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GCP 06/05/95

June 5, 1995
Members Present: Kevin Bennett for Dorothy Garrett, Larry Huey, Keith
Myers, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent:
Also Present:
Richard Salvage
Doug Tailford, Jr.,Village Planner
Visitors Present: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Kim Zeune (Zeune
Construction)C, indy Schumaker (Petro Ltd.)A,shlin Caravana (209 E.
Elm),Dan Bellman (BZBA),Jim Gimeson (Dave Longaberger),J. Korey, Jim
Bascam, Don Finn (325 N. Pearl),Denise Frey (31 Thornewood),Maxine
Montgomery (2450 Newark- Granville Road),Kristen Pape (403 E.
Broadway),Ron Sheldon (238 Llanberis),
Minutes: Since the May 15 minutes were not reproduced, they will be
approved at the next meeting.
Citizens Comments: Ron Sheldon, from Holophane, stated that his
company would be willing to work with GPC on lighting specifications.
They have done a lot of work in the area of canopy lighting, and there
is a professional lighting association to help write specs. GPC
members agreed that Holophane should be consulted on our new lighting
guidelines, and Mr. Sheldon will arrange a demonstration for GPC following
one of our regular meetings.
New Business:
Public Hearing:
Dave Longaberger, Bryn Du Mansion, 537 Jones Road
Mr. Gimeson was present on behalf of Mr. Longabarger, who wishes
to rezone his 18. 04 acres at the mansion from PCD to SRD- A in order to
use the home as his private residence. Mr. Andrai Nagy from
Longaberger had stated in a letter that "As a single family residential
use, a general welfare to the community would result in less traffic on and around the streets bordering the subject property, would result in
placing one more residence into the prevailing fabric of the neighborhood,
and would enhance the neighborhood by the care and maintenance of the property as a private residence."The polo field is already zoned residential. After a discussion on zoning, Mr. Huey moved to recommend
to Village Council to change the property from PUD to SRD-A. Mr.
New Business
Dave Longaberger, Polo Field, Corner of Jones and Newark- Granville Rds.
Mr. Longaberger wishes t6 replace the chainlink fence with a 48" post and rail fence, which will be part of an overall landscaping plan.
It will be painted white with hunter green post caps and set back 54'
from the center of the road to allow for the future bike path. The
fence will feature a step down design from the 48" maximum toward the
trees to be incorporated into the general layout. Mr. Huey moved to
approve the application; Mr. Myers seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY
James and JoAnn Morey, 326 East College
The Moreys wish to remove two first-floor windows on the side of
the house and replace with siding to match the rest of the house. Mr.
Huey moved to approve application; Mr. Myers seconded, AND MOTION WAS
Ben Barton, 338 West Maple
Mr. Barton wishes to build a 42" and 60" wooden picket fence in
the back yard. There will be wire mesh at one point to restrain the
dog in the back, not visible from the street. Mr. Stansbury moved to
Michael and Ashlin Caravana, 209 East Elm
The Caravanas wish to build (1) a 72" privacy fence along the west
side, l' in from the property line. It will project into the side yard
approximately 3' and will screen an adjacent parking lot. They have
already removed the old fence. (2) A 42" white gothic or simple picket
fence will be installed along the rear of the the back yard. This
fence would intrude on the neighbor' s property by 4- and would be built
and maintained at Caravana' s expense. The neighbor is in full support
of this plan and has submitted a letter of understanding. 3) Another
white picket fence with gates will extend from the corner of the house
to the property line. 4) Later the Caravanas will install a temporary
wire fence or picket fence to enclose a play area for children. Mr.
Huey moved to approve the application; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND IT
Donald and Marta Contini, 444 E. Broadway and 431 E. College
The Continis wish to remodel exteriors of the adjacent properties
by adding (to the first listed property) two gable dormers, trellis, windows a rose on both floors, and painting the house. The second
listed property is a nonconforming use and owners will change overhang
over side doors, replace shutters, install a porch railing, and stucco over the concrete blocks. There will be less of a pitch on the over- hang. Mr. Huey moved to approve application; Mr. Myers seconded, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Work Session:
Marathon Station
Cindy Schumaker and Kim Zeune returned with a revised site plan.
They moved the building forward, eliminating a lot of blacktop, and )
removed the red from the building, moved the canopy to the side and A. a
moved the car wash forward. They added the word -Marathon- to the VAK
canopy and showed a picture of the ground sign showing Marathon and
Blimpie names and gas prices. Diesel gas can be sold at anyAone pump,07 1
and canopy posts will be brick to match building. An easement is
provided for Wendy- s traffic to the service road. Mr. Zeune assured
the group that the traffic will flow smoothly around the property and
in and out of it.
Mr. Myers reminded the applicants that any discussion tonight will
not be considered recommendation for endorsement. We are dealing
strictly with site issues. This plan looks better than the former one,
but a landscaping plan is still missing. The ground sign, small but
adequate, is more in character with neighboring ground sign. Mr. Myers
feels that the brick sample shown could be more of a terracotta color.
GPC members stated that a 35' flagpole could fly the American flag
but not the Marathon flag, for that is considered a sign. Some internal
direction signs will be necessary, and signs for the pick-up window
will need to conform. All lighting will need to conform to lighting
If Village Council approves, the applicants will need to make
formal application for the building, sidewalks, road improvements, etc.
Mr. Huey would prefer sidewalks on the side rather than in the back
and probably not along the alley. GPC members discussed parking,
landscaping, and positioning of the building.
Mr. Huey showed a picture of a map in Southern Pines showing index
of stores and what they sell. It might be an idea for Granville, to
encourage downtown business. There is already a Denison map at Burke Hall.)
Adjournment: 8: 50 p. m.
Next Meetings: June 19, July 10 and July 24. Mr. Huey and Mr. Myers to be absent on June 19. Betty will be on vacation July 10.)
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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