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GPC 04/22/96

April 22, 1996
Members Present: Maxine Montgomery,Keith Myers,Lyn Robertson,Richard Salvage,Marc
Shulman,Gary Stansbury
Members Absent:none
Also Present: Doug Tailford,Jr.,Village Planner
Visitors Present: Charles Peterson S( entinel),Jurgen Pape 4(03 E. Broadway)J,udith Thomas
4 Sheppard Place)G,reg Moore 1(0 Willowview)M,ary Fellabaum 3(10 W. Elm)J,ohn Kessler
238 E. College)E,arl and Joan Hawkins 1(18 Shannon Lane)L,arry B&etty Case 1(02
Shannon Lane)P,riscilla Pfalzer 1(22 Shannon Lane)D, ick H&ope Jolly 2(29 Shannon Lane),
Bob Carlson 1(16 ShannonF),rank O'BrienB- ernini 3(38 W.Elm)R,obert Essman 1(404 Cherry
Valley)L,. Kissack 3(63 Bryn Du)B,renda Boyle 1(33 Wicklow)R, .E. Kaiser 3(17 Shannon
Lane)R,obert Nutter 1(629 North St.J)i,m Robert V&ince Messerly J(obes Henderson)M, att
McGowan 3(30 Spellman)R,oy Riska,Frank Bentz M( idO- hio Development)J,im Schmidt &
William Anderson C(oncepts in Lodging)G, arry Wilcox T(raffic Eng. Services)D,an Bellman
Village Council)M, ary Kay Roberts
Minutes: April 8 Minutes warranted a revision,which will be reproduced and approved at the
next meeting.
Citizens Comments: Bob Carlson noted that with the new restaurants in Granville there will be
a big parking problem,since it is already inadequate. He would like to see more parking available
or no new restaurants.
Monomoy,West Broadway
Mr. Tailford has received an informal request from Monomoy to install window boxes
and trellises,painted to match the window trim. They have already started in install them
because they would like them installed by Commencement, and they will apply formally. Mr.
Myers stated that GPC can make a judgment call now but wants Denison to know that
applications are required before work begins. Consensus of the group was that the structures
may remain until Commencement but that when the application comes in, it will be considered
New Business:
Brent and Gigi Smith,225 East Elm -fence
The Smiths wish to install a 42"beige fence in the back yard to match the existing fence
in the front yard. Mr. Shulman ( and others)would have preferred that the applicants be present
to pinpoint the exact location of the fence on the hill. But since it meets all criteria,MR.
Hamann,312 S. Pearl
Ms. Hamann wishes to remove the existing 1/3 story addition and replace it with a twostory
addition. Greg Moore stated that exterior materials will match existing color and patterns.
Frank and Mary Rose O'Brien-Bemini,338 West Elm
The owners wish to build a 4'x8' mudroom addition inside the existing carport. The
redwood siding will match existing siding. MR-SHULMAN MOVED TO APPROVE
Signage Policy for Drop-off Boxes,Beverage Machines,etc.
The new draft for boxes,prepared by Mr. Tailford,was reviewed and revised. In the
first paragraph,change "pop"to "vending."
1. Delete "and shall not be easily seen from any public ROW."
2. delete "and located in the best possible location."
3. Change to "Internal illumination of product identification lighting of these structures
shall be prohibited. Lighting of the structures shall be minimized."
4. OK
Mr. Tailford will bring in a new version next time, and a copy will be sent to GBPA.
There is conflict among GPC members about whether these structures are signs.
Work Session:
Country Hearth Inn, South Galway
Jim Schmidt provided a conceptual plan for the 50-unit two-story motel they wish to
build behind Wendy's. The building will be 33' tall,vs, the maximum height of 30' allowed,will
be of old-looking brick on the lower level and have cream colored,heavy- grade vinyl siding
above,green shutters and dark shingles on the roof It will have dormer windows,a New
England colonial style and a country feel. Interior will have an elevator, electronic door locks, a
center lobby, a hearthroom with fireplace,and an interior corridor. Rates will be $55-75,
including complimentary continental breakfast.
The motel was designed for Granville and should provide a healthy economic impact for
the village. There would be a minimum of traffic,since it has no restaurant nor conference
2- ·
J -
j U£-/L d>106Dipt%,4-, ey have not
designed a sign yet,but know the code specifies landscaping and mounding. People need
directions to the motel, and a small ground sign may be needed,not internally lit,and another
sign at the driveway.
GPC members had not had opportunity to study the concept in advance,and it would
have been more efFicient had they done so. Some concerns were expressed by members:
1. Mr. Myers thought they could simplify the roofline;the "hat"on the design could be
eliminated,and the "cricket."
