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GPC 11/01/99

November 1, 1999
JMaeckmBbuerrrsisPs resent:Keith Myers C( hairR),ichard Salvage,Bernie Lukco,Bill Wernet,
Members Absent:Carl Wilkenfeld
Also Present:Kathryn Wimberger,Village Planner
Visitors Present: none
Called to order: 7:30 p.m.
Citizens'Comments: none
Old Business:
Chapter 1189 - Signs
Before beginning,Mr. Salvage made some comments. He wanted to note that everyone has worked very hard on the revision of the sign code. Before Council reviews the
document,however,he would like to see other entities,specifically those businesses and
the GBPA involved. He proposes that the code is sent to or made available to sign vendors and the GBPA for review.
Mr. Wernet said he talked with Roger Kessler ofKessler Sign Company and said he would give a copy to Mr. Kessler.
Mr. Myers said we shouldn't single out any particular vendor,so as to not imply favoritism.
Mr. Burriss noted that the meetings have been public all along. Notices have been
posted and anyone is welcome to attend. So the vendors have had an opportunity to raise their concerns.
Mr. Lucko suggested a notice be placed in the paper for one final meeting. Copies
ofthe code could be available in the Library and the Village Offices.
Mr. Burriss said since he is on the Board of Directors for the GBPA,he would be
glad to take a copy to the GBPA.
It was then noted that this outreach should not be characterized as we have drafted
the code and now want approval by the interested parties. The intent of the document
should be stressed as it was intended to be user-friendly with lessor restrictions.
Additionally,the permissible signage has been increased in many areas.
The format of the meeting will be a open to the public meeting to review the
revised sign code draft. The GPC will take comment and ask questions. Drafts of the
code will be available in the Library and the Village Offices. The copies will be numbered
and those desiring to review the code will be asked to sign out a copy,so that GPC knows
that some parties were reached. The code will be available for a minimum of two weeks.
A press release will be released noting the meeting agenda and the date ( December 6,
1999, 7:30 p.m.).
GPC Minutes;November 1, 1999
The Law Director's review of the code will be requested prior to the special
meeting on December 6.
The Commission then discussed the draft dated 10/ 26/ 99. Revisions were made which
will be incorporated into the draft that will be reviewed at the special meeting on
December 6, 1999.
The sign code committee adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
Kathryn Wimberger

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