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GCP 06/19/95

June 19, 1995
Members Present: Kevin Bennett for Dorothy Garrett, Lyn Robertson,
Richard Salvage, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent:
Also Present:
Larry Huey, Keith Myers
Doug Tailford, Jr.,Village Planner
Visitors Present: Brian Lindamood (Sentinel),Michael Dager and Harvey
Shapiro (329 E. College),Judi &Jack Pyle (1328 Cherry Valley Road)
Minutes: May 15: Page 3, under architecture change "reddish color"
to gray with some red. Page 5, correct typo in line 1. Start second
paragraph with "Some." Mr. Stansbury moved to approve minutes as corrected,
June 5: Page 3, line 7, for clarity Ms. Robertson wished to
change to "Diesel gas can be sold at the pump least accessible to semi
trucks."Mr. Stansbury moved to approve minutes as corrected, Mr.
Citizens Comments: None
New Business:
Michael Dager and Harvey Shapiro, 329 E. College
The owners wish to replace deteriorating concrete steps with sandstone.
Mr. Salvage moved to approve application; Mr. Stansbury
Michael Dager and Harvey Shapiro, 329 E. College
The owners wish to construct a concrete driveway with new sidewalk
in the front yard abutting the neighbor' s driveway. Mr. Dager explained
that there is little space to park in the road, especially when
there is a snow emergency. Mr. Stansbury moved to approve the
application, Mr. Salvage seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
James Hopson, 318 E. College
Mr. Hopson wishes to remodel the kitchen, with 2 baths, add fireplace brick chimney, refinish floors, remove shed in rear and replace with window, raise second floor bath window, remove first floor door and add new kitchen door and enlarge window. The contractor explained btheartepthlaecebdrick will be red<0+m-atch cxist-ing-h=etrsr. Existing door will with siding. Mr. Salvage moved to approve the applica- tion; Mr. Stansbury seconded, AND MOTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
Work Session:
Jack and Judi Pyle, 1328 Cherry Valley Road
The work session was planned to address several outstanding items
on the application for a 16-unit storage building. Ms. Robertson
suggested running through the list of incomplete issues Mr. Tailford
had provided:
1. Site plan needs to show adjacent property owners, and the
Pyles will add the neighbor s name (Essman) on the plan.
2. The building is shown parallel to Cherry Valley, not perpendicular
as indicated by GPC earlier. Mr. Pyle explained the reasons
for repositioning the building: a) The lay of the land makes it not
feasible to align it perpendicular; (b) to enable screening to be
planted; (c) it will look better. It will be brickwith asphalt
shingles to match the house, and it will look like a garage; it will
not be out of place with other buildings on the property. If it is
perpendicular, one could see all the doors, rather than just the end.
The Pyles want it to look nice, for they live there too. The four
small, ailing trees will be removed, but the big pines will stay.
There is enough room for cars to drive to the storage sheds. Mr.
Stansbury questioned placing the shed on top of a mound, and Mr. Pyle
stated that it will be trimmed down.
3. They will need some elevation of the driveway so people will
not exit uphill.
4. Parking will be in front of the doors of the storage units.
5. There was some question as to paving right up to the next
property. Mr. Stansbury recommended a buffer of 8' to 10 of tree
line. It was suggested that Mr. Pyle move the storage unit just enough
to allow some landscaping without removing the big pines there.
6. The code requires asphalt or cement, a dustless material. Mr.
Tailford said that the entire drive and aprons are to be paved. This
was agreeable with the Pyles.
7. The Pyles have done a lot of landscaping without it a plan, doing not aslikteheylagteor,. lest they lock themselves into landscaping they might Since the code requires it, though, they will provide
one, which will be reviewed by the Tree and Landscape Committee. Mr.
Tailford will provide the Pyles with a copy of the code.
8. There will be no lighting or security lights. If lighting is
needed in the future, the Pyles will bring in application.
9. There will be no trash containers.
10. The Pyles will not be needing signs, and the big sign there
now will be removed. Advertising will be through the newspaper.
11. The storage unit will not be in front of the house, so
setbacks are within the code.
12. Sidewalks are not in the plans now, but will be addressed at
some time in the future when and if necessary. Eventually sidewalks
will be installed all the way down Cherry Valley Road.
The building height of 16- is acceptable. The house is 1 1/2
14. Mr. Stansbury preferred that the ends as well as the length
of the building be brick rather than white galvanized vertical steel.
Mr. Pyle thought this would not match the house. Mr. Stansbury thought
brick halfway up would look better on the ends. The building will sit
in a prominent position, and landscaping is very important for screening.
The garage doors are white steel, and the brick is red. Mr.
Stansbury would like to see an off white color, but Mr. Pyle feels that
would attract more attention. The shingles will be a charcoal gray.
The items still missing from the application are: 1) to label
power lines and poles; (2) landscaping plan; (3) elevation/ topographic
map with elevation numbers and contour lines, showing how it affects
the neighbor- s lot. It can be affixed to the current application; (4)
add brick halfway up on the ends; (5) add to the site plan a change in
position of building to accommodate trees; (6) consider with contractor
a change in color schemes which will harmonize with the house.
Adjournment: 8
Next Meeting:
40 p. m.
July 17
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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