Granville Community Calendar

GPC Minutes 12/22/1995

The January 2nd meeting has been canceled due to a lack of applications.

Meeting Announcements:

Mark Shulman has been appointed to fill Larry Huey's seat and Maxine Montgomery has

been appointed the Council Representative to the GPC.

SuperAmerica has requested to be on the January 16th agenda for a work session.

We still need to schedule a meeting of the sub-committee to rewrite the Planned Development

District chapter. I suspect we will not meet until January. if you have any dates in mind please

contact me. Thank you.

Several items are beginning to stir up around Galway Drive. I expect a medical omce

building and a bank to begin the process in the near future.

Today,I met with a representative for a 50-unit motel wishing to be located behind Wendy's.

I have enclosed a copy of the type of building they will propose to you in a February work session.

The model will actually be a 2-story rather than a 3-story and the sign will be a ground sign rather

than a pole sign..They wish to hear your comments,changes and requirements before moving on to

the BZBA for a Conditional Use request.

Have a Meny Christmas and a Happy Ne, v Year and I ivill see you in January to begin

what looks like a busy 1996.

Tuesday,January 16,1996 -7:30 p.m. -Scheduled GPC meeting at the Village Offices.

Tuesday,February 54 1996 -7:30p.m. - Scheduled GPC meeting at the Village Offices.

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