Granville Community Calendar

CGP 08/01/94

August 1, 1994
Dorothy Garrett, Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Gary
Absent: James Harf, Lyn Robertson
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Lisa McKivergin (124 S.
Main),Ed Vance (248 Thornewood Drive),Carmen MacLean (221 S.
Pearl),Luis MacLean (Columbus),Roger Card (225 S. Prospect),
Mary Jane Williams (475 West Broadway),Barbara Roidl (121
Shepardson Ct.)
Minutes: Julv 18, corrections: Page 1, first line under Citizen
Comments, "Marcia Downes, from Granville Business and
Professional Association. wants two signs. one at the Main and
Broadwav corner and one at the Blackstone Alley. M.r. .H.uey
explained the conditions. . . ."
Page 4, center. Correct spelling of Mr. Harf' s name.
Page 4, 10 lines up: remove her sign until the new
one is ready nz_61-_clays. -
Page 6, line 8: delete "or leave it PUD."
Mr. Huey moved to approve minutes as corrected, Mr.
Citizen Comments:
Ed Vance, from Sensibilities, had three matters to discuss
with GPC:
1) Exterior Trim Paint. Mr. Vance showed an off-white
color sample for the trim and explained that the brick will be
left as is and downspouts will be painted to match the brick.
2) Exterior doors: Three doors are needed, two on South
Main and one on Broadway. He showed sketches of the 3' 6" x 8'
doors with glass panels, painted to match trim. The two South
Main doors are for exit only.
3) Exterior Lighting. They will remove existing lights and
put in new lights and emergency lighting. He showed a sample of
the lamp to be used, two on Main and one on Broadway.
Carmen MacLean, 221 South Pearl Street
Ms. MacLean wishes to construct a screened porch with
skylights on the back of her home. She will need a variance from
BZBA since the porch will be located within the required setback
of 10'. Members had no questions regarding the application. Mr.
Huey moved to approve application, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND IT
Roger and Hope Card, 225 South Prospect
The Cards wish to construct some lattice work between the
house and the garage in the back yard. Again there were no
questions. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded,
John Thornborough, Shepardson Court -Worksession
Mr. Thornborough announced that he is buying the Shepardson
property, which is subdivided into seven lots and has a house in
fairly good condition on the property with exterior siding of
walnut and in prairie architectural style. The family will give
him the original blueprints for the house, _and the new owners
will restore it and add onto the back to ( Elq. f t. to accommodate <500
a new kitchen, replace a porch, and add a great room, as well as
adding bedroom and bath upstairs.
With the remainder of the property, he wishes to build two
more houses on speculation, utilizing the same prairie style. The
remodelling will start as soon as possible, then the others will
be built in January for one and in the spring for the other.
Each house will be on ca. one acre.
The properties along Broadway use some of this property as
access. Mr. Thornborough wants to deed this to the village, or,
if that is not feasible, find some other arrangement to allow
access if the driveway is to be used in common. Mr. Hurst will
have to approve this measure.
They want to build sidewalks on Shepardson Court and there
must be an easement, for if they build them in the normal place,
they will have to take down a lot of trees; therefore, they are
suggesting increasing the sidewalk easement around the trees,
which met with members' approval.
There are a lot of original plantings around the existing
house and a stone wall, and they will retain these as much as possible. They will have to cut some greenery close to the
house, and a landscape architect will be consulted.
Mr. Thornborough asked about siting of the two houses, and he will have to consult normal setbacks. If there are site
problems, modifications may be made. The surveyor will note
He asked how to go about changing the seven lots to three or
four (to allow for driveway access),and Mr. Tailford said he
will need to recombine the lots and then apply for a lot split.
Mr. Thornborough needs to talk to Mr. Hurst about this. Mr. Huey
suggested selling the access "track" to one owner and letting
that owner rent to the others. This matter needs to be decided
before the application arrives. He also needs the survey and
site location first. Consensus of the group approved of the plans
so far.
Mr. Pape and Mr. Stansbury met with Lisa McKivergin on
colors and have approved a dark bronze and off-white sign.
Hal Jackson of Victoria' s signified that an umbrella is not
a sign, and this brought up the situation whereby Victoria' s and
Brew s bypassed normal GPC channels for renewal of agreements by
gaining approval directly from Village Council. Since we had
some questions last year, we would have preferred reviewing it
beforehand, and this would also afford opportunity for. citizens'
comments. Mr. Pape thought we could tell Village Council what to
look for and they could monitor this, but Mr. Huey felt that if
the laws change or if the owner changes signs or appearance, it
is important to return to GPC rather than granting blanket
approval. Ms. Garrett will present GPC' s concerns to Village
Council, and they will consider Mr. Jackson- s letter also.
Mr. Tailford made up a thorough sign application form,
which, after some discussion of color requirements in the
architectural review district, earned approval and praise. Ms.
Garrett stressed the importance of being specific.
Mrs. McKivergin asked whether GPC could write a letter to
Village Council, explaining their lack of vote on Mr. Vance' s air
conditioning units. She objected to the Village' s approval by
consensus of the units being placed almost at her front door and
also to the garbage cans- location. Mr. Pape explained that the
minutes were very clear on this point, and this was merely a
worksession, not a formal application. The village as property
owner may override variance requirements, thus provoking not only
consternation but possible legal situations. The legal advisor
must decide [@Townership, boundary lines, and access to the parking area behind the house. No letter e.*-P=C *will be written.
b (1 K PCAdjournment:
9: 00 P. m.
Next Meetings: August 15 and September 19
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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