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CGP 06/20/94

June 20, 1994
Meinbers Preselit: Larry Huey, Maxine Montgotiiery (substituting for Dorothy Garrett),
Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Me,iibers Absewit: jatiies 1-larf
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Carolyn Huey (129 West College)
Minutes: The minutes of May 16 were again missing Page 2, so Mr. Tailford will provide
tliem for tlie next agenda.
Iii tlie Minutes of Julie 6, Page 3, third line under REMAX, change "will be"to "has
been"because the sign is already standing. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve minutes as
coirecled; Ms. Robertson secotided, and minutes were unanimously approved.
Citizens Comments: None
Old Busiliess:
1-lenry Luther, 233 East Broadway
Mr. Luther wishes to install a 3 1/2' to 4' while picket fence iii his back yard. He
is out of town tonight, but had explained to Mr. Tailford what he planned to do.
Clarification was given on (1) where the fence was in relation to the property line (2' from
the back portion and on the side it will go up to the brickwork, and (2) whether the
piantings would remain (they will not be disturbed).Ms. Robertson moved to approve
applicatioli with the condition that Mr. Tailford approves appearance of tile felice; Mr.
New Busiliess:
Kenneth and Katherine Richards, 1034. West Broadway -Lot split
A lot split was approved by GPC on May 2d but discrepancies were subsequently
found iii the lot boundaries, and a revision is necessary in order to split the properly into
two square lots. When the house is designed,the owners will have to be careful to observe
tlie TCOD setback. The drainage was discussed, and the water will be diverted when the
liouse, which will be situated at the top of the hill, is built. Mr. Pape hoped that most of
tlie trees will be retained when a liouse is built. Mr. Huey nioved to approve the
application; Mr. Statisbury seconded, AND APPLICATION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Evans Foundation, Wildwood Park -TCOD Review
Mrs. 1- luey explained the necessity of a felice to screen tlie dumpster, located within
100' of the right of way,across the drive from tlie shelter house. It will be screened on
three sides, opeli on one side for accessibility of tlie garbage truck. The village had been
collecting trash from three small cans, but the volume of trash has been growing too fast for
their services to handle. Members thought it should not be too close to the shelter house.
Mrs. Huey thought it could be located near the yew bushes and more plantings could be
sought. Mi. Statisbury was concerned that the dumpster not being on a concrete pad
would itivite ruts in wet weallier. Ms. Robertson asked wliether a compromise could be
worked out willi the village to collect trash, and Ms. Montgomery will ask Mr. Plunkett.
She also thought there should be smaller cans to encourage easy disposal of trash. Mr. Pape
suggested that before the park personnel spend money on a permanent screen,they should
wait to see whether there is a better solution. Ms. Montgomery or Ms. Garrett will report
back to GPC at the nextineeling. Mr. Huey nioved that Wildwood can leave the temporary
dunipsler iii place until tliis issue is resolved. After a second, MOTION WAS
A!1 11ou,ice,nents :
Mr. Pape lias been approached by Bob Kent about the open space Phase IV at Bryn
Du a,id has approached tlie nature conservalicy. This inight be a question to pose to Mr.
Hurst. Tlie village needs to keep that land open, and Mr. Huey suggested a covenant be
inserted into each plat saying tliat this lot cannot be broken up in the future, for the longest
allowable tirneframe. Open spaces were designated in the preliminary plat, and Mr. Kent
may not change things in there without returning to Village Council.
Nku-•t /Uge-d
Mr. 1l-uey wanted g.:@eeltd: e in tlie proposed sign ordinance that the Village has lhe
riglit to deterinine size, color, and desigii of signs. Mr-TaiforchTTaya-me*¥et-empurary-
64.g'* Sr
Mr. Huey brought up the wording on umbrellas at outdoor cafes and whether this
constituted signs,and if so, they need GPC approval. Mr. Tailford wondered whether this
would require a variance aild stated his preference was ratlier to proceed through the
normal annual approval process for the outdoor cafes. Ms. Montgomery felt that this matter
should be on the agenda for the next regular approval process of Victoria's and Brew's cates
and tile owners should be notified early. Mr. Tailford will inform them that they are in
violation of the sign code and by next year they will have to come before GPC for approval.
rhis could be written into the agreement with Village Council.

Denison Universi1t¥d-*oi,ig some unauthorized utility work behind Cleveland Hall,
wliich is allegedly in the Architectural Review District,according to Mr. Huey. There is still
solne dispute about the boundary of the district in that area, and Ms. Robertson suggested
that the university be given the new map Witil instructions that they are not immune to
approval by GPC for tlieir changes.
With regard to a popular initiative lo purchase Quest, people need to be aware of
tlie fact they they need to contact the villaga iii writing and start a petition process.
Adjourtimelit: 8:50 p.iii.
Next Meetii,g: july 18
Respectfully sub,nitted,
Betty Allen

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