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Planning Commission Minutes November 25, 2013


November 25, 2013




Call to Order:  Mr. Hawk (Vice-Chair) called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


Members Present: Councilmember Johnson (non-voting), Dennis Cauchon (non-voting), Doug Eklof, Jack Burriss, Steven Hawk (Vice-Chair), and Jean Hoyt. 


Members Absent:  Tom Mitchell (Chair).


Staff Present: Debi Walker; Planning & Zoning Assistant.


Also Present: Tim and Kathy Klingler. 


Citizens’ Comments:

No one appeared to speak under Citizen’s Comments.


New Business:

120 East Elm Street – Tim and Kathy Klingler- Application #2013-150

Village Business District (VBD) – Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD).  The request is for architectural review and approval of the installation of low stone retaining walls, stone steps, and two (2) eight (8’) foot tall arched gates, located in the rear of the property.


Swearing in of Witnesses – Mr. Mitchell swore in Deb Walker and Tim and Klingler. 



Tim Klingler, 120 East Elm Street, stated he is requesting approval for the gateways into their proposed landscape area.  He stated the lot has a natural fall from the barn to the house and they would like to terrace this into three areas.  Mr. Klingler stated he may be using compacted brown gravel with stone steps.  Mr. Klingler stated this area was previously used as a patio.  He added they would be using a lot of perennials and rose bushes for an English garden appearance.  Mr. Klingler stated one area would have raised beds for vegetable gardens.  Mr. Klingler stated the steps he is proposing were originally used as curb steps in Granville.  Mr. Klingler stated he is proposing to bend the hemlocks around an iron arch with a wooden door and window.  He stated the arches would be located in two areas on the lot.  Ms. Walker indicated the applicant would be requesting a variance from six foot (6’) to eight foot (8’) for the arches.  She stated this would be heard at the BZBA December 12th meeting.  Mr. Eklof asked if there is any existing fence that would remain.  Mr. Klingler stated there is a piece of a fencing installed by Mr. Preston located in the northeast corner of the property and this would remain.  Mr. Klingler stated the trees (service berry) in the northeast corner will likely remain, but he may replace them with river birch. Mr. Hawk stated he appreciated the design and variety of materials.  Ms. Walker stated the hardscape including the walls are added into the total lot coverage.  She stated this is zoned VBD and they can have 70% total lot coverage.  Ms. Walker stated the crushed stone does not count towards lot coverage.  She stated the Planning Commission is reviewing the proposed walls, steps, and gates only.                  


The Planning Commission reviewed the Standards and Criteria pertaining to Application #2013-150:


a)                  Is stylistically compatible with other new, renovated and old structures in the Village District?  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the application is consistent with similar requests approved in the district. The Planning Commission concurred with Mr. Burriss.


b)                  Contributes to the improvement and upgrading of the historical character of the Village District.  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the request is consistent with other uses already in this district.  The Planning Commission concurred with Mr. Burriss.


c)                  Contributes to the continuing vitality of the District.  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the vitality of an individual residence is improved, as well as the entire district.  The Planning Commission concurred with Mr. Burriss.


d)                  Protects and enhances examples of the physical surroundings in which past generations lived.  The Planning Commission concluded this was TRUE. 


Ms. Hoyt made a motion to approve Application #2013-150 on the condition the applicant receive a variance from the BZBA for the proposed arbor/gate height.  Seconded by Mr. Burriss. 


Roll Call Vote to Approve Application #2013-150:  Burriss (yes), Hawk (yes), Hoyt (yes), Eklof (yes).  Motion carried 4-0.


Finding of Fact Approvals:


New Business:

Application #2013-150: Tim and Kathy Klingler; 120 East Elm Street; Exterior Modifications

Approve Findings of Fact and Associated Standards and Criteria.

The Planning Commission found the request to be consistent with The Granville Codified Ordinances Chapter 1159, Village District, Chapter 1161, Architectural Review Overlay District, and hereby gives their approval of Application #2013-150 as submitted by the applicant.


Ms. Hoyt moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2013-150. Seconded by Mr. Eklof.  Roll Call Vote: Burriss (yes), Eklof (yes), Hoyt (yes), Hawk (yes).  Motion carried 4-0.


Motion to approve absent Commission Member:

Mr. Burriss moved to approve excuse Tom Mitchell from the November 25, 2013 Planning Commission meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Motion carried 4-0. 


Motion to approve meeting minutes for November 12, 2013:

Mr. Eklof moved to approve the minutes from November 12, 2013 as presented.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Motion carried 3-0.  (Mr. Hawk abstained because he did not attend this meeting.)


Adjournment:  7:20 PM

Mr. Burriss moved to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting, seconded by Mr. Eklof.  Motion carried 4-0. 


Next meetings:

Monday, December 9, 2013

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