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CGP 06/06/94

June 6, 1994
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf, Jurgen Pape, Lyn
Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent: Larry Huey
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel), Ann and Don Russell (205 S.
Prospect),Steven Katz (221 E. Elm),Pat Reid (989 Davis Ave.,
Newark),Vickie Avery (127 1/2 S. Prospect),Bryan Law (346 East
College),Ed Vance (248 Thornewood)
The minutes of May 16 were missing Page 2, so Mr.
moved to table until next meeting; Ms. Robertson
and minutes were tabled unanimously.
Citizens Comments: None
Old Business:
Bryan and Christine Law, 346 East College Street
Application tabled from last meeting because no one was
present to answer questions. ] The Laws wish to replace the existing
carport with a new one and add a 12' x12' storage shed to the back
of the carport. They received a variance of 7' from BZBA, and BZBA
placed three conditions on the approval: 1) that landscaping and
lattice will shield the neighboring property, (2) that the driveway
would not be extended to the point of removing the bushes at the
end of the driveway; and (3) the carport will not be enclosed in
the future.
Mr. Law explained that the variance was for both the carport and the shed and that the driveway will not be paved. The driveway will flare out closer to the carport to allow the hedges to remain.
The building material will match the house and will be a seamless white vinyl, with redwood it will look like wood. Tchoerners, for low maintenance costs, and tree will remain. The storage shed
will have a centered garage door, and the roof will be shingled on both structures.
Ms. Robertson moved to approve; Mr. Harf seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
New Business::
Steven Katz and Constance Barsky, 221 East Elm
The owners wish to add onto a matching porch at the back of
their house, screen it with aluminum or fiberglass screening, and
add a wood screen door. The setback will be 35' from side lot line
and 93. 6' from the back lot line. Ms. Robertson moved to approve,
Vickie Avery, 127 1/2 South Prospect
Ms. Avery is resubmitting her sign application, a 6 sq. ft.
hanging sign affixed to the porch, parallel to the street, to be a
color similar to what she has there now. Discussion ensued on
whether multiple signs were allowed on a building, and Mr. Tailford
explained that a building may have multiple signs, none of which
may be more than 10 sq. ft.,according to the new ordinance and Mr.
Hurst, but there can only be one wall sign. Mr. Stansbury moved
to approve application, Ms. Robertson seconded, AND IT WAS
Sensibilities, 118 S. Main
Mr. Vance wishes the group to be aware of what he is doing and
showed the GPC the site plan for renovating the old village hall,
which he has leased. The ihterior work is being done presently;
they have completely gutted the inside and will replace all
utilities. False ceilings were found with 14' ceilings above, and
a dome exists over the false ceiling upstairs. The brick walls
are double. The center of the stair treads will be carpeted, as
will the downstairs. They will add new subflooring and flooring
and carpeting with some tile (Mr. Vance showed samples),and the
building will be accessible for the handicapped. Ductwork will be
at ceiling level and painted to match ceiling. The area will
remain open except for the bathroom. They found that the old jail
has silver walls to make it look like steel. The shed on the east
side has rotted walls and doors and will need to be replaced. The
pair of doors on Main Street will not be used, but will be replaced
as they were originally, and the main entrance will be from the
Opera House Park. Exterior lighting will be replaced.
Questions arose about parking, and Mr. Vance indicated that
the lease includes the parking area in the back, but Ms. Garrett
stated that that is public parking back there, a fact unknown to
Mr. Vance. Mr. Hurst will need to clarify the parking situation.
He would like to put the air conditioning units on the southeast
corner with screening.
Robert Kent, Bryn Du Woods IV, Sign Application
Mr. Kent wants two temporary advertising signs, one on Bryn Du
Drive at the point of the future entrance of Glyn Tawel East,
setback from right of way 15';the second sign will be on Newark-
Granville in the open field area, 15' from right of way. Ms.
Reid, signmaker, answered questions about colors and sizes of the
signs. The second sign was changed from what is on the application
4'x8')to 4' x6' because it lies in the TCOD. GPC members lacked
enthusiasm about the multicolored signs and preferred the muted
colors specified in the ordinance. Mr. Kent had selected brown
letters on ivory background. Mr. Harf moved to approve the signs
with GPC recommendation of muted brown letters on ivory background,
location and size of signs to be as amended. Ms. Robertson
Granville Fire Department, 113 N. Prospect
GFD wants to do some necessary repairs on their building, and
someone was expected to be present tonight to answer questions.
Since no one arrived, Mr. Harf moved to table the application; Ms
Henry Luther, 233 East Broadway
Mr. Luther wishes to install a 3 1/2' to 4' picket fence in
his back yard. GPC members were concerned about the exact location
of the fence in regard to the property line and the existing
planting. Since applicant was not present to answer questions,
Mr. Harf moved to table the application; Mr. Stansbury seconded,
Donald and Anne Russell, 205 South Prospect
The Russells wish to add a velux skylight to the second floor
bathroom, remove the screened porch and restore the porch to its
original condition, and add an air conditioner in the back yard.
Mr. Pape was concerned about the proximity of the air conditioner
to the neighbor' s property. Mr. Harf moved to approve the
application subject to the neighbor' s approval of the air
conditioning unit. Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION WAS
UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED. Mrs. Miller will be asked by Mr. Tailford to
submit a letter of approval.
Lisa and Jim McKivergin, REMAX, 124 South Main, Reconsideration
Mrs. McKivergin wishes a reconsideration of the brick base on
phelarntsiniggns, twohicshoftheans tnhoew lboeoekn oinf sthtaellebdricakn.d suggested. the idea of / The lettering wiTIZi t<'°
shrunk to include a balloon logo, required by the company. The GPC members discussed the size and appearance of the earlier sign and concluded that it was not exactly what was approved. In the
historic district sign colors must be muted, and these colors are
not subdued, and the brick base must match the building. The
whole sign needs to be within 4'x4';the base is not part of the
sign and is not included in the measurement. Ms. Robertson
suggested that Mr. Tailford write the applicant and tell her this
is not what was approved and she will have to take it down;
moreover, the color scheme does not meet the code, an issue brought
up by the GPC.
The sign is now on a post, and the applicant is asking whether
GPC would rather have plantings. Ms. Robertson reminded the group
that the idea was to tie the sign in with the building. Ms.
McKivergin had been told t6 put it on a base without any size
stipulation, and she would be willing to go to a smaller base. Mr.
Pape thought the sign would look better smaller and floating above
some plantings. Members agreed that plantings are preferable to
the brick base, and now that they have seen the sign, they agree
that the applicant has violated the code.
Mr. Harf moved that we convey to the petitioner our strong
preference for the base as it now is, surrounded by plantings. Mr.
Tailford presented a Design Review Board program from
and for better control purposes, he wanted to make such a
plan applicable for all new Granville buildings or developments or
redevelopment sites, reviewable by the GPC. This is already
relevant under PUD and could be added to PCD and SBD, etc. He
preferred a small committee assigned to the task of strengthening
design controls, particularly in SBD.
Adjournment: 9: 15 p. m.
Next Meetings: June 20 and July 18
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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