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Planning Minutes 3/27/06

March 27, 2006

Roll Call: Jack Burriss, Jackie O'Keefe, Tim Riffle (Chair), Tym Tyler, Carl Wilkenfeld
 Members Absent:  Tom Mitchell
 Visitors Present:  Judy Fisher, Wayne Malliconte, Ken Letz, Gordon Glissman, Paul Quinn, Gale Williams, Carol Whitt, Brian Miller, Tracee Karaffa, Julio Valenzuela
Also Present:  Chris Strayer, Village Planner

Minutes of March 13, 2006:
 Mr. Tyler moved to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Burriss seconded.   Motion unanimously approved.

Citizens Comments:

Chairman Riffle swore in all those who planned to speak.

New Business:

06-032  Julio Valenzuela, 331 Spellman St. - Remodeling 
 Mr. Valenzuela noted that he intends to use smooth hearty pine siding with a 6" exposure.  Board and batten style will be used on the back addition.  He intends to use 1 x 4 boards around the windows with square butt corners and the head of window the same as sides, stepping up to the next size for the window heads if he finds that the casings are slightly bigger.  The arched topped windows will be saved.  He suggested that 8x8 square posts will replace porch posts.  He will remove the brick chimney as it has no historic value and does not contribute in any way.   Gables will remain the same, only replacing rotted wood.   Vents will be removed.  The roof is not to change.  Aluminum storm windows will be removed, possibly using vinyl instead.

 Mr. Burriss would like further consideration given to the porch posts and requested that Mr. Valenzuela review these details with the Village Planner and a Planning Commission member.
 Conditions:   In addition to corner boards there will be window trim on all windows and a detail of the proposed porch posts is to be submitted to the Village Planner for further review with a Planning Commission member.  The two manners of siding as proposed are approved.

 Mr. Burris moved to approve the application for 06-032 with conditions.  Mr. Tyler seconded.   Motion unanimously approved.

06-034 Jay Jenkins, 464 S. Main Street - Temporary Sign
 Temporary 2x4 sign to sit between the stone wall and sidewalk.  There was discussion of consistency since as proposed this sign is a sideways sign.  There was concern with colors used, the length of time the sign would be needed, and the "sideway's" vs. sandwich board style.  

 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to table the temporary sign application 06-034.  Mr. Tyler seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved to table.  Mr. Tyler will approach the applicant to discuss specifics.

06-037 Chase Bank, 136 E. Broadway - Awning
 Application to replace awning with duplicate awning, different logo (under next application).

 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to approve the application for 06-037.  Mr. Tyler                  seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.

06-038 Chase Bank, 136 E. Broadway - Miscellaneous Signs
 Application is for signs; awning, window, door window, wall (above awning), two temporary signs in window and one customer convenience sign (nighttime deposit).  The deposit sign does not require approval, as it is a customer convenience sign.  There was discussion of the letter sizes (bigger) although the sign area is the same.  It is noted that although there are no letter size requirements within the sign code, the Architectural Review Overlay District section references design of signs in keeping with the character of the community (discreet and minimal, small scale, color subdued, etc.).   The Commission feels the current lettering is too large and would agree to authorize lettering that is equivalent to the size of the previous signage (Bank One). 
 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to approve the miscellaneous signage for 06-038.  Mr. Burriss seconded.  Application was unanimously denied.

 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to deny the application for 06-038.  Mr. Tyler seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved to deny. 

06-039, Newark Cleaners, 474 South Main Street - Miscellaneous Signs
 Applicant requests this application be tabled at this time.

 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to table application 06-039.  Mr. Tyler seconded.  Motion unanimously approved to table.

06-040, Carol Whitt, 139 W. Maple Street - Roof and Deck Repair
 Roof under second floor deck is leaking.  Applicant requests to remove decking, repair roof and replace decking to conform to newer decking on property.  The same corner posts and side rails as existing will be used. 
 Mr. Tyler moved to approve 06-040 for roof and deck repair.  Mr. Wilkenfeld seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.

06-041, Tracee Karaffa, 311 N. Pearl Street - Roof Repair
 Applicant is removing roof and proposes to replace with a standing seem metal roof.  The applicant is only currently applying for replacement of the front porch but will eventually request replacement of the entire roof.  It is the Village Planner's recommendation to approve all roofing within this application.

