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Planning Commission Minutes March 23, 2015

Granville Planning Commission


March 23, 2015



Call to Order:  Mr. Hawk (Chair) called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Members Present:  Mr. Eklof, Mr. Wilken, Mr. Potaracke, Mr. Burriss, Mr. Hawk and Councilmember O’Keefe (non-voting, ex-officio)


Members Absent:  None


Staff Present:  Debi Walker, Planning & Zoning Assistant


Also Present: John Noblick, Scott Kennedy, Jules Steinberg and Rochelle Steinberg


Citizens’ Comments:  None


New Business:

423 East College Street – John Noblick, on behalf of Scott Kennedy —Application #2015-19:

The property is zoned Suburban Residential District-B (SRD-B) and is located within the Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD).  The request is for architectural review and approval of a two-story addition with an upper level open deck, on the eastern side of the structure located at 423 East College Street.


Mr. Hawk stated that he may have a future business relationship with C.S. Construction and Mr. Noblick, but there are no plans in place at this time.  Mr. Hawk said there would be no conflict of interest keeping him from rendering a fair decision at this meeting.


Swearing in of Witnesses: Mr. Hawk swore in John Noblick and Deb Walker.



John Noblick, 12037 Bolen Road, Newark, Ohio, on behalf of Scott Kennedy, stated that at a recent meeting with the contractor, the Kennedy’s finalized plans to include changing the existing aluminum siding to HardiePlank siding with a 7-inch exposure to be painted the same color as the rest of the existing siding. In due time (and as budget allows) the rest of the home will also be resided with HardiePlank to match. The roof shingle materials will be Owens Corning ‘Duration’ in the Estate Gray color.  The upper level in the rear of the home will have a wood double French glider door. The addition will be 561 square feet and will be similar in appearance to the other side of the house in an effort to balance the massing of the structure.  Additionally, the window on the back of the garage will be eliminated. The electric service will be relocated to the northwest corner of the house and the garage doors will be centered more in the elevations as the result of the electrical service relocation.


Mr. Hawk inquired as to the brand of windows to be used in the project. Mr. Noblick shared that they will be Anderson and in white. The upper level decking will be pressure treated wood. 

Mr. Burriss asked to see the modified drawing and it was submitted as Exhibit A for inspection. Mr. Noblick explained that the existing foundation will be raised as will the yard to offset drainage issues involving both the yard and garage.  


Staff expressed appreciation for the care and consideration taken to accommodate the neighbors’ concerns. There we no further questions.


The Planning Commission reviewed the standards and criteria pertaining to Application #2015-19:


a)         Is stylistically compatible with other new, renovated and old structures in the Village District?  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the proposed modifications are consistent with the style and architecture of the structure and surrounding structures.  All other members concurred with Mr. Burriss.


b)         Contributes to the improvement and upgrading of the historical character of the Village District.  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the proposed modifications, use of materials and balancing of the structures mass, contributes to the upgrading of this structure and therefore to the District overall. All other members concurred with Mr. Burriss.


c)         Contributes to the continuing vitality of residences in