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GPC Minutes 12/13/1999


December 13,1999



Members Present:Jack Burriss,Bernie Lukco,Richard Salvage,Bill Wernet,Carl Wilkenfeld

Members Absent: Keith Myers ( Chair)

Also Present:Kathryn Wimberger,Village Planner

Visitors Present:Scott Rawdon SentinelL),uAnn M. Duffus,Paul and Teri Campbell,Larry

Parr,Brenda Mix,Rodger Asmus,C. K. Barsky,Dean and Irene Mullins,Jim Mews,Bob Kent,

Robert O'Neill,Jim Crates,Greg Ross,Laura Andujar,Susan Hamann,Roy Ran,Ms. Macleod,

Cy Villars,Dick and Carolyn Fetter,Michele Brogan

Call to Order: Vice Chair Carl Wilkenfeld called the meeting to order.

The Vice Chairman swore in all those who planned to speak.)

Minutes of November 22,1999:



Minutes of December 6,1999:



Citizen's Comments: Constance Barsky has some aesthetic concerns about the renovation of

the Village building: ( 1)She would suggest taking another look at the rooftine and wondered

whether a pediment is really needed; she believes pediments call out for columns. A roofline

defines character,and the pediment would create a visual inconsistency with the rest ofthe

building. 2( )She thinks it would be advantageous and an aesthetically pleasing combination for

the color of the awning to be of a warm color. The existing brick is warm colored.

Old Business:

Maple Grove Cemetery - Point of clarification of approvalfor fence project associated with

cemetery expansion

Ms. Wimberger noted that the fence which the Trustees installed is 6' high; however,if

one measures from one low spot on the ground, it measures in excess of 7'.The ordinance states

that height of a fence is measured from an average grade. There have also been some concerns

raised about the aesthetics of the fencing and the barbed wire. GPC is asked to review what was

built and what was approved and determine consistency.

Jim Havens,representing the Township Board of Trustees,showed purchase orders for

landscaping and 5' chainlink fencing with an additional l' of barbed wire. The fencing was

installed in accordance with what was approved and is exactly like the pre-existing fence and is

GPC Minutes December 13, 1999

identical to the fence around the sewer treatment plant. He recognizes that barbed people do not like wire but it is essential to prevent vandalism. The Township has installed some ofthe landscaping. He said that at some points the fence is higher because of a dip in the topography

and at some points it is lower. But he believes on average it is 6'.Spoils will be used to fill

indentations,and more landscaping will be added. There has been no vandalism in the older section because ofthe fence.

Mr. Lukco thought it was aesthetically unattractive and there is a gap in one place where

anyone could enter. He would like to make the community a better place with a feeling of

security without giving an impression of a police statea-c-ommunity both safe and attractive. A lot of landscaping is required.

Mr. Havens said the fence should oxidize for two years before being painted the dark

green as promised.

Jim Crates,neighbor on the north,has three concerns: 1( )Mr. Havens has addressed the

color issue;2 ()heightth--e fence is over 7' at one point behind his house, although he understands

the issue ofthe average grade;3 ()the barbed wire is wholly unattractive and as it abuts residential

property it is unnecessary and overreacting. Vandals will not be going so close to houses to do

their mischief. He added that a lot of homes on Maple surrounding the cemetery are rental

properties,and landlords are not really as concerned as a homeowner would be.

Susan Hamann neighbor on the west, has spent a lot of money making her property

attractive and thinks the chainlink fence is hideous in her back yard. Good neighbors are not

made by barbed wire fences. She is worried about devaluation of her home and others in the


Sue Barton,neighbor on the west,had a beautiful view from her deck before the fence

was put in and fears that her property is devalued now. The fence was supposed to be 10' behind

her property but iS Obly 2'from the property line. The fence is climbable. Only 8 little plants

have been planted, and it will take 2-4 years for them to grow anywhere near 5' high. Mr. Havens

stated that more will be planted;the fence is significantly below the Barton house. Ms. Barton

stated that the barbed wire at Art Morrow's home ( on Mt. Parnassus Drive)is facing inward, and

she prefers that set-up. She said she talked with Norm Kennedy about the direction the barbed

wire would face, and he indicated it could be turned toward the cemetery where her property

meets it.

Ms. Wimberger reminded the GPC that their charge it to assure that the fence was built

according to approved plans. Under Section 1187.03(5)barbed wire is prohibited and ifGPC

agrees, it is appropriate for such discussion to go to BZBA for a variance. BZBA's approval was

for a conditional use, not a barbed wire fence. It would be appropriate to make such a motion.

Mr. Lukco stated that the minutes specify mixed shrubs and trees. That will help,but this

should be a condition on all four sides.

Mr. Wernet asked about the homeowner at the northeast corner, and Mr. Havens said the

fence is 10' back. The cemetery is in a low area. He has heard nothing from the homeowner.



GPC Minutes December 13, 1999

Mr. Wernet asked whether it would be feasible to have a wrought iron fence there similar to the

entry gate. Mr. Havens said they would consider this.

Mr. Salvage recommended that Mr. Havens meet with neighbors to try to work out their


Mr. Burriss raised the color concern: the fence was to have been painted dark green

immediately. Mr. Havens replied that he did not realize at the time of application that the fencing

needs to oxidize for two years,but he will have it painted if requested although it will deteriorate.




