Granville Community Calendar

CGP 04/04/94

April 4, 1994
Members Present: Peter Marshall (substituting for Dorothy Garrett) ,
James Harf, Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent: Lyn Robertson
Visitors: Jim Miller, Roger Coombs, James P. Davis (127 S. Main),
Jack Harden (20 S. 4th),Nan Steyn (Sentinel),David Cassell (217
E. Center St.)Ma,ry Fellabaum
Minutes: March 21, corrections: Change Mr. to Ms. Robertson in
Minutes section. Page 2, AROD: It is important to try to locate
the original ordinance specifying the boundary of the village for
the proposed AROD map; last line of Paragraph 3, "redraw the
proposed AROD map." End of next line, change boundaries to
districts. Mr. Tailford will notify Denison of exact location of
zoning district. Mr. Harf is present tonight, not absent. Mr.
Huey moved to approve minutes; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MINUTES
Citizens Comments: None
New Business:
James Davis and Lisa Minklea, 127 South Main
The owners wish to add a wooden painted (white) handrail to
the south side of existing steps on the front of the house, to be
attached to existing pillar, and compatible with existing porch
railing. It appears to be an exact duplication, so Mr. Huey
moved to approve; Mr. Harf seconded, and MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
William and Mary Fellabaum
The Fellabaums wish to add an 11'x15' second story addition to
the back (north) of their home. This will be a bedroom over the
kitchen; it will elongate the house to the north, continuing the
tin-seam roof. There will be no changes in the front, and the
footprint of the house will remain the same. They will match
exterior surfaces as much as possible and improve the property.
Mr. Huey said the new semicircular window needs to be included in
the application; Mr. Tailford will add it. With this addition Mr.
Stansbury moved to approve application; Mr. Harf seconded, AND IT
Roger and Jeanne Coombs, 218 East Maple '
The Coombses wish to rdalign the back addition to match the
house and extend the addition out another four feet, from 16' to
20'.The main house with original foundation stays exactly as it
was, and exterior surfaces of old and new materials will match as
much as possible. In the back it will be offset about 6'. The
pictures taken show open stairs into the basement, and they will be
lined up with the old coal window. Mr. Huey moved to approve; Mr.
Erinwood Work Session
Mr. Harden had a few questions about signs and showed on the
map where he wanted signs. On Building 5 they are seeking to take
the same sign that they were doing on the end of the wall and put
in a post and raise it 2' above the ground in lieu of another wall
sign on the other end. This does not need GPC approval, and GPC
members saw no problem with this idea.
Owners of homes on the Ridge would like an identification sign
after one turns into Trinity Court. Mr. Harden's proposed
suggestions were: 1) a gatehouse, paved with bowmanite, a
suggestior which GPC members turned down quite hastily; (2) a gate-like approach on the ROW, which would have to go before
Village Council, a suggestion met with criticism as being not
Granville-like and even pompous; (3) a sign to follow through with
what has happened below, saying "The Ridge" with planting to
identify the Ridge just past the culdesac. Consensus of the
members preferred this suggestion, and Mr. Harden will submit the
application incorporating this concept. The brickwork will have to
be approved by the engineers.
Announcements: Mr. Pape announced an upcoming meeting of Granflora
on Thursday regarding the South Main Improvement Area to gather
ideas from citizens. The Tree and Landscape Committee will be
there also.
Adjournment: 7: 50 p.m.
Next Meetings: April 18 (Ms. Robertson and Mr. Harf absent; Ms.
Garrett to provide substitute)
May 2
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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