Granville Community Calendar

GPC Minutes 1/23/1995


January 23,

Members Present: James Harf, Larry Huey, Jurgen Pape, Lyn

Robertson, Peter Marshall (substuting for Dorothy Garrett)

Absent: Gary Stansbury

Visitors: Davelyn Ross-Smail, Brian Lindamood (S_entinel)

Minutes of January 9, 1995:

Ms. Robertson moved to approve Minutes as distributed, Mr.


Citizen Comments: Ms. Ross-Smail from the Licking County Board

of Education asked the GPC for approval of modifications to two

temporary outdoor structures at the middle

made for safety precautions. One is a barrier that can only be

seen from the back of a garage and was cut down from 7'. The

other, 8',sits over a well. Mr. Huey stated that in a situation

where safety is clearly involved, the Village Manager can approve

measures to solve the problem quickly. The structures will be

as soon as possible. The GPC had no problem

J painted brick Ld

3<6ยป3 with th@situation.


New Business:

Sandwich Board Discussion

Because of the fact that under the new ordinance, new and

existing sandwich boards will need a permit from GPC, Mr. informing them of this fact.

Tailford sent a letter to merchants

Four of them responded with requests for

emphasized criteria for sandwich boards:

be removed every day, and must be 2' x4'.

in addition to

signs. Discussion

they must be portable,

P u' nRj-1h>

other signs at t.hestandards





b.ur*res*-s. Sandwich boards are subject to the same

permanent signs. Merchants must keep them neat and clean,

they must take them in at night. Signs should be on-site,

appropriate, match the building, and not obstruct pedestrian

traffic. They should not be over 15' from the building, and

cafes should place them within the table area. Village Council

has decided sandwich boards may be in addition to total signage.

For applications of a routine nature, the applicant will not need

to be present, and Mr. Tailford can write a follow-up letter of

conditions, if any.

J. A. K. S Place, 116 East Broadway, rear -Sandwich Board

For Sherry Koklich- s sandwich board application, Mr. Huey' s

suggestion was to add an arrow to the sign, back and front, to

more easily identify the location. Mr. Huey moved to approve

application with-two restrictions: She must take the sign in at night, and it needs to be within 15 of the building. Ms.


Village Coffee Company, 126 N. Prospect -Sandwich Board

Ms. Robertson moved to approve application as long as sandwich

board remains in same position as in the photograph and does not restrict pedestrian traffic. Mr. Harf seconded, AND IT WAS


Bennett' s, 200 East Broadway -Sandwich Board

The "Valvolene" sign on feet is removed each evening. Mr.

Huey moved to UNANIMOUSLY APPaRpOpVroEvDe. sign, Ms. Robertson seconded, AND IT WAS

NAPA, 458 S. Main -Sandwich Board

This particular sign 1

not get taken in at night.

whether it is grandfathered

Main area is reconfigured,

moved to disapprove applica

board. Ms. Robertson second


s not a sandwich board because it does

It s a nonconforming ground sign, and

is uncertain. When the entire South

signs will be reconsidered. Mr. Huey

tion because it is not a sandwich



Mr. Pape announced that the Tree and Landscape Committee has looked at plans for the elevator at St. Luke- s Church and appre- ciates being consulted. Their suggestion was to keep the walkway straight, rather than curving it around. Mr. Tailford will

inform Mr. Bolton of this suggestion.

Mr. Marshall stated that there have been complaints about the planters at Victoria' s. The cafe permit has expired, and the pthlaenters should be removed, rather than shoving them up against building. Approval for the cafep/lanters needs to be renewed each year.

The group thanked Mr. Pape for his leadership and service Aover the past few years, and a letter of thanks was given to him. new chairperson will be chosen at next meeting. A new member should also be selected by then.

Adjournment: 8: 10 p. m.

Next Meeting: As February 23 is a holiday, Mr. Tailford will inform us when the next meeting will be.

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