Granville Community Calendar

CGP 08/15/94

August 15, 1994
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf, Larry Huey, Jurgen
Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Visitors: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Jack Hartford (550
Ridgefield Road, Newark),Susan Burgin (100 Westgate Drive),Mary
Bline (P. 0. 127),Lisa Sandman (4868 Dry Creek Doad),Amy Deeds
and W. E. Deeds (3080 Deeds Road),Chris Avery (340 Cedar Street),
Jack Harman (20 S. 4th Street),Audrey and Orville Orr (313 East
Broadway),Lori Green, Jennifer Eerdman, Robert Palmer (136-B
South Main)
Minutes: August 1, corrections: Page 2, under Thornborough, line
6, change to 300 sq. ft. Page 3, next to last line under
McKivergin; delete the word -who.' Mr. Stansbury moved to
approve minutes as corrected, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MINUTES WERE
Citizen Comments:
Jack Hartford, Spring Hills Baptist Church, described the
situation in the church- s parking lot whereby-construction trucks
are destroying the asphalt. The church members would like to
have a temporary sign designating something like "No heavy truck
turns,"for six months or so until most of the Erinwood construction
is completed.
Mr. Huey indicated that if GPC tells him what it may say, he
can go ahead and make the sign and come back with an application
for a sign meeting the size limitations, white with green 4. lettering. Mr. Tailford has f inal approval on the app-Irireatier * - ,
W«9>- ./
Old Business:
Dr. Susan Burgin, Cherry Valley Animal Clinic, 100 Westgate Drive
Application tabled from earlier meeting} Dr. Burgin has
repainted two on-site signs, designating the new business, for
which she needed a variance. These are considered new signs, not
grandfathered. The decision to be made is whether to approve the
standing signs or permit a variation of them. Mr. Huey thinks
she should stick to the code-designated 32 sq. ft. wherever sited.
Mr. Stansbury would like to see her go for a variance for the two
signs because they are large enough to be seen by fast-moving
traffic and attractively done. Mr. Huey wondered what the future
holds for signs in that area. Mr Hurst had recommended going for
a variance before appearing before GPC, but for now GPC will
consider it without knowing, whether it will receive a variance.
Ms. Garrett stated that all signs are to be reduced in size under
the new code, and Village Council recommended the larger sign.
Compared to other signs in the area, this one is smaller.
Following Mr. Hurst' s recommendation to give first consider--
ation to BZBA, consensus wanted to table, as did the applicant.
Mr. Huey moved to table, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION TO
John and Mary Bline, 128 South Main, Greystone House
Application tabled from last meeting} Mr. Hurst has reviewed
the request to construct a separate building for the shop
behind the house and GPC cannot require that the house remain
residential. Members discussed (1) the close proximity of the
new shop to the house, <2) the general overall landscaping and
access and to the shop by pedestrians, 3) ownership of the
parking area and close proximity of it*09.-shop, 4( ) density of
activity on the lot and lot coverage-,(}6e/tting precedent by
increased commercial space on a residential street, (6) traffic
congestion in the alley, and (7) commercial space behind a
building. These are in addition to the lack of sufficient
parking required by the ordinance.
Ms. Bline explained that Park National Bank owns the lot and
had granted easement at an earlier time to the parsonage for 0, 04+0:1
parking. She would like to maintain the front of the house as an
office, and live in the rest of the house. Of the two drawings
submitted, she prefers the square plan to allow more visibil and open space, while Mr. Pape preferred the more aesthetic
rectangular plan. Ms. Bline felt she would be serving thed_Z_Z_-- B.O
village well by providing employment for craftsmen/ artists and A--
paying taxes, and she reminded the group that Sensibilities has
been approved without sufficient parking spaces, an irrelevant
situation because there has been no application through GPC.
Ms. Bline noted that Bernie Williams has offered to let her
use five of his extra parking spaces, but Mr. Pape thought that
this would not solve the shortage. She stated that there is
never a parking problem and people have no trouble finding a
place to park nearby. Mr. Pape reminded her of the role of GPC to
heed the wishes of the village and how the village will look in
the future and stated his disapproval of rear-facing businesses.
While the antique shop may be attractive, GPC has no control over
what might occur in that location in the future. Even now Ms.
11/UL 3
Bline could_urn her home
onfong permit in existeneo.
into commercial spaceramdisth.e
Mr. Harf suggested waiting until BZBA makes its decision on
parking, and while it would have perhaps been better to begin the
application with BZBA, other members preferred voting this evening
on the architectural review. Members referred to guidelines
in the ordinance, which included setbacks, distances between
buildings, lot coverage, parking, compatibility with neighborhood,
height, open space; therefore, parking is not the only
consideration. GPC has tried to work with Ms. Bline to work out
their differences.
