Granville Community Calendar

GPC 11/04/96

November 4, 1996
Members Present: Maxine Montgomery, Lyn Robertson, Richard
Salvage, Marc Shulman, Gary Stansbury
Members Absent: Keith Myers
Also Present: Reza Reyazi, Village Planner
Visitors Present: Scott Rawden (Sentinel),Mary Fellabaum (310
W. Elm),Carl Wilkenfeld (317 W. Elm),Darryl Payne (100 Bantry),
Dean Markle (95 Bantry),Peter Marshall, Chuck Meteer (307 N.
Granger),Tim Snider (368 Bryn Du Drive),Joe &Dorie Overman
546 N. Pearl),Tom Scono (313 Beechwood Dr),Phil Wince and
George Fackler (Fackler)
Minutes of October 7, 1996: Approval postponed as copy supplied
was incomplete.
Minutes of October 21: Postponed pending approval of October 7
Citizens Comments: None
New Business:
Joe and Dorie Overman, 546 N. Pearl -TCOD review
The Overmans wish to construct an addition to the rear of
the house, which would include a bathroom, utility room, and 2- car garage. It would be 35' closer to the rear lot line than
ordinances permit and exceed maximum lot coverage, and BZBA has granted variances. Mr. Overman' s original plans were changed in
order to improve the neighbors' view by offsetting the rear wall
1 foot insteadcloser to Pearl and side-loading the garage with one door of two. They will not be cutting the tree but will need to remove some of the hedge.
Mr. Shulman asked about the TCOD and wondered whether, with the hedge cut down, the garage would be more visible. Mr.
Overman thought the garage would not be very visible from Pearl. MR. SHULMAN MOVED TO APPROVE. MR. STANSBURY SECONDED, AND IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.
James Pletcher, 448 West Broadway -TCOD review
additiMorn. Pletcher wishes to remove the porch and add a two-story 12' deeper to the rear. BZBA granted a side yard
setback variance but TCOD approval is required by GPC. Mr.
Pletcher said the addition would be out of sight from the road. MR. SHULMAN MOVED TO APPROVE APPLICATION. MR. STANSBURY
Austin and Cynthia McElroy, 110 East Elm --Signs
Two gray signs with blue letters are planned, 6"x12" each,
upstairs on the walkway, facing the other building, in order to
help people find the business.
Public Hearing
George Fackler, 1960 Newark-Granville Road
I. Introduction by Staff
Mr. Reyazi stated that he received this development plan on
Tuesday so he has had insufficient time to study it thoroughly.
He has a letter from Jerry Turner, engineer, pointing out detail
that needs to be' addressed, the main issues of which are:
A. Possibility of access to Galway
B. Need for a sign plan
C. Some review of utilities by. staff
D. Lighting plan
E. Landscape plans
This plan does not include the drive-through. Mr. Shulman asked
how it got to be a public hearing with incomplete plans, ially since espec- we usually hold work sessions, and Mr. Reyazi said
he got the plans far enough ahead to post notices but was expect- ing the plans sooner than they actually arrived. He has not had
time to speak with Mr Turner. Mr. Shulman suggested holding a public hearing but taking no action and continue the public hear- ing until next time when we have more details. Mr. Reyazi said
the application for the drive-through was remanded from Village Council to BZBA.
Mr. Salvage asked whether this means that we would be
gathering input for two weeks, and Mr. Shulman said that if we tchloinsek it tonight, we will have to vote next time and he does not we will be ready. Ms. Robertson s€ated that the public
cannot respond to an application they have not seen. She added
that as a courtesy we could hold a hearing for the information we diso and continue it or start a hearing when all information Mr. Shulman thought this application more detailed ·than most and should be granted even more time for study than single- use plans.
