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Planning Commission Minutes October 28, 2013


October 28, 2013




Call to Order:  Mr. Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Swearing in of Ex-Officio Member:

Law Director King swore in Dennis Cauchon as the Granville Exempted Village School District Ex-Officio Member to the Planning Commission on October 28, 2013 at 7:02 P.M. 


Members Present: Councilmember Johnson (non-voting), Dennis Cauchon (non-voting), Doug Eklof, Jack Burriss, Steven Hawk (Vice-Chair), Jean Hoyt, and Tom Mitchell (Chair.)


Members Absent:  None. 


Staff Present: Alison Terry, Village Planning Director; Michael King, Village Law Director


Also Present: Karl Schneider. 


Citizens’ Comments:

No one appeared to speak under Citizen’s Comments.


New Business:

NE Corner of Columbus Road and Weaver Drive – Ryan Badger/ADR Associates, Ltd. on behalf of Karl Schneider Raccoon Creek, LLC. - Application #2013-70

Village Gateway District (VGD).  The request is for review and approval of a lot split for an existing thirty-two-point-zero-three-seven (32.037) acre parcel. The applicants would like to divide the property into three separate parcels, described as follows:

1.  Lot Split 1: being an eight-point-three-seven-nine (8.379) acre parcel;

2.  Lot Split 2: being an eighteen point-seven-seven-zero (18.770) acre parcel; and

3.  Lot Split 3: being a four-point-eight-eight-eight (4.888) acre parcel.

The property is zoned Village Gateway District (VGD).  The request is for review and approval of three separate lot splits.


Swearing in of Witnesses – Mr. Mitchell swore in Alison Terry and Karl Schneider.



Karl Schneider, Raccoon Valley Creek, LLC, stated he would like to sub-divide the property into three separate lots.  Mr. Schneider indicated part of the property is being co-developed with another partner out of Indianapolis.  He stated part of the property would be owned by another entity and they decided now is the appropriate timing to sub-divide the property. 


Ms. Terry stated the proposed lot split is 8.379 acres for what is being referred to as Lot 1, and Lot 2 is 18.770 acres.  Ms. Terry stated the area to the south where the manufactured home park is located is being referred to as Lot 3 and is 4.888 acres.  Ms. Terry stated there is a commercial portion and conservation easement piece to the north, which was taken into consideration when choosing how to divide the property.  Ms. Terry indicated the applicant meets all requirements for the lot split.  She read aloud the criteria set forth in the code pertaining to lot splits.  The Planning Commission unanimously agreed the applicant meets all of the criteria pertaining to lot splits in the Village Gateway District. 


Mr. Hawk asked if an easement would be granted for Lot 1.  Mr. Schneider stated yes.  Mr. Hawk questioned if the plan is to still vacate the residences on Lot 3 by years end.  Mr. Schneider stated they are still in the process of addressing this and they have run into some soil testing issues on Lot 1 that have made it hard to address matters with the other lots. 


Councilmember Johnson asked if the driveway would be shared as a means of ingress for outparcels.  Mr. Schneider stated yes, this access point would feed everything with no additional access points being considered.  Ms. Terry stated the applicant is moving the access point further to the north where they will funnel all the traffic to both sites.  Mr. Schneider indicated they are also looking to enlarge the culvert in this area. 


Mr. Mitchell questioned what is located within the setback on the drawings.  Mr. Terry explained this would be an enclosed patio area, without a roof, and it is permitted to encroach within the setback.  She stated the area would be similar to a courtyard with fencing. 


Mr. Mitchell asked if the conservation easement gives enough open space for out parcel Lot split 1 and 2.  Mr. Schneider stated yes. 


Councilmember Johnson asked if the applicant foresees the need for access to the detention pond on Lot 2.  Mr. Schneider stated they are currently working on this.  Ms. Terry explained there would be a blanket easement for a water line, storm sewer, and fire hydrant.  They have a blanket easement for storm sewer and fire hydrant to access this.  She indicated that if additional storm water needs to be detained it has to be on site even if the water is being funneled to a detention pond.  Ms. Terry stated the Village would have inspection and maintenance agreements in place that run with the property even if it transfers ownership.  She stated the property owner is required to maintain the detention pond on a regular basis.  Mr. Mitchell asked if the storm water from Lot 1 would go into the basin.  Mr. Schneider stated they are still working this out and it is yet to be determined.  Councilmember Johnson asked if the water moves into Raccoon Creek.  Ms. Terry stated yes. 

Dennis Cauchon indicated the manufactured home park has been known to take on water – even recently.  He questioned if this land is considered to be in the flood zone.  Ms. Terry stated this area is considered to be in the 500-year flood zone.  Mr. Cauchon questioned if the developer has any plans for this area at this time.  Mr. Schneider stated they are continuing working on Lot 1 and 2 and have not begun plans for Lot 3.   


