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Planning Minutes 3/8/04

March 8, 2004

Members Present:  Jack Burriss, Jackie O’Keefe, Mark Parris (Chair), Tim Riffle  Members Absent: Richard Salvage (Vice Chair), Carl Wilkenfeld   Citizens Present: Catherine Cunningham, Brian  Arnold
Also Present:  Chris Strayer, Village Planner
The Chair swore in all those who planned to speak. Citizens Comments:  None
 Minutes of February 23, 2004: 
 Page 2:  Line 9, …”when it is completed, The overall appearance will look really big.”
 Page 2nd paragraph up:  “…extensive testimony from the applicant and citizens who were objecting to the curb cuts. . . . from our own staff….
 Page 3:  right before the motion:  “Mr. Gorry said this is not a public hearing….”

Other Business:

Meeting Dates

 Mr. Strayer provided a revised list of GPC meeting dates and said he cannot be present on April 26. Mr. Parris suggested that Joe Hickman lead the meeting, and if he cannot, maybe the meeting can be cancelled. 
 October 11 is Columbus Day, and members thought they could all meet on October 13.  
Gil Krone’s Appeal  of our Genesis decision will be at Village Council on March 17th.


  Mr. Strayer is collecting photos from other Arby’s sites.  Members agreed that the architectural design should be such that if Arby’s closed down, anyone else could move into it. 
  Catherine Cunningham and Brian Arnold provided revised site drawings for the building and explained the revisions they made. They dropped the false windows and cut down the length of the building.  They added a different tone of brick, lighter at the top and darker at the bottom and added a  slate roof instead of standing seam.  On the front they cut down the massing and added lighting to top of awnings.  A stripe was added.  The A.C. units will not be visible on the roof.
  Mr. Parris’s concern is not the color of the brick, rather the front element above the door, which does not fit our zoning code or any of our architecture in town.  He noted that this style is a “deal killer.”
  Ms. Cunningham asked whether it was the shape and pitch and was told No, it’s the window itself.  It’s modern and Mr. Parris is not going to tell her what style they should put up, but there are several suggested styles in our code which fit our community.  She needs to be sympathetic with the architecture of the area.  The signage also must conform to our code.
  Mr. Riffle added that we are trying to avoid trade mark buildings.  Anyone else should be able to come into that building if you go, added Mr. Parris.  Signs are irrelevant.  It’s the overall character itself.  He asked her whether she had studied the code extensively, and Ms. Cunningham said No, Not extensively, but she has looked at what Arby’s can do.  This element is what Arby’s franchiser says they must have.  There are several buildings in Arby’s portfolio, and there are few like this one. She is not sure people would recognize this building as an Arby’s.   She thinks they could lower the element.
  Mr. Burriss said there are a lot of threes to it, and it could be stronger if the window could be three instead of four.  Look at Greek Revival buildings.  The central could be made less modern divided into three.  They need a more positive architectural element instead of a strong sign element.  The stripe is an improvement, but the awnings are still there.  The stripe could be smaller and move away from the red.  Look for a contrast.  He would like to see standing seam somewhere else on the building.
  Ms. Cunningham said the sign would be internally lit and was told by Mr. Burriss they are not allowed.  Mr. Parris suggested asking for specs on signage square footage.
  Mr. Burriss summed up the recommendations:
Striped awning
Standing seam, perhaps green, roof
Soften the design.  Look at New England style towns
Remove the element or make it round
Make your corporate presence fit in
No internally lit signs
Our goal is for our architecture to say this is “Some place,” not “Anyplace.”
Stone is not necessary on the bottom; it can continue to be brick.
  Ms. Cunningham admitted that there were other locations which they definitely wanted to be in but they could not get the franchise so they lost the area.  The officers of PRG hold the franchise, and with each new president there is a new set of rules.  At the present time we have to build this style.  She does not personally like the diamond shape, but maybe it can be made smaller.
  Mr. Riffle thought the centerpiece does not tie into the rest of the detailing on the building.  It should be done more classically.  He is not sure rounding would fit in with the rectangular shape of the building.
  Mr. Burriss asked about the dumpster and was told it is behind the building and is brick and will match the rest of the building.  The drive-through is away from the building with landscaping.   Water run-off will go down into a storm.     Glass in the building is clear protective double-pane glass, not tinted. 
  Arby’s will work on the design some more and get back to us, but Ms. Cunningham warned that they might not appreciate GPC’s comments. 

  Finding of Fact:  none
  Adjournment: 8:55 p.m. Next Meetings:    March 22 and April 12  Respectfully submitted, Betty Allen

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