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gpc 04/07/94

March 7, 1994
Dorothy Garrett, Lyn Robertson, Jurgen Pape, Gary
Members Absent: James Harf, Larry Huey
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Zoning Inspector
Visitors: Nan Steyn (Sentinel)G,erald Martin (15 Briarwood)D,on
Bonar (237 West Elm), Kate &Chris Kenah (339 W. Broadway)
Minutes: Minutes of February 7 require two corrections: on Page
2, Paragraph 2, eliminate "and" from Line 3. In Paragraph 4, Line
7 change "citing"to "siting."Mr. Stansbury moved to approve, Ms.
Citizen Comments: None
Old Business: None
New Business:
Don &Martha Bonar, 127 West Elm
The Bonars wish to construct a two-story matching addition
between the garage and the house, remove the current garage, and
replace it with a matching two-story garage. They will also remove
small back porch. Mr. Bonar explained that there will be one
change in the plans to connect upstairs the existing house and new
addition with different roof lines. A stairs/landing precludes
connection at the old roof line. Lot coverage will be 48.9%,and
setback has been approved by BZBA. Mr. Bonar said there will be
landscaping or plantings done.
Ms. Robertson moved to approve application pending approval by
Mr. Tailford of revisions in connector/extension of the two parts
of the house; Mr. Stansbury seconded and MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Chris &Kate Kenah, 339 West Broadway
The Kenahs wish to expand the kitchen and, to balance the
structure, add a screened porch to the side of their home with
matching exteriors. There will be a skylight on the east side.
Mr. Kenah explained locations of doors and windows to members'
satisfaction. Ms. Robertson moved to approve appliction, Mr.
Mr. Martin will convert the Tole House into the new location
for his coffeehouse. His plans involve changing landscaping in
front of the building. Mr. Pape preferred brick rather than
exposed aggregate, and he would prefer something other than
seasonal color."There was considerable discussion on plantings
and the merits of different materials for the porch. Consensus
of GPC members preferred that the application be tabled until Mr.
Martin could solicit estimates for various flooring materials.
No sign was on the application, but discussion ensued on how
a proposed sign at the location of the present one on the side of
the building could fit ihto the ordinance. Mr. Martin explained
that he wants to paint the sign white and place his logo to
whatever dimensions will fit the regulations. The question was
whether the board itself was a sign or whether the letters were the
sign, and members need to take care about precedent setting. Mr.
Martin wishes to use a sandwich board at least for the time being.
Ms. Robertson moved to table application, Mr. Stansbury
Extending Architectural Review District
GPC members discussed, street by street, the revised map which
Mr. Tailford reproduced for consideration. Mr. Tailford will apply
all suggestions to a second revision. L-{-h--ae¥m-ored-et4#4-edne-tcsi<
trieyarrneeded-r} Then, when approved, it will be forwarded to
Village Council for action.
Mr. Pape met with the Dimension Cable people (sans Marc
Brockman) and wrote up his recommendations, which were distributed
to Village Council. GPC members discussed plantings and locations
and appreciated Mr. Pape's morning's work.
Next meetings: March 21 and April 4.
Adjournment: 8: 45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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