 Conditions:   Entire roof replacement to be medium bronze metal roof.

 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to approve 06-041 for roof repair.  Mr. Tyler seconded.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Old Business:

06-019, Northstar Realty, Galway Dr - New Commercial Buildings
 Remained Tabled.

04-024, Wellert Corporation, South Cherry Valley Road  - New Commercial Buildings
 Mr. Wilkenfeld moved to remove application 04-024 from the table.  Second by Mr. Burriss.   Motion was unanimously approved.
 Paul Quinn, with Arby's Restaurant Group brought redesigned site and landscape plans.   He noted, as previously suggested, a front yard increase to 25ft., a re-layout of the site to encourage one way traffic around the building, 6 degree parking (allowing for 41 parking spaces), and 36.8% of lot coverage with impervious area.  He recognized the advantage of angled parking provided more room around the building which increased greenspace between the sidewalk and the building.   They have changed the symbols for the light poles and will get a lighting layout from a local lighting manufacture.   A stamped concrete type of material is proposed, which will serve as a different texture surface at the entrance to the location.
 Mr. Burriss complimented the applicant for recognizing what was requested during the last meeting and incorporating those requests into these revisions.  The Commission is pleased with the revised site plan.

 Gorden Glisman, Landscape Architect recognized his goal of working with two fronts (SR16 and Speedway Drive) in an attempt to hide the parking lots and concrete.   The dumpster will be disguised with heavy evergreens, Arborvitae and lower spiria shrubbery.  He noted that about 80-90% of the material is evergreen, with those plants that flower to be pink and white.   The building will be framed with upright trees and suggested using Pear trees (flowering in spring) noting the Pear as one of the trees wherein the leaf remains on the longest.   Long term, the width of the pear tree will be about 20 ft.  Although maple trees have been suggested, Mr. Glisman advised that the spread of a maple could be 40-45 ft.  The Architect will be consulting with Speedway to stagger the pear trees and maple trees. He did note that another suggestion was the Ivory Silk Lilac Tree, which would grow to about 20 ft. tall.    He noted the evergreen landscaping around the drive through canopy, and ornamental grasses which is a more attractive way of disguising the canopy/sandwich board.  The property will be irrigated.  He showed the Commission a sample of the mulch and noted that stone river rock will be used in

the area of the canopy/sandwich board.

 There was discussion and agreement that the perimeter plantings be consistent in specie and/or staggered with that of the Speedway development.   The canopy post will be painted to match the light posts (green).

 Building design (colors and materials) was discussed in length with recommendations and suggestions shared.  Consistency is to be used following the green on awnings, lamp posts, roof, etc.  It was noted that signage in the Planned District only allows one wall sign with a maximum of 60 sq. ft.; freestanding sign would require a maximum size of 18 sq. ft. - one per lot w/ 12 ft. height.   Monument signs could be approved and would be preferred.  Variances may be required.

Commission member Tyler left the meeting - 8:40pm

 Mr. Quinn requested authorization to release Arby's architect's to proceed with modifying the plans as suggested this evening.  He will return to the Commission with the architect's renderings for further review.  He noted that Arby's would like to begin construction in August '06.      

 Arby's has agreed to return with building elevations, an Engineer's site plan, sign package, landscaping plan, and site lighting schematic based on this evenings discussions.


844 Burg Street.  Additional Driveway

 The property owner has requested a Work Session with the Commission to discuss alternative options for the proposed location of an additional driveway.   Site distance measurements were taken (Per Engineer, a driveway on a 25MPH road should have a minimum of 280 ft. of site distance).  Neither the original driveway nor the proposed driveway meets this requirement.

 Ms. Fisher discussed her plans for the property with the Commission.  She would like a second driveway to be used only for servicing the back side of the property and the barn/garage (also to be located on the back side of the property).

 It was recommended that another work session be conducted to include Ms. Fisher, the Harvey's (neighboring property owner) and several Commission members at the property location.

Commission member Wilkenfeld left the meeting - 9:35pm.

Finding of Fact:
 Tabled until next meeting due to lack of quorum.

Adjournment:  9:47 p.m.

Next Meetings:  April 10 and April 24, 2006

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly Adzic
 Village Clerk

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