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CGP 12/19/94

December 19, 1994
Members Present: Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary
Absent: Dorothy Garrett, James Harf
Visitors: see attached list]
Minutes of November 21, 1994:
Under GFD, Line 12, change "within" to outside. Page 3,
under Parsley, Line 17, change "sign" to structure. Page 4,
under GFD, last line ". .c h.ange of use application and
architectural review. . ."
Page 5, under sign Ordinance, Line 8, "Wendy' s si=n is a
permanent. . . .' next paragraph starts "Mr. Huey reported that
Mr. Hurst' s. . ."Change last sentence of this paragraph to "II
simns were ever lecal. thev thev can be grandfathered."Next
paragraph, Line 5, add "Mr. Stansburv sullested that the new
ordinancNeext.p.a.r"agraph, Line 2, ". . be.cause they are
not architecturally correct for Granville s architecture." Line
2 from bottom, change "suggested" to recommended.
Page 6, delete "If all neon signs must go, this includes
Wendy s sign." Mr. Stansbury moved to approve Minutes as
corrected, Ms. Robertson seconded, AND MOTION WAS APPROVED
Minutes of November 28, 1994:
On last line add "to PCD" at end of sentence. Mr. Huey
moved to approve minutes, Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION WAS
Citizen Comments: None
Public Hearing: Cherry Valley South District
Following the worksession on November 28, this is to be a formal Public Hearing to determine whether to proceed with
recommendation to change zoning to PCD in this area. Mr. Pape
described the definitions of the proposed district and reported that the feeling of the neighbors was that this is the time to consider rezoning the entire area. If changed to PCD, that would
allow GPC to look at the overall traffic situation and allow for planning attractive businesses. The main difference between SBD
and PCD is size. The Master Plan recommended that this whole
area be made commercial, and tonight- s hearing would include all area south of Rt 16 on Cherry Valley Road.
Mary Lou van Atta had a question about size, and Mr. Huey
clarified the acreage and explained that special circumstances
would require a careful looking at. There is some freedom under
PCD to move things around.
Dr. Scarpitti asked about the area north of Rt. 16, and Mr.
Tailford explained that the highway will be widened on the south
side to five lanes and that the north side will have a new turn
lane into Wendy s. At the same time improvements will be made
when new businesses come in. Nothing will be done on Rt. 16, but
the county is looking at improvements along the entire corridor
all the way to Rt. 79. New potential tenants have been informed
about how the ordinance works and how structures should look.
Mr. Twork asked who is going to pay for improvements on the
north side, and Mr. Tailford said there is a direct correlation
between north and south sides, and the village and the businesses
will share in paying.
Mr. Pape declared the public hearing closed. Mr. Huey
moved to recommend to Village Council that all existing village
land south of Rt. 16 be rezoned from its current zoning to PCD.
roll call. 5441'8*5. Councll willr- bulloduker-snother hcari;: 14-,
New Business:
The Murphy Group, The Ridge, Lot 103, Lot Split
The Murphy Group wishes to split Lot 103 and deed half to
Lot 102 and half to Lot 104 in order to provide more room on these two lots. Mr. Huey moved to approve application, Ms.
Gran-Rental Station, 113 N. Prospect, Sign
Russ Adams wishes to install a pair of projecting 7-colored
signs, 11. 25 sq. ft total, to be mounted on either side of pro- jecting poles to conceal mounting. The application falls within
the requirements. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Mr. Huey seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Work Session
St. Luke' s Episcopal Church
Mr. Bolden explained that the church is expecting a lot of growth and is looking at ways to improve handicapped access and other changes over the long term. The elevator they would like needs a doorway access on the west wall off the Opera House Park, which would require some landscaping changes in the park. There
is probably not enough room at the rear to do much remodelling.
Mr. Bolden showed the plans, stating that they would need to
start soon with the elevator. The plan does not affect lot
lines, and no trees would have to be removed.
Consensus of the group was that the church can go ahead with
n +here-·e*e-nd Landscape
<lmili] ZiolI[iiff <19:CY¢I:lL]IF;2C'.0! 0i'.,424.-.2 Adjournment: 8: 35 p. m.
Next Meetings: January 9 and January 23
Respectfully submitted.
Betty Allen

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