2. The excess height should be evaluated along with the rest of the structure.
3. The end facing Wendy's could be made more attractive.
4. Storm water requirements: It is a major slope and representatives said there would be
landscaping,and drainage would head across southeast of the property and fall off towards
Wendy's. They are proposing that the reduction will be in the parking area and discharged into
the ditch underneath the highway,which will require permission from ODOT.
5. Screening: As far as screening between Country Hearth and Wendy's, representatives
said there will be landscaping,mounding,and a drive and a mowable slope. Screening will also be needed between Country Hearth and Rt. 16 to screen cars parked on top of the hill,visible to
the highway.
6. Access is needed to the private drive. The private drive needs to have an easement
permitting future access to all adjacent lots and Wendy's.
7. Sidewalks will be on both sides of the private drive. One side will be done at
construction and the other will wait until future users are known.
8. Trash containers are to be enclosed and match the main building on three sides.
9. Parking: Representatives may consider moving the parking. There is a customer
drop-off"spot at front door.
Citizens added some input: Dan Bellman thought the lot too small for attractive
greenspace and buffer between the motel and the residences. Jurgen Pape suggested tieing in
greenspace with adjacent properties and trying to eliminate some asphalt.
McDonald's,South Galway
Ray Riska presented McDonald's plan to build on the northwest corner of Cherry Valley
and Galway. Traffic flows around the building,and parking will be away from the front on both
sides and against the building h(andicapped)E. xawia(y*from the intersection. The building )larger than standard and contains an indoor playspace in front of the restaurant. Landscaping
will be done,and a variance will be needed for 64 parking spaces instead of 89. They have
property next door which they wanted to leave as greenspace buffer but could use it for parking
if necessary. voul & 6,
04ll k.
For lighting there b*e ]c]u)to-ff lot lights,and they0 €look into lower and smaller lot lights than the typical 18' lights with 2' pedestal.
Signs: There will be twodirectional signs at each driveway, 2 sq.ft. each. In addition,
the golden arches road sign iigh and 8'wide,which is 64 sq. ft. of actual sign. There will 11-A 2 f
also be menu boards,but they would not have speaker posts,rather,the customer talks to a
person in a booth,pay at the next booth,and then pick up the order at the third station,a quieter
strategy. Several McDonald's logo M signs will be on the building. Total: (1)The big golden
arches;2 ()one on entrance driveway,3 ()one on the back drive,4 ()a monument sign similar to
Wendy's, 5(-10?M)'s on the side of the building. 1(1)The menu board. Some of these signs are
internally lit,some externally lit.
The building seats 70-75 people,and the playspace will seat approximately 30.
The appearance is a completely new design,following the concept of the nearby
condominiums. The material would be limestone on the bottom with stucco above and
weathered wood shingles.
There will be sidewalks all around the property and bike racks,but it is uncertain how
bikers will travel safely to the bike path.
GPC members provided input: Ms. Robertson preferred to see a more New England
architectural theme and asked the representatives to reconfigure the drawing,and Mr. Myers
would prefer less plate glass. He would like to see them repeat the brick siding more in keeping
with the Master Plan. He pointed out attractive McDonald's facilities in other locations. Mr.
Stansbury thought there were an excess of signs. Mr. Shulman suggested one joint sign for all
businesses on that corner. Mr, Salvage thought the parking planned was sufficient and he
suggested the parking be pushed back toward the residential development.
There was a question of whether the playspace was recreational. If so, it would require
less parking than a restaurant would.
Citizen comments: Brenda Boyle,from the home owners association at Village Green,
stated that most tenants were unaware a McDonald's might move into the neighborhood. There
are many children in residence already,and the residents fear for their children's safety en route
to an enticing playspace. Traffic through the Village Green would increase also.
Earl Hawkins does not like the proposed commercial development in that area. Traffic
would increase on Newark-Granville Road,and it would be inappropriate to have a high-trafficvolume
business there. He thought McDonald's should be across Rt. 16.
Mary K. Roberts,from across the road,does not like the idea of a McDonald's across the
street and feels Wendy's is enough. She feels she was misled by Mr. Murphy.
Dick Jolly,from Erinwood Condominiums, agrees with Ms. Boyle. He presented to the
GPC a petition signed by 60-65 per cent of the residents,stating that the traffic situation would
be bad and the quality of life impaired. Crime might increase. The residents do not desire
another 21st Street or Rt. 79 there.
Dan Bellman stated that this is a wrong location for McDonald's and it should be across
the street. He hoped that in the future the GPC would have opportunity to study the plans before
a potential tenant requests a presentation session.
Matt McGowan feels that the architecture should echo the Granville image.
Ruth Owen stated that we need to think of what the residents want rather than what the
corporate people want.
Announcements: Mr. Tailford asked members to read the draft on Satellite Dish Antennae
before the next meeting.
In order to address some housekeeping items,our next meeting will start at 7 p.m.
Adjournment. 10:00 p.m.
Next Meetings: May 6 (7 p.m.)and May 20
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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