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Planning Commission Minutes August 26, 2013



August 26, 2013




Call To Order:  Mr. Mitchell called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


Members Present: Doug Eklof, Steven Hawk (Vice-Chair), Jean Hoyt, and Tom Mitchell (Chair.)


Members Absent:  Councilmember Johnson (non-voting) and Jack Burriss. 


Staff Present: Debi Walker; Planning & Zoning Assistant.


Also Present: Nasie Gallagher, Jodi Melfi, Ben Rader, Greg Tracey, Jean Fuller, and Donna Fuller.  


Citizens’ Comments:  No one appeared to speak under Citizen’s Comments.


New Business:


454 South Main Street– Ben Pickrell/Millenium Irish Dance - Application #2013-107

Village Business District (VBD) – Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD).  The request is for review and approval of the installation of a wall sign.


Swearing in of Witnesses – Mr. Mitchell swore in Deb Walker and Jodi Melfi. 



Jodi Melfi, 120 East Elm Street, stated that she is representing the business owner, Ben Pickrell because he is currently in Ireland.  Ms. Melfi stated they have three signs in place and they are asking for a fourth sign, which would require a variance.  Ms. Melfi stated the proposed signage would coordinate with and match the existing signage on the building.  Ms. Hoyt asked if the same color, font, and proportions are being used.  Ms. Melfi stated yes.  Mr. Mitchell asked if there is additional room on the existing monument sign.  Ms. Melfi stated no.  Mr. Mitchell asked if a variance would be required to place the signage on the monument sign.  Ms. Walker stated she would need to research this to find out.     


Mr. Hawk questioned if the Planning Commission should grant another variance and is it possible the applicant could just keep requesting variances for additional signage.  Ms. Melfi stated she would not request another variance.  Ms. Walker explained the application for a sign variance should be the last request because the Code has been changed to mandate all variances (sign and other) will go to the BZBA for approval.  She added there is now a $250 fee associated with any request for a sign variance. 


Mr. Eklof questioned if a variance would be required if the existing three lower signs were all hung together.  He asked if this could be considered one sign.  Ms. Melfi stated she could incorporate these three panels onto one background.  Ms. Walker stated any variances granted for signage would carry with the property owner and not the business owner.  She stated variances for signage do not expire, and if another tenant moves into the building the variance would carry with the property.  Ms. Hoyt stated she does not have a problem with the proposed balance of signage on the front façade, but she does like the idea of incorporating the signage into one unit.   


Mr. Hawk stated he would support incorporating the existing signage into one unit, but he cannot support granting another variance for signage.  The Planning Commission discussed Ms. Melfi coming back with another sign proposal not requiring an additional variance.  Ms. Melfi agreed to work with the business owner on incorporating some of the sign panels into one sign.  She stated the business owner would like this in place as soon as possible because they are currently undergoing open enrollment for dance classes.  Ms. Walker stated the application could be brought up under ‘Old Business’ at the next Planning Commission meeting. 


Mr. Hawk made a motion to Table Application #2013-107.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Roll Call Vote to Table Application #2013-107:  Hawk (yes), Hoyt (yes), Eklof (yes), Mitchell (yes).  Motion carried 4-0.


107 North Prospect – Nasie Gallagher/Moe’s Original Barbeque - Application #2013-114

Village Business District (VBD) – Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD).  The request is for architectural review and approval of the removal of a single steel door and replacement with new double steel doors, six (6’) feet in total width, at the rear of the structure. 


Swearing in of Witnesses – Mr. Mitchell swore in Deb Walker, Ben Rader, Greg Tracey,

Nasie Gallagher. 



Nasie Gallagher, 956 Hopewell Heights, Heath, stated they are proposing opening a Moe’s BBQ restaurant at 128 East Broadway.  She stated they would employ an operating staff of 8-12 people and be open seven days per week.  Ms. Gallagher stated the Moe’s franchise has been sold exclusively to friends and family.  She stated that without a smoker there cannot be a Moe’s BBQ.  Ms. Gallagher explained that a steel double door would need to be installed to get the smoker unit in the building. 


Deb Walker stated the door would allow the smoker to come inside the property.  She explained she became aware today that there would need to be venting through the roof for the proposed smoker.  Ms. Hoyt asked how much smoke there could be.  Greg Tracey stated he would be part owner of the Moe’s franchise and there is an evac system that takes care of most of the smoke.  Ms. Gallagher indicated the location of the proposed vents on photographs.  She explained they would replace a hood system with the fan.  Ms. Hoyt asked if the fans would only be visible from the rear alley.  Ms. Gallagher stated yes.   


Ben Rader, 130 Linden Place, stated he has a neighboring property to the proposed BBQ location.  He questioned why the exhaust system wasn’t included in the application.  Ms. Walker stated she became aware of plans for the exhaust system late today.  Mr. Rader reviewed the plans for the double doors.  He wished the applicant good luck in their new business.  Mr. Rader added that he would like to see the applicant get full approval this evening. 


Carol Fuller Denison Drive, stated the mentioned storage space in the attic area is not for retail space.  She explained the fan in this area is to move hot air out of the attic space.  Ms. Fuller stated the second doorway would be installed going towards the downspouts. 


The Planning Commission reviewed the Standards and Criteria pertaining to Application #2013-114:


a)                  Is stylistically compatible with other new, renovated and old structures in the Village District?  Mr. Hawk stated TRUE the proposed improvements are compatible with the steel door that currently exists in the rear of the building.  The Planning Commission agreed with Mr. Hawk.


b)                  Contributes to the improvement and upgrading of the historical character of the Village District.  Mr. Hawk stated TRUE the request is consistent with the nature of the district.  The Planning Commission agreed with Mr. Hawk.


c)                  Contributes to the continuing vitality of the District.  Mr. Hawk stated TRUE having a thriving business in the district contributes to the vitality of the district.  The Planning Commission agreed with Mr. Hawk.


d)                  Protects and enhances examples of the physical surroundings in which past generations lived.  The Planning Commission concluded this criteria is TRUE. 


Mr. Eklof made a motion to approve Application #2013-114 for replacement of double doors as proposed and adding two additional exhaust stacks similar to the existing exhaust stacks already in place.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Roll Call Vote to Approve Application #2013-114:  Hawk (yes), Hoyt (yes), Eklof (yes), Mitchell (yes).  Motion carried 4-0.


Finding of Fact Approvals:


New Business:

Application #2013-114: Nasie Gallagher/Moe’s Original Barbeque; 128 East Broadway; Exterior Modifications

The Planning Commission found the request to be consistent with The Granville Codified Ordinances Chapter 1159, Village District, Chapter 1161, Architectural Review Overlay District, and hereby gives their approval of Application #2013-114 as submitted by the applicant.


Mr. Hawk moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2013-114. Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Roll Call Vote: Hoyt (yes), Hawk (yes), Eklof (yes), Mitchell (yes).  Motion carried 4-0.


Motion to approve absent Commission Member:

Mr. Eklof moved to approve excuse Jack Burriss from the August 26, 2013 Planning Commission meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Motion 1 (yes), 3 (no).


Motion to approve meeting minutes for August 12, 2013:

Mr. Eklof moved to approve the minutes from August 12, 2013 as revised.  Seconded by Ms. Hoyt.  Motion carried 4-0. 


Adjournment:  9:00 PM

Mr. Eklof moved to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting, seconded by Mr. Hawk.  Motion carried 4-0. 


Next meetings:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

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