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CGP 11/06/95

November 6,
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, Larry Huey, Keith Myers, Lyn
Robertson, Richard Salvage, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent:
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Jr.
Visitors Present: S-enlin-el),
Village Planner
John Woods (Certified Oil)
Minutes: October 16: Page 2, Line 7, change to "that for front
vard residences a 42" fence is maximum."Paragraph 2, start with
Perhaps the fence would not be secure. Ms. Robertson thought
that people could slip between 9" spikes, but Mr. Nagy
Mr. Huey moved to approve minutes as corrected, Mr. Salvage
Citizens Comments:
New Business:
Joseph and Amy Rogers, 326 Spellman Street
The Rogerses wish to do some remodeling, including a 92
sq. ft. addition with foundation and new roofing on the rear of
the house. Mr. Rogers explained that they will add 4' to the
exterior and they will change doors and windows, but the visual
profile will be essentially the same. All materials and siding
will match existing house. MR. HUEY MOVED TO APPROVE APPLICATION,
Work Session
Certified Oil Company, 466 South Main
Certified would like to redevelop the gas station and Mr.
Woods presented plans and asked for GPC input. He expects to
need several variances, i. e.,signage, floodplain, setbacks, parking. Lighting and landscaping should not present problems, but any GPC needs to provide architectural suggestions.
The diesel tanks need to be in front to accommodate tankers, and the existing tanks would come out and new ones installed. Mr.
Ross from IGA does not want Certified to remodel this way; the easement is on his property. Mr. Attebury did give them access from his land.
2 6/ 00,
Mr. Tailford stated that South Main will be widened to add a
turn lane in that area and it will take a 10' portion of Certified-
s land. Ms. Garrett stated that we need to view an exact
plan showing IGA s site also. A retail outlet is permitted under
SBD zoning. Mr. Salvage requested a legal opinion regarding
the use of a convenience store, Ms. Robertson did not think this
fulfills the "retail outlet" option. Mr. Huey thought a gas
station is traffic-oriented and that there should be a conditional
use. Mr. Myers thought we should be consistent with the
Marathon situation. Mr. Myers was concerned with the short
setback and that necessity of screening. Specific problems were
1) _S_iln_ale. The group preferred a groundl-evel monument
sign and that it match the building. What we told Marathon would
be appropriate here.
2 ) A nchitanturn.
the Marathon building,
building with gable
3) Amnstan.
It' s hard to offer suggestionsb,.ut for
GPC recommended a simple, traditional
The dumpster needs sides to match the
building and be properly screened.
4) L _ilhlinK. GPC does not want additional lights, which
simply call attention to the merchandise. Canopy lighting can
get offensive.
5) _Disse1Eumps. Originally Certified wanted tankers
going around the building, but Mr. Tailford thought the turning
radius was insufficient, so diesel was put in the front.
6) Setbacks. Certified cannot fulfill the 100' setbacks
for TCOD with the tanks and canopy in the front. Mr. Huey stated
GPC could vary setbacks according to existing buildings in the
area. The Lumber Company and the station are close to the road,
and we do not want to place undue burden on Certified. Ms.
Robertson wanted to consider what would look best and work best
for Certified. An attractive building would be an improvement.
7) Parkine and Landscaping. Certified needs seven trees
and this would consume parking areas. They want to add pines at
the rear for screening. Parking is in front of the pumps. They
would also like to add more landscaping but feel Mr. Ross would
not let them.
8) ElnQdplain . Mr. Tailford stated that for less than a
half acre they can go under the floodplain. Mr. Woods stated
that the highest point on the property is 9. 11. 50, which puts
them 2 1/2- under the floodplain and they would need to raise the
building for sewer run-off. Mr. Tailford stated that they would
not need a variance if they can get the store over the floodplain
Mr. Tailford stated that he will get together with Mr. Hurst about legal &a*ss. We should avoid variances where we can. Mr.
Tailford will also check to see what the requirements were under TCOD for the Murphy property. Our goal is to make the gas station more attractive. He will also ask Mr. Hurst whether pump parking is acceptable.
Mr. Tailford stated that
the shared driveway could present a
If the dotted line on the plan becomes right of way,
it' s a shared access easement, although it may need to go to
court since one curb cut will be
road. If the Rosses go to court
a second access to Certified.
eliminated with widening of the
and say No, we have to consider
We might have to reduce some land-
Ms. Robertson summarized the next steps for Certified: (1)
Mr. Hurst' s decision on permitted or conditional use and whether
the current use is grandfathered. (2) Another work session should
be held. 3) To BZBA if a conditional use permit is required.
4) Decision on parking. 5) Decision on TCOD. Mr. Woods does
not need an architectural plan yet, but he should prepare a
rendering of how it will look.
Sign Code:
Mr. Tailford has been inundated with questions on size and
number of election signs and he requested GPC input. This year
was unusual with so many local candidates running for office.
Under existing code there are no limitations on number of signs,
and Mr. Tailford thinks· one sign per candidate/ issue per yard is
enough. Some people are saying he is interfering with their free
speech rights. Mr. Huey stated that this is a temporary, selfcorrecting
problem. The more signs he sees, the less likely he
is to vote for that candidate.
Mr. Tailford prefers 4 sq. ft. maximum signs behind sidewalks
or 10' from the paved road. Mr. Stansbury thinks signs should be
up no longer than thirty days prior to the election or five days
after the election and consensus agreed that these are valid
Mr. Huey announced that he is resigning from GPC because his
company has transferred him to South Carolina. He has enjoyed
his experience with the group despite the occasional problems.
Ms. Robertson stated thanks on behalf of the Commission for the
many, many meetings he has attended and for the many hours he has
spent on zoning and signs. She for one has always appreciated
Mr. Huey' s attention to detail and how much he carries around in
his head about regulations.
Ms. Garrett will resign from Village Council, thus GPC, and
after the election Council will assign someone else to GPC. Ms.
Robertson thanked her also for her service to the group.
Next Meeting:
8: 50 p. m.
November 20 (Mr. Myers will be absent)
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen i

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