Granville Community Calendar

GCP 11/28/94

Members Present: Jurgen Pape,Gary Stansbury,Larry Huey,Dorothy Garrett
Absent: Lyn Robertson,James Harf
Visitors: see attached list}
Work Session:
Mr. Pape explains to the citizens that the work session has been scheduled to allow the GPC to
discuss possible zoning changes in the area of Cherry Valley Road and State Route 16. The GPC want to
hear the input ofthe residents in the area before making any formal recommendation to Council.
Mr. Pape asked Mr. Tailford to explain the developments that are ready planning to go in the area.
Mr. Tailford explains that SuperAmerica,McDonalds and the possibility ofthree other business are
planning to build on the southwest corner of Cherry Valley Road and SR16;Bob Evans Farms and a 60-
unit motel are planning to build on the southeast corner of Cherry Valley Road and SR16;Mr. And Mrs.
Pyle are requesting to build a small storage unit on their property. Mr. Tailford stated that those were the
only known development s looking on Cherry Valley Road south of SR16. Mr. Pape explains what
Planned Commercial District P(CD)and Suburban Business District S( BD)zonings are and the difference
between the two.
Mr. Pape opens the meeting to public comments and questions. Many questions asked about the
plans for sewer expansion in the area,how the roads were going to be improved. Mr. Tailford attempted
to answer those questions. Other questions pertained to taxes and whether they would go up with
commercial zoning. Mr. Tailford was not sure at the time but said he check on that issue.
Many of the residents were concerned about an individual lot developing in between to residential
lots and how that could be avoided. It was explained that PCD zoning would give the GPC the ability to
regulate that from happening. PCD zoning has a requirement of five acre minimum lot size which can be
varied by the Planning Commission to a smaller size. Many of the residents requested that they would
prefer that type of zoning over the SBD zoning and GPC members also expressed the same desire.
After lengthy discussion on relatively the same issues,Mr. Pape asked by a show of hands how
many were in favor ofbeing rezoned to commercial zoning. Most ofthe citizens raised their hands. Mr.
Pape asked how many opposed,no one raised their hand. The GPC believed this was enough reason to schedule a public hearing. The Public hearing was to be scheduled as soon as possible and would be on a GPC recommendation to Council to rezone the property on Cherry Valley Road south of State Route 16. fo Ftp
Adjournment: 8:33 p.m.
Respectively submitted,

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