notify Denison of exact location of
zoning district. Mr. Harf is present tonight, not absent. Mr.
Huey moved to approve minutes; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MINUTES
Citizens Comments: None
New Business:
James Davis and Lisa Minklea, 127 South Main
The owners wish to add a wooden painted (white) handrail to
the south side of existing steps on the front of the house, to be
attached to existing pillar, and compatible with existing porch
railing. It appears to be an exact duplication, so Mr. Huey
moved to approve; Mr. Harf seconded, and MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
William and Mary Fellabaum
The Fellabaums wish to add an 11'x15' second story addition to
the back (north) of their home. This will be a bedroom over the
kitchen; it will elongate the house to the north, continuing the
tin-seam roof. There will be no changes in the front, and the
footprint of the house will remain the same. They will match
exterior surfaces as much as possible and improve the property.
Mr. Huey said the new semicircular window needs to be included in
the application; Mr. Tailford will add it. With this addition Mr.
Stansbury moved to approve application; Mr. Harf seconded, AND IT
Roger and Jeanne Coombs, 218 East Maple '
The Coombses wish to rdalign the back addition to match the
house and extend the addition out another four feet, from 16' to
20'.The main house with original foundation stays exactly as it
was, and exterior surfaces of old and new materials will match as
much as possible. In the back it will be offset about 6'. The
pictures taken show open stairs into the basement, and they will be
lined up with the old coal window. Mr. Huey moved to approve; Mr.
Erinwood Work Session
Mr. Harden had a few questions about signs and showed on the
map where he wanted signs. On Building 5 they are seeking to take
the same sign that they were doing on the end of the wall and put
in a post and raise it 2' above the ground in lieu of another wall
sign on the other end. This does not need GPC approval, and GPC
members saw no problem with this idea.
Owners of homes on the Ridge would like an identification sign
after one turns into Trinity Court. Mr. Harden's proposed
suggestions were: 1) a gatehouse, paved with bowmanite, a
suggestior which GPC members turned down quite hastily; (2) a gate-like approach on the ROW, which would have to go before
Village Council, a suggestion met with criticism as being not
Granville-like and even pompous; (3) a sign to follow through with
what has happened below, saying "The Ridge" with planting to
identify the Ridge just past the culdesac. Consensus of the
members preferred this suggestion, and Mr. Harden will submit the
application incorporating this concept. The brickwork will have to
be approved by the engineers.
Announcements: Mr. Pape announced an upcoming meeting of Granflora
on Thursday regarding the South Main Improvement Area to gather
ideas from citizens. The Tree and Landscape Committee will be
there also.
Adjournment: 7: 50 p.m.
Next Meetings: April 18 (Ms. Robertson and Mr. Harf absent; Ms.
Garrett to provide substitute)
May 2
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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