Ms. Robertson stated that we cannot conclude a hearing when plans are incomplete and staff has not had a chance to talk with the engineer. It' s crucial that our procedure is fair to every- one. Mr. Salvage indicated that since the notice was posted, we must hold the public hearing tonight but does not feel it appro- priate to hold it open until next meeting. Mr. Reyazi has clari- fied with the law director that we can continue the hearing. Mr. Salvage questions this statement, and Mr. Reyazi said he was not sure about closing a hearing tonight and holding another one in two weeks, since adequate notice must be given.
More discussion on incomplete information, deadlines, and
0 ·- 11
121 /
continuances ensued. Ms. Robertson stated the public hearing
will be continued, but Mr. Wince is not satisfied and thinks it
should not be continued without first hearing from him. Mr. Wince
stated that they have been here before and that Village Council
remanded because they said they presented new material. BZBA did
not say they needed new material. At Village Council all BZBA' s
questions were answered, and now it' s unfair to bring up new
questions. Ms. Robertson explained that it is to Fackler' s advantage
to continue.
II. Presentation by Applicant
Mr. John Oney [spelling uncertain; he did not sign visitor
list],architect, stated that they have provided sufficient detail
as requested in the ordinance for site plan approval. He
explained the concept for the multi-use development, designed to
fit in with Granville' s appearance and provide an upscale commun- ity service area. The drive-through was eliminated, and they are
encouraging a pedestrian-friendly environment. They plan to
provide access to neighboring businesses, and are planning one curbcut. They have widened the road for deliveries and drivethrough-
customer convenience.
Lighting Plan. A plan was provided, and he said all light- ing fixtures are total cut-off. He pointed out where lights
would be situated. There will be a baluster and a 25' tall
total-cut-off, 400-watt light pole. All lights are 5 ft. candles
to %ft. candle. If any light runs off to the residential area,
additional shields will be added.
Landscaping Plan. Mr. Ryzer [?st]ated they tried to main- tain the character of the developments in the area and Granville.
They will plant sugar maples, evergreens, crab apples, oaks, flowering trees, and shrubs. Plantings will surround each build- ing and column, and islands will have red maples; the intention was to produce color each season. Turf will be planted under shrubs and trees.
TrafficP/ arking. Mr. Oney stated that traffic studies have been done.
Site Utilities. Mr. Snyder[c?iv],il engineer, they stated that are taking storm water to where it needs to be directed. This is not the final plan, but water runoff and fire hydrants are located and everything in the ordinance has been covered. Referring to Mr. Turner' s letter, two concepts are questioned: sanitary sewer and storm water drainage. Sanitary water would go down Cherry Valley to Wcotgato. There will be on-site retention of storm water. They can orily discharge storm water at the same rate as at present so they have to retain it in pipes. Mr.
Snyder met with Mr. Murphy regarding easement access across private property for discharge. Mr. Murphy is correlating that with plans he has for new businesses.
III. Public Comments.
CARL WILKENFELD asked whether plans exist for the other section
of the plot. He asked whether this plan is in the TCOD. He
is concerned about long-term maintenance. He also asked about
lot coverage, which was answered at 65 per cent.
MARY FELLABAUM asked how much space would be actually in
turf, and Mr. Ryzer said all areas not used for parking or
planting would be turf.
IV. Ouestions from GPC.
Ms. Robertson asked about entrances to the building, and Mr.
Oney said they would be at the convenience center, restaurant,
the bank, and the offices. He also responded that there would be
eating areas outside with patio and cafe seating with fence. He
added that there will be delivery-truck screening and trucks will
probably have to back up.
Regarding TCOD, Mr. Oney thought there was a 70' lot setback
line from Newark-Granville and 50' from C. V. Apparently the
property is grandfathered from TCOD requirements. This was
discussed with Mr. Tailford, but Mr. Reyazi wants to check on
this point.
Mr. Stansbury asked about the dumpster, and there will be
two, behind cedar screens in the delivery area.
He asked whether lot coverage includes the future building,
and Mr. Oney thought each phase conforms with 65 per cent
Mr. Stansbury asked about storm water approval from Bird &
Bull, and this is still pending.