Work Sessions:

The Colony at Bryn Du,Robert Kent

Mr. Kent is seeking assistance as he make plans for Phase IV of his development. It contains

some minor modifications from the previously approved plan. Southgate Corp. will develop the

42 lots in cluster housing form. The points of change are: 1( )size of the singlef-amily homes

originally was 2400 sq.ft,but they are asking for 1580-1940; 2 ()eliminate connector road to

Glyn Tawel; 3()make streets 24' wide instead of28'w, ith 32 as apron at entranceway.

Mr. Lukco asked about green space,and Mr. Kent clarified that there will be many acres

in addition to the space in the center ofthe ovals.

Robert O'Neill, developer from Southgate Corp.,said that his company built Stonehouse

Court and the new homes will resemble those. Many Granville people have expressed interest in

such a development in Granville.

Larry Parr showed drawings of the three proposed homes and plan. The homes will be

one floor with optional loft, 2 bedrooms, screen porch,stone/ wood,hip roof,2-car garages,

basements,lots of windows and dormers. Cultured stone will be used on the exterior. These are

not condos but are individually owned,on individual lots, and maintenance is by the home

owners association. Access to garages is via a shared driveway for every two houses. The

garage doors will face sideways. There will be sidewalks and a courtyard with lighting. There

will be about 12 gas streetlights,like those in Bryn Du Woods. There will be a landscaping plan.

Two off-street parking spaces are planned for each house in addition to parking on one side of the


Mr. Burl-iss wants to avoid joint mailboxes, so that each house has its own box.

Neighbor Bill York had some concerns: ( 1)he does not want a connecting road to Bryn

Du Woods;2 ()the project was shifted slightly and has been moved back to Bryn Du Woods,but


GPC Minutes December 13, 1999

that was an earlier concern3; ()he does not want to see parking pads in the back yards and he does not want off-street parking in the rear.

Cheryl. Mullins,Lot 119,said his house is very close,and Mr.O'Neill said there is approximately 350' from the rear ofthe house to the back ofthe Mullins house.

Paul Campbell asked what type of main entrance is planned,and Mr. O'Neill said there is a 100' setback from ROW on NewarkG- ranville Road with a structural entry feature with a low- key sign sayingT "he Colony at BrynDu,lo"cated inside the development. They plan to have discreet indicator sign along NewarkG- ranville Road for directional a asked about the detention pond because the purposes. Mr. Campbell neglected oflate. one at the main entrance seems to have been

Brenda Mix lives across from the entrance and does not want to be able to look into

kitchens from the road. Mr.Kent said there is an open field a(t least 100' from the ROW)and Mr. Parr added that living rooms are in the back and there will be landscaping.

Mr. Kent said the existing trees will be moved.


asked Ms. Wimberger to note that she was not in favor of "patio homes"and does not want it to look like Phoenix. She would prefer two-story Victorian type homes,which are more appropriate from the entrance to Granville. Mr. Parr said they are not creating patio homes. The

design criteria would not work with Victorian homes. There will be very little impact on village services for these empty-nester homes.

LuAnn Duffus is president ofthe homeowners association and her group wants to eliminate access to Glyn Tawel Dnve.

Cary Campbell would hate to see a second developer take over in case of failure of the

first developer. She saw this happen in another community where the quality of the product is no longer there. Mr. Kent assured her the planners live in Granville and the development has already

been approved and they are not going to bow out. 4244KA>

developCeronsensus of the group believes the plans to be god-T«hey appreciate the efforts of the to obtain and try to accommodate community input. They want to see elevations and

covenants; to'be assured that emergency vehicles can maneuver there. They want Keith Myers

Chairman, not in attendance this evening)to view the plans.

IGA,484 South Main Street - renovations

Greg Ross explained that the store needs more room and they plan to remodel the front

and back facades. They are limited in expansion room by the creek, utility access, and roadway.

They are presenting two proposals, one. for one story and one for two stories to the rear of the


GPC Minutes December 13, 1999

building. GPC members had some suggestions for assisting in his planning process.

Ms. Wimberger said they will probably need variances for square footage and parking as

well as some other standards. Consensus was in favor ofupgrading the store and look forward to

seeing elevations. Another work session was recommended,at which Keith Myers would be

present. R. Burriss thought that the rear and side do not have to be beautiful,but neat.

Dick Fetter,Fetter Electrical Contractors,80 Westgate Drive

Mr. Fetter explained they wish to purchase the Knoll Group building property and to build

an additional building on the side for his office and business. They want to extend the parking lot

in order to direct rainwater off. The building would be 42'x114',wood frame,metal covered

building on a slab, looking like the next building. They need three overhead doors and passage

doors. Mrs. Fetter wants to begin a horse treats-bakery on one side,and members recommended

she consult with Mr. Hurst,Law Director.

Ms. Wimberger said the Tree and Landscape Committee should look at the plan,and all

other conditions in the code must be followed.

Mr. Lukco said good landscaping needs to be added to such a plain building.

Consensus agreed this was a good plan.

Finding of Fact:none

Next Meetings: January 10 ( Mr. Lukco will be absent)and January 24. NO MEETING ON


Adjournment: 11: 15 p.m.

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