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GCP 04/17/95

April 17, 1995
Members Present: Dorothy Garrett, Larry Huey, Keith Myers, Lyn
Robertson, Richard Salvage
Members Absent: Gary Stansbury
Also Present: Doug Tailford, Jr.,Village Planner
Visitors Present: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Mat Mauger (M-E Civil
Eng.F)r,ank and Kay Murphy (100 Galway Drive)
ADril 3: Mr. Huey moved to approve minutes as presented. Mr.
Citizens Comments: None
New Business:
The Murphy Group, The Glen at Erinwood -Phases II &III
Mr. Murphy reported two changes from the development plan: Since
Lots 68 and 69 were changed from four lots to two, there are two fewer
lots, and there is one fewer cul de sac. Lots 68 and 69 will be served
by a long driveway. The lots are ca. one-acre lots. Mr. Tailford
explained that everything on Bird &Bull' s April 10 letter has been
addressed but that GPC approval should be contingent upon these
details, which will not affect the layout. Any significant changes
would have had to get GPC approval. The Murphys wish to preserve as
many trees as possible, and Mr. Mauger stated that there is a no-build
area to maintain the beauty of the property, and all streets will have
sidewalks or paths. The developers wished to decrease Longford from
31' to 28' driveable to allow for sidewalks and tree lawns because if
they need to put in 5' sidewalks, that would leave insufficient tree
lawn. Ns. Garrett preferred wider street widths, but others want wider
tree lawns. Sidewalks are to be put in within five years.
Mr. Myers stated thatAft-has become common to have backs of units
facing public streets. People put up fences to reclaim their private
space. Trees do not hide the second stories of houses. He made
several suggestions, i. e.,extending cul de sacs or increasing back
setbacks, or having extensive landscaping plans to present a forest
visage with a sense of depth rather than a row of trees. Mr. Huey
stated that we gave the developers a reduction in TCOD so they could
put in the village green.
The Murphys will move the fence back 20' to allow for a pathway
and they will deed this space in the right of way to the village as
dedicated space. There will be a sidewalk from Galway to the bikepath.
The developers will add a no-build section to the covenants and plan.
dera- 100 ' e=M+ae: lrfromh-ee*-ent-ber- u-f Llie ruad.
Mr. Huey would suggest a 30- no-build line parallel to Newark- Granville
Road beyond setbacks and 50 along Jones Road. Ms. Robertson would
encourage people to build closer to cul de sacs.
After a discussion of the Tree and Landscape ordinance requirements
and tree spacing, which should go along with the earlier landscaping
plan throughout the development, it was decided to the law
director make a decision regarding when tree spacing requirements go
into effect. Mr. Murphy stated that trees too close together make
driveway installation difficult and that trees should be planted as
soon as possible to allow for more growth time.
This Preliminary Plat can be approved contingent upon the engineers'
conditions, staff concerns, and the law director s concerns,
street widths, and building setbacks. Ms. Robertson summarized the
group- s concerns: (1) fire hydrant for Lot 68 needs to be accessible
engineers to resolve)2, )(there seems to be a consensus among this
body, except Ms. Garrett, to narrow street widths from 31 to 28-,3 ()
50' nob-uild line along Newarkr=sm(*rtite Road and 30' nob-uild from
setback on Je-n-esR-oad and encourage building close to front setbacks,
4) ask Mr. Hurst about timing for new tree requirements every 40',5 ()
5' sidewalks along Jones Road and between Longford and Newark-Granville
Mr. Murphy would prefer doing this later).
Mr. Huey moved to approve preliminary Plat Phases II and III
subject to the following contingencies: 1) all concerns of the
villake engineers are met, (2) Langford Drive be decreased from 31' to
28' face to face curb, (3) Jones Road to have 50' no-build line extending
from village right of way and Newark-Granville Road to have 30' nobuild
extending from 100' setback, (4) sidewalks according to plan
along Longford to Newark- Granville, (5) feeder and cul de sac be 27
curb to curb. Mr. Salvage seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
Next Meetings:
8: 40 p. m.
May 1 and May 15 (Mr. Huey to be absent on June 19)
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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