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Planning Minutes 11/13/06

November 13, 2006

Members Present: Carl Wilkenfeld, Tom Mitchell, Chip Blanchard, Tim Riffle (Chair).
Members Absent: Jack Burriss and Jackie OKeefe
Visitors Present: Deb Tegtmeyer, Leon Habbegger, Curt Komley, Jay Jenkins
The Chair swore in all those who planned to speak. 
Citizen's Comments:  No one appeared to speak. 

Minutes of October 23, 2006 - Consideration of minutes was postponed until all members could be present for reviewal.

Mr. Strayer suggested postponing the review of the zoning code changes scheduled on the Agenda.
New Business:
1820 Newark-Granville Road, Spring Hills Church, #06-152
Temporary Event Parking

Leon Habbegger stated that he was representing Spring Hills Baptist Church and they wish to use an open lot located in the rear of their property for special event parking. 

Mr. Strayer recommended approval of the application with the following conditions:
1) Only use when explicit permission is given by the Village Staff
2) When not in use, the area must be sectioned off from the parking lot by parking blocks, fence, etc….to ensure conformance.
3) If they plan on using the lot more than once a month, some type of screening is installed on the edge that borders the subdivision.  This could be fencing, earthen berm, evergreen trees, etc. 

Mr. Wilkenfeld indicated that he supported recommendation #3 and he would like to make a decision that is in balance with what the neighbors want.  He inquired if Mr. Strayer wanted the first recommendation so they can keep track of how often the parking lot is being used.  Mr. Strayer stated yes.  Mr. Mitchell asked if there was any reason that the applicant wasn't applying for a permanent parking permit.  Mr. Strayer explained that the current zoning code does not explicitly require the applicant to install fencing or trees as a barrier between the subdivision and the parking lot.  He went on to say that this is due to the current residential zoning.  Mr. Strayer indicated that only Council would have the authority to change the zoning from Residential to Institutional by way of Ordinance and he suggested that this should possibly be considered.  Mr. Mitchell stated that it seems cumbersome to him to have the church ask the Village each time they wish to allow parking on the lot. 

Mr. Riffle asked if the current drainage of water impedes flow to the drains.  Mr. Strayer stated that this problem has been fixed to the engineers satisfaction.  Mr. Blanchard also inquired about the problem that neighbors had with water drainage.  Mr. Strayer indicated that he has not heard any further complaints from the neighbors about water drainage. 

Curt Komley, 133 Wicklow Drive, stated that he lives near the parking lot.  He distributed a signed letter from several neighbors in his subdivision who would not like to see parking allowed on the lot.  He stated that originally the lot was never proposed or approved for parking.  He stated that trailers and equipment have been left to sit on the lot and there is a history of conflict regarding this area.  Mr. Komley stated that there is no screening and the lot if very close to several back yards in his neighborhood.  Mr. Komley suggested that the church use the ample parking below this lot on their property.  He stated that they currently experience problems from high noise levels and they question if their property values have decreased.  Mr. Komley stated that they would like to see the area left as green space because they were originally told that this is what it would be.  He stated that they would also like to have a permanent barrier, mounding or pine trees, and proper screening.  Mr. Komley suggested rezoning the area.  Mr. Wilkenfeld asked Mr. Komley if he would like to see a barrier similar to what is already located from the church to Newark-Granville Road.  Mr. Komley stated yes. 
Mr. Mitchell inquired on how many of the neighbors signed the letter.  Mr. Komley stated that he contacted five neighbors and only four were available to sign the letter.  He stated that the fifth neighbor is in agreement and he could provide his name and phone number for verification.  Mr. Strayer stated that he received an email from Mr. Mork indicating that he is in agreement with Mr. Komley.  Mr. Mitchell stated that given the objections by the neighbors he feels the application needs more consideration and perhaps permanent parking is what the applicant should be applying for.  Mr. Blanchard asked if the application called for green space.  Mr. Strayer stated that the current code does not specify gravel versus green grass - it just says open space.  Assistant Law Director Gorry stated that the code states that the Planning Commission can make minor modifications to a PUD, but if this Commission does not see this as minor they could request Council to rezone.  Mr. Gorry read aloud Section 1183.04.  The members of the Planning Commission discussed possible barriers that could be installed.  Mr. Riffle showed concern if mounds or berms were installed that it could pose potential drainage problems for the housing subdivision.  The parties involved reviewed pictures depicting the open lot and surrounding areas.  Mr. Habbegger stated that there is a history of problems with the neighbors regarding drainage problems.  He stated that the church was built before the subdivision and the problems are those of the homeowners.  Mr. Habbegger stated that they would allow the homeowners to run tile piping through the church property at the expense of the homeowner.  He stated that he does not see a solution to the matter and he believes nothing will please the neighbors. 

Mr. Habbegger stated that he will just not use the open lot and he will put up some railroad ties blocking it off.  Mr. Habbegger wished to withdraw his application.

Application #06-152 is WITHDRAWN.

464 South Main Street, #06-153
Sidewalk Sign Modification

Mr. Jenkins stated that he wished to add four to six inches to the top of the sign to make it slightly larger than 2 ½ x 4 ft.  Mr. Strayer stated that the application was approved six months back and Mr. Jenkins is now back to extend the application for another six months.  Mr. Mitchell stated that he does not believe the Main Street Commerce sign is effective and he would like to see the largest part of the sign be changed so that you are able to read what businesses are located in the area.  Mr. Wilkenfeld agreed.  Mr. Riffle stated that the matter before the Commission is for a six month temporary sign and not the Main Street Commerce sign Mr. Mitchell is referring to.  Mr. Mitchell stated that perhaps Mr. Jenkins can let the owner, Fred Abraham, know that he is willing to approve this temporary sign, but he may not be willing to approve it in the future until the sign is fixed.  Mr. Strayer stated that he too could talk with Fred Abraham. 

Mr. Riffle stated that Mr. Jenkins would need to provide the sign dimensions to Mr. Strayer.  Mr. Jenkins stated that this would not be a problem and he would fax them over the following day. 

Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to approve Application #06-153 with the condition that the application only be good for six months.  Second by Mr. Blanchard. 

Roll Call Vote for Application #06-153
Mitchell, Riffle, Wilkenfeld, Blanchard.  Motion passed (4-0). 
The motion was unanimously approved. 

117 North Prospect Street, #06-154
Window Sign

Mr. Strayer stated that the applicant asked to have the application tabled because they are waiting on a new sign. 

Mr. Mitchell moved to table Application #06-154.  Second by Mr. Wilkenfeld. 

Finding of Fact Approvals
Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Item B on the Agenda, and he stated that we find them consistent with the relevant sections of the zoning code as outlined by the Village Planner.  Second by Mr. Mitchell.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

Work Session
The Planning Commission met with Assistant Law Director Jim Gorry.  Mr. Gorry briefly outlined the rules and procedures of the Planning Commission.

Next meetings:
November 27, 2006

December 11, 2006 (Mr. Strayer indicated that he will not be available to attend this meeting.  The committee discussed having just one meeting in December)

Adjournment: ______ pm. 

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Melanie Schott

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