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GCP 04/06/95

March 6, 1995
Larry Huey, Lyn Robertson, Richard Salvage,
Members Absent: Dorothy Garrett, Keith Myers
Visitors Present: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Betty Morrison
127 E. Elm),Joellen &Larry Brown (2160 Welsh Hills),Mark
Zarbaugh, Don Snelling (Aladdin),Tim Klingler (218 E. Elm)
The Minutes for February 27 had numerous changes, so the
secretary provided a revised copy of the minutes.
Citizens Comments: None
Old Business:
Aladdin Restaurant, 122 East Broadway -Sandwich Board
The main concerns with this sign, stated Mr. Huey, were that
it is in poor repair and Mr. Snelling needs to find a way to
affix daily menu sheets so that they will be protected from the
weather, i. e.,chalkboard, plexiglas panel, laminated paper. Mr.
Snelling stated that the sandwich board is about fifteen years old and needs repair and that he will probably do a chalkboard.
Mr. Salvage stated that Village Council does not want any un- painted signs.
Mr. Huey moved to grant temporary approval for the current
sandwich board subject to improving the sign and weather protect- ing it within 90 days, at which time the permanent sign will be
approved. Any changes will require a new application. Mr.
Our Place Antiques, 121 S. Prospect -Sandwich Board
Betty Morrison has two different sign sandwich boards, or one cut in half. She stated that they use the "barn" sign only when they have a special sale in the barn. Mr. Huey asked
whether it might be possible to approve storing the sign behind the bushes because Ms. Morrison cannot lift it into the building. She stated that a "barn" sign could be temporarily added to the regular sandwich board when she is having a sale. Or she might
move the sign closer to the barn so that only her customers would see it. Members agreed these would be acceptable options.
Mr. Huey moved to approve application as applied for with
the provision that any temporary attachments to the regular
sandwich board be weather protected and that applicant be allowed
a variance for storage outside, behind the bushes, and out of
sight. Mr. Stansbury seconded, and APPLICATION WAS APPROVED
Broadway Blooms, 120 West Broadway -Sandwich Board
Members had several concerns, and Ms. Damron was not present
to answer questions. The sandwich board (1) is not in very good
condition. The owner attaches removable signs, which are not
weather protected, <2) members questioned whether she really
needs two adjacent signs, (3) according to the sign code, the
sandwich board is not in legal compliance for signs in a nonconforming
business in a residential district. Mr. Salvage feels 41
that Ms. Damron needs the sign, and Mr. Huey suggested that GPC 40 turn the application down and allow applicant to appeal to
Village Council. The consideration tonight is €trictly one -PU<34
legal grounds( if Village Council overturns our decision, the
application Meeds to return to GPC for architectural review. Mr. 3
Salvage felt that since it was not signed, it should not be
Mr. Salvage moved to approve the application, since it is
needed and since it has been there for a long time. Mr. Huey
Salvage voted for approval and the other members voted against
because they did not feel the sandwich board was in legal
New Business:
Larry Brown, 348 N. Granger
Mr. Brown will remove existing back porch and replace it
with a new 14- x20' two-story addition and pressure treated wooden 41
deck. The new larger addition will be 11'3" from the north19--Lf foLU/ line, but a violation, of 9" is not substantial enough ,o#f- a varlL-/-
ance. Ne1·u--uf liric-7 roofing and siding materials will match &
existing house. Mr. Huey stated that the addition should be
continuous so that it does not look like an obvious addition.
Mr. Salvage moved to approve application, Mr. Huey seconded, AND
Tim &Cathy Klingler, 218 E. Elm
The Klinglers have found it necessary to install 8"x12" eve
vents around the house, painted to match the surrounding siding.
This will be an addendum to their previous permit issued last week. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve this modification, Mr.
Changes in the regulations requested by GPC and Mr. Hurst
have been added to the sub-regs draft prepared by Mr. Tailford
and Mr. Zarbaugh. Members proceeded through the regulations one
by one and took notes. 1Mr. Tailford. will update his master_list,
which includes all suggested changes and provide a revised
version to be presented to a committee who will update once more
and hand it over to Village Council.
The GBPA has submitted a letter to continue the placement of
two directional signs in the public interest on Saturdays, 9 a. m.
to 12: 30 p. m.,during August and September for the farmersmarket.
GPC members agreed that this would be acceptable and
suggested setting them up at 8: 30 a. m. rather than 9 a. m.
Next Meetings:
10: 15 p. m.
March 20 and April 3
r 330*3/0--E /
Respectfully submitted
Betty Allen
7 Werk Session -Subdivision and Development Regulations

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