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Planning Commission Minutes June 16, 2008 Special Meeting



June 16, 2008




Members Present: Jack Burriss, Lyle McClow, Gina Reeves, Tim Ryan (Chair), and Jackie O’Keefe (non-voting).

Members Absent: Tom Mitchell

Staff Present: Village Planner Alison Terry, Village Manager Don Holycross, and Clerk of Council Mollie Prasher

Visitors Present: Mr. and Mrs. Sagaria


Chair Ryan stated that the Commission would discuss the suggested revisions to the zoning code first and permit public comment at the end of the meeting.


New Business:


  1. Public Hearing on Proposed General Zoning Code Revisions, to

       Amend Sections 1109.11, 1133.03, 1135.01, 1137.01, 1137.02, 1137.05, 1137.07,

       1137.08, 1139.05, 1139.06, 1141.04, 1141.05, 1141.06, 1143.04, 1145.03,

       1145.04, 1147.03, 1147.04, 1149.01, 1149.02, 1149.03, 1159.02, 1159.03,

       1159.04, 1159.05, 1161.01, 1161.02, 1161.03, 1163.01, 1163.02, 1163.03,

       1167.02, 1167.03, 1175.02, 1175.04, 1175.05, 1183.01, 1183.03, and 1189.03,

       and to Amend and Change the Section Number of Sections 1137.03, 1137.04,

       1137.05, 1137.06, 1137.07 and 1137.08, and To Enact New Sections 1137.03,

       1137.10, 1157.14, 1157.15 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of

       Granville, Ohio.


The Planning Commission began their review with section 1137.07.




The Commission indicated that they had issues with the fee structure in this section.  They also indicated that there could be issues with the Village handling cash deposits.  Tim Ryan indicated that he understood the need to protect public lands, especially when projects involved road construction and larger developments, but felt the $25,000 project amount with a $5,000 cash deposit seemed excessive.  The Commission suggested that a bond or letter of credit could be sufficient.  They also indicated that the dollar amount of the project ($25,000) could be increased so as not to cause a hardship for residents.  The Commission requested that staff provide more research regarding what other communities’ policies were or other possible remedies. 




The Commission recommended adding the word “written” in Section 1137.08 (b)(3) to read as follows “Disobey or disregard any lawful written order of the Zoning Inspector.”




Mr. McClow asked the process to violate residents.  Planner Terry indicated that the violator would be advised of the violation and given an opportunity to rectify the problem.  If the violator refused to rectify the violation or ignored the violation, the case would be referred to Mayor’s Court.




Recommended changes approved.




Recommended changes approved.


1139.06 and 1141.06


Mr. Ryan expressed concern regarding the language allowing the Village Manager to appeal Planning Commission or Board of Zoning and Building Appeals decisions.  After discussion as to specific situations where the appeal of a decision might be warranted, the Commission recommended changing the language.  They recommend that “Village Manager” be removed and Village Council be permitted to seek an appeal.  The language should read “The Village Council may appeal any such decision with the vote of a simple majority (four members) of Council.”




Planner Terry advised the Commission that staff would like to seek further legal advice regarding the change of language from “structural modifications” to “structural alterations” in Section 1141.04 (b).




Mr. Ryan suggested clarifying the language regarding the conclusion of a hearing as to what constitutes the conclusion.  Manager Holycross suggested adding language to Section 1141.05 (f) in the first sentence following conclusion of hearing “by the Commission, unless waived by the applicant or the application shall be presumed to be denied.”




Recommended changes approved.




Mr. Burriss found the language in Section 1145.03 (b) confusing.   After discussion, the Commission recommended removing “and is compatible with the existing land use.”




Recommended changes approved.




Planner Terry indicated that the majority of the added language in this section was due to the inclusion of the Duncan standards, the current standard and criteria for the approval of variances.  This standard has been developed from previous legal cases.




Recommended changes approved.




Recommended changes approved.




The Commission recommended removing the word “expanded” as it was redundant.




Recommended changes approved.


The Planning Commission ended their discussion of the proposed zoning code regulations at page twenty-nine (29), Section 1149.03 and stated that they would continue their discussion beginning with page twenty-nine (29), Section 1157.14 at their next regularly scheduled meeting if time permitted.


Mr. Burriss moved to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting.  Second by Ms. Reeves.  Motion carried 4-0. 

Adjournment: 8:59pm


Next meetings:

June 23, 2008

July 14, 2008


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