Granville Community Calendar

CGP 01/03/94

January 3, 1994
Members Present: Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Marc
Members Absent: James Harf, Gary Stansbury
Also Absent: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Rob Messinger Sentinel),Shirley Johnson (40 N. 2d,
Newark), Patrick Guanciale (40 N. 2d.,Newark), Dorothy Garrett
Minutes: Minutes of December 20 require corrections: Page 1,
under Kent: change "nose piece of the glasses" to connecting drive
between the two loops of the Colony. Page 2, Para. 5, change to
Ms. Robertson. Page 2, under Williams, Line 2, change "has" to
had. Line 3, after PROSECUTED, add This was removed Der the Zoning
Inspector's request. An application for a 2' x 4' sign. same
language and yellow fluorescent color was submitted. Line 7,
change " tow cars"to prosecute o ffenders. Page 3, add to end of
second paragraph: Two abstentions were opposed to the size, and
the no vote opposed the second sentence on the sign. Mr. Huey
moved to approve minutes as corrected, Ms. Robertson seconded, and
Citizen Comments: None
New Business:
First Federal Savings &Loan, 116 East Broadway
First Federal wishes to change the front porch steps to
provide wheelchair access. The porch will not be expanded and the
roof and supports will not be changed. The only physical change
will be the steps and handrails. Mr. Huey moved to approve, Ms.
Guanciale &Johnson Realty, 125 East Broadway
Guanciale and Johnson Realty wishes to install an awning
similar to the one at Blackstones and matching or compatible to the
one at Crosswalk Cards. The name of the company will be on the
vertical drop and will be hand-lettered. Ms. Johnson provided
sample colors of the awning and said they would like to remove the
company name from the window. GPC agreed that it should be the
same scale as the Crosswalk awning and should not exceed the 12'
maximum width for lettering on the awning next door. Ms. Robertson
moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Tim Flynn Custom Builders, 960 West Broadway, and Richard Guy
Mr. Flynn is resubmitting the application rejected at last
meeting, this time asking for a two-car side-loaded garage at the
50' setback. The single-family house will be situated no farther
east and no farther north than on the existing plan. Mr. Tailford
suggested that appropriate drawings be approved by him. Members
preferred to restrict the cutting of trees to no more than required
for construction. Mr. Huey moved to approve the application
subject to the following restrictions: 1) the house be set back
50' from the right of way; (2) maximum number of trees be preserved;
( 3) no trees within the first 50' shall be removed; (4) the
garage to be two- car and side-loaded; (5) the house to be approximately
as shown on the previous plan; (6) final approval of
drawings be approved by the Zoning Inspector. Ms. Robertson
Next meetings: January 24 and February 7
Adjournment: 8: 00 p.m. Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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