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GPC Minutes 1/9/1995


January 9, 1995


Members Present: Jurgen Pape, Lyn Robertson, Gary Stansbury, Larry Huey, Pete Marshall

Absent: James Harf


Minutes of December 19, 1994:

Page 2,strike out the last sentence under Public Hearing for Cherry Valley South District -

Village Council will schedule another hearing".

Page 3, change the end of the last sentence under Work Session for St. Luke's Episcopal Church -

go ahead with its plans and prepare an official application".

Larry Huey moved to approve Minutes as corrected,Ms. Robertson seconded,AND THE


New Business:

Welsh Hills School.2610 Newark-Granville Road -Temporary Contractor Sign:

Welsh Hills School wishes to replace the existing temporary sign with a new temporary sign that is contractor 16 square feet in area and will be placed on the existing posts. Mr. Huey explained that no landscape plan was needed for the TCOD since the sign was temporary. Ms. Robertson moved to


Work Session:

Don DeSapri. 13 acres on Newark-Granville Road -Lot Split:

Mr. DeSapri wishes to split a 13 acre parcel into four lots ranging in size from 2.45 to 3. 9 acres in size. Mr. Pape believed that the instead of four driveways that they should be combined into two driveway cuts onto NewarkG- ranville Road. The other members agreed. Since the property was subject to the TCOD the plans for each house would need to come before the GPC for landscape plan approval. Street trees would also need to be provided along NewarkG- ranville Road in compliance with the Tree & Landscape Ordinance. Mr. Huey questioned Mr. Tailford on whether this lots-plit would change the demand for the pathway system to be expanded to the area. Mr. Tailford did not believe that this lots-plit changed the demand enough to require an extension of the system. Mr. Tailford was concerned with the drainage beneath the new driveway entrances. He believed the driveways will need to be approved by the Village Engineer. The GPC advised Mr.DeSapri to make the stated changes and submit an official application for the lot-split.

GPC 1995 Goals:

Mr. Pape believes that the zoning a parcel receives upon annexation should not necessarily be

PUD which increases the density automatically to 1 unit per 1.5 acres. The GPC requested Mr. Tailford

to find a way to change the ordinance to allow the GPC to zone the property similar to its Township

zoning and keep the density the same.

Mr. Huey and Ms. Robertson explained that it is important to educate township and Village

residents about the merger and how the study is what is being voted on in November and not an actual


Mr. Pape discussed parking in the Village and that a mechanism that should be designed to allow

an applicant to provided off-site parking or put money in escrow for the future construction of a satellite

parking lot. Mr. Pape believes the Village should secure land for a satellite parking lot.

Mr. Pape gave Mr. Tailford a plan for a new parking lot design for the parking lot behind the United Methodist Church.

Adjournment: 8: 45 p.m.

Next meetings: January 23 and February 8.

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