Mr. Reyazi asked whether the storm sewer manhole on Galway
is in fact there yet because he could not find it. He will check
with Mr. Turner on this issue.
Mr. Stansbury asked about the lighting plan, and he preferred
that lighting plans show lumens. Mr. Oney said all lights
would be no glare, total cutoff. No foot candles will go off the
property. Mr. Reyazi has given them our proposed guidelines.
Since they are not approved yet, Fackler' s cannot be forced to
abide by them, but Mr. Snyder said they will do their best to
adhere to our rules.
Mr. Shulman wanted to see depictions of elevations of all
four sides. Mr. Oney said they will have the same proportions and
the same materials on all sides, and he described the color
scheme. Building is 30' high, and the fireplace is workable.
Mr. Stansbury asked where traffic would come from because
Bird &Bull asked for a left-turn lane. Mr. Reyazi will clarify
location with Mr. Turner.
Ms. Robertson asked what would be on second floor, and the
answer was nothing. They are aesthetic dormers.
Access to Galway was questioned by Mr. Reyazi, and Mr. Only
said future entrances would line up with Fackler' s entrance. Mr.
Murphy is receptive to this plan. Mr. Reyazi stressed the
importance of having a clear understanding with Mr. Murphy on
accesses. Mr. Wince objected that this issue was not voiced at
the GPC work session, but they added it anyway. Mr. Salvage
stated that GPC has always required developers to plan to connect
adjoining properties, and Mr. Reyazi hoped Fackler' s would be
more specific and participate in any compromise that may be
necessary. Mr. Wince would be happy to meet.
Mr. Snyder wondered why GPC needs such a deep level of detail
and was told GPC needs to consider whatever the engineers
bring up. Mr. Snyder assumed that only what was in 1175 was
necessary, and he has not spoken with Mr. Turner. Ms. Robertson
cited GPC' s prerogatives in 1175. 04( e) "Any other plans
determined necessary by the Planning Commission."
V. Comments from Applicant.
Mr. Wince stated that applicants have complied with
everything requested.
VI. Planning Commission Discussion.
Ms. Robertson stated that looking at the engineer' s
questions is part of the overall decision-making, and although
GPC might lack expertise in this area, they can ask for reassurance
that these items are being addressed. Mr. Shulman added
that GPC has never approved an application with as many questions
as Mr. Turner raises.
Applicants asked for a list of pending areas where questions
remain, and Ms. Robertson reiterated them:
1. Response to Mr. Turnerts letter -Mr. Reyazi to follow UP.
2. Lighting plan. Guidelines are likely the to be approved in themn. ear future, and it is advisable that applicants adhere to
3. Tree and Landscape Committee approval.
4. TCOD recommendations from staff.
5. Access drive to Galway in a more realistic fashion. Discussion among all parties. Mr. Wince to set up meeting.
6. Depiction of elevations on all sides.
7. Signage and dimensions.
8. Materials of building.
9. Lot coverage calculations.
10. Delivery truck turnaround issue resolved. Proof that
trucks can get in and out.
11. Guidance from fire department re location of hydrants
and assurance that fire trucks can get through area.
12. Effects of any of the above on the site plan.
Mr. Wince wants staff completion of their review by next
meeting. Mr. Reyazi reminded them that he only got the plans
late Tuesday afternoon; Mr. Turner was going on vacation, and he
had to prepare and mail packets for committee members. He
promised to do his best to get all necessary information.
Ms. Robertson stated that this hearing is continued until
next meeting, November 18. Mr. Wince again stated his objection
to a continuance.
Lighting Plan will be first on Nov. 18 agenda.
Finding of Fact:
Mr. Reyazi stated that the law director said we rhust prepare
a written F. F. for all decisions. He did not like one person to
prepare them for the others; we need to take turns. Small
application approvals can have their F. F. written up the same night. The F. F. s need to be adopted as part of the GPC
Next Meetings:
11: 15 p. m.
November 18 and December 2
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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