Mr. Harf moved to approve the application; Mr. Huey
Huey, Pape, Robertson, Stansbury}.Applicant may appeal within
ten days to Village Council. The rationale included insufficient
yard space and inadequacy of open space, the problem of
accessibility, too much density on the lot, automobile access,
incompatibility of dense commercial activityn *-a- -s-ida*n,-t: ial
ze: 4h·b*·e4,90K/ i--
Eric and Alexis Deeds, 221 South Mulberry
The Deedses wish to demolish a garage that has severely
deteriorated and has become a safety hazard. GPC members agreed
this would be an improvement, and if they wish to build a garage
in the future, the pad is there. Mr. Harf moved to approve
application, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Robbins-Hunter Museum, 221 East Broadway
Members of the Museum board wish to reinstall a 17-foot
wrought iron fence section on NE corner of the property to match
existing fence. Dr. Avery explained that they will not put fence
up across the front. Mr. Huey stated that this is a structure in
the right of way and Village Council has to approve it, and he
moved to recommend to Council that application be approved; Ms.
Erinwood Subdivision Sign Relocation (Offices)
Mr. Harden explained that they want to move the sign at the
offices to the entry off Newark- Granville Road. Ms. Garrett was
concerned about access and a possible future light and potential
right-turn problem, and Mr. Harden explained how this plan should
alleviate any problems. The size meets the code. Mr. Huey moved
to approve; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY
The Murphy Group wishes to provide a simple sign and
landscaping at entry to "The Ridge" subdivision similar to the
one already there. The sign is the style GPC said would be
acceptable at a previous worksession. Mr. Stansbury moved to
approve; Ms. Robertson seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Erinwood Five Temporary Directional Signs (sales office)
Mr. Harden showed where the double-faced signs would be
located; they will be lined up with the fence, would not be
located in the right of way and will resemble signs already in
place. There was some discussion whether these are exempted
signs; Mr. Hurst had said anything goes in PUD, but Sign No. 5 is
not in PUD and condo property is owned jointly. Mr. Huey thought
the signs were awfully big and wanted to revisit the signs in a
year. Mr. Huey moved to approve Signs No. 1, 2, 3, and 4. No. 5 is
not under consideration, AND APPLICATION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Erinwood -Renew Temporary Sign "The Condominium at Erinwood '
This is the existing sign located at the back of the Condo
property and viewed from Route 16. Mr. Huey wondered whether the
painting is still in good shape. Ms. Robertson moved to approve,
Audrey and Orville Orr, Buxton Inn, 313 East Broadway
The Orrs wish to place a 54'x8' walk-in cooler with one door
at the side of the Inn, which will be enclosed with vertical wood
siding and trellis to match existing decor. Although the
location is on the lot line, both properties are owned by Buxton
Inn. There is already a pad on the site, and they are not
increasing lot coverage. GPC had discussed up to 85%lot
coverage with amenitieMTs. .H-uey asked about parking, since ,·
approved spaces behind i)zlecame covered with debris and ' emphasized the necessity of abiding by the requirements for
adequate parking spaces in the complex. r C
Mr. Harf moved to approve application; Mr. Stansbury
Bob Parker, Parker &Assoc.,136B South Main Worksession
For his new accounting business upstairs, Mr. Parker would
like to have input on a good sign. Members asked whether the
building is on one lot or two, for this will affect the number of
signs allowed. An existing ground sign has two businesses listed
already, at the rear building. If the sign were to be moved
Erinwood Subdivision Entrance Sign (Ridge)
closer to the center, it could list Parker also, but that would
make the sign too big. He might need a variance, and if needed,
he would get the variance before he applies to GPC. Mr. Parker' s
entrance is on Elm, although the address is South Main; therefore,
he wants signs on both Main and Elm. The Elm Street sign
would be similar to the existing sign, and the wall sign would be
on Main, 16' up on the little fence in front of his office on the
second floor, but the code limits 13' heights. GPC is not
required to approve the design as long as it meets the code.
Ms. Garrett preferred an eye-level sign hear the door with
an arrow; Mr. Harf proposed consulting with the Sentinel and
Eloise Dezwarte about adding a shingle to their sign and moving
it west toward the center of the buildings. He cannot put it on
the building itself because there is a door in the way. Mr. Harf
thought it prudent to go look at the site and then give him
Consensus of the group thought that adding to the current
sign to total 10 sq. ft would be agreeable if the two tenants
agree. Ms. Robertson volunteered to go look at the site with
Old Village Offices -Air Conditioner
Mr. Tailford reported that Village Council wants formal
recommendation from GPC on the new location of the units.
Putting them on the roof is unacceptable because of the expense.
Anything in the lease is the same as the Village doing it and it
does not need formal application (the Village is exempt)IA. T_-
comesb_efore1-5--i s boGEra- sr--sg*n-:The lease requires one unit-.
for downstairs and one for upstairs.0 (0-KI 0/ 2/ -r-f- /7-
'SMs. McKivergin s front door is directly facing the units as
originally approved, and she requested that the location be reviewed
and units placed at the rear of the structure. There must
be 3- between units, 3 away from a building or any fencing. Mr.
Vance did not want to sacrifice any parking area in order to put
units on the east side, and he says there needs to be an emergency
Consensus of the group recommended that the door be on the
south end of the east/ rear wall and the trash containers be next
to the door with the pair of A. C. units 3' northward on that
Adjournment: 10: 20 p. m.
Next Meetings: September 19 and October 3
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen
Granville Planning Commission
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