Mr. Mitchell asked Councilmember Johnson if there is anything he is aware of from Council’s perspective that would preclude this subdivision.  Councilmember Johnson stated the lot split was not discussed.  He stated he can only speak as one member from Council, but he does not see anything different than what was presented in the applicant’s original plan.  He stated he believes Council clearly understood there would be out parcels and they were undefined at that time.  Mr. Mitchell indicated Ms. Terry has indicated all of the criteria for a lot split have been met by the applicant. 


The Planning Commission reviewed the Standards and Criteria pertaining to Application #2013-134, and agreed with Staff's comments as bolded below:


1)         Section 1113.02 Subdivision without plat (lot-split).


(a)        Written application for a subdivision without plat shall be submitted to the Village Planner or designee of the Manager who shall review such application for proper form and content. Upon acceptance of the application, the Village Planner or designee of the Manager shall process the application in accordance with this section. Submitted by the applicant.


(b)        The Planning Commission shall consider an application for subdivision without plat within twenty-one (21) days after receipt of the application and shall act on such application within thirty (30) days after consideration, unless otherwise extended by mutual agreement, and may approve such application provided:


(1)               All lots of the resulting subdivisions are contiguous to a dedicated public street right-of-way for such distance as is required by the applicable zoning district.   The three proposed lots are contiguous to a dedicated public street right-of-way, Weaver Road (Township Road 131) and or Columbus Road.  The Village Gateway District (VGD) does not require a specific lot width it only requires that the lot size be approved by the Planning Commission and shall be based on site conditions and the requirements established within the code for the proposed lot use.


(2)        No opening, widening or extension of any road, street or other public way is involved.  No opening, widening or extension is proposed. Not applicable.

(3)        No more than five (5) lots, each of which meets the established criteria for development, result after the original tract is completely subdivided. The proposed lot split is for three (3) total lots meeting this requirement.


(4)               The request for subdivision is not contrary to platting, subdividing or zoning regulations of the Municipality.  The proposed lot splits will not be contrary to any platting, subdividing or zoning regulations. Refer to Raccoon Creek Lot Split Ratios Chart dated 10/16/2013.


(c)        A boundary survey prepared by a registered surveyor shall be submitted with each application for subdivision without plat. Such survey shall show:


(1)        Boundaries of the proposed subdivision based on an accurate transverse with angular and lineal dimensions.  Submitted with the application.


(2)        Size of all lots within the proposed subdivision with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths with bearing in degrees and minutes.  The submitted lot split drawing shows a total of three (3) lots with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths and with bearings in degrees and minutes, as required.


(3)        Exact location, width and name of all streets or other public ways contiguous to the proposed subdivision.  The submitted lot split drawing shows the location, width and name of Columbus Road and Weaver Road (Township Road 131), as required.


(4)        Names of adjacent subdivision and/or owners of adjoining parcels with the boundary lines of adjacent tracts of unsubdivided and subdivided land.  Illustrated on the submitted lot split drawings, as required.


(5)        Scale of plan, north point and date. The location, widths of easements, parks, permanent buildings, military survey and township lines within and adjacent to the subdivision.  The submitted lot split is shown at 100 scale with a north point and date of 10/15/2013. The plan further illustrates the Scenic/Conservation/Walkway Easement along the northern property lines of proposed Lots 1 & 2 and an existing sewer easement that bisects proposed Lots 1 & 2.


(d)        The Planning Commission may grant conditional approval to any proposed subdivision or lot-split pending approval by the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals or Council of variances which may be required for development. Not applicable.


(e)        No application for subdivision without plat shall be approved by the Planning Commission which would result in any parcel of land becoming or remaining landlocked or which does not meet the conditions of this section. (Ord. 21-95. Passed 8-2-95.) None of the proposed lots would be become landlocked as a result of this request.  Not applicable.



Mr. Hawk made a motion to approve Application #2013-134 as presented with the affirmation of the Staff's review of the regulations.  Seconded by Mr. Burriss. 


Roll Call Vote to Approve Application #2013-134:  Burriss (yes), Hawk (yes), Hoyt (yes), Eklof (yes), Mitchell (yes).  Motion carried 5-0.


Finding of Fact Approvals:


New Business:

Application #2013-134: Ryan Badger of ADR & Associates, Ltd. on behalf of Karl Schneider of Raccoon Creek, LLC; Northeast Corner of Weaver Drive and Columbus Road; Lot Split of 32.037 Acre Parcels into 3 Lots

Approve Findings of Fact and Associated Standards and Criteria.

The Planning Commission found the request to be consistent with The Granville Codified Ordinances Chapter 1113, Plat Approval and Chapter 1173, Village Gateway District and hereby gives their approval of Application #2013-134 as submitted by the applicant.


Mr. Hawk moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2013-134. Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Roll Call Vote: Burriss (yes), Eklof (yes), Hoyt (yes), Hawk (yes), Mitchell (yes).  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion to approve meeting minutes for September 23, 2013:

Mr. Hawk moved to approve the minutes from September 23, 2013 as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Burriss.  Motion carried 4-0. (Mr. Mitchell abstained.)


Adjournment:  7:25 PM

Mr. Eklof moved to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting, seconded by Mr. Hawk.  Motion carried 5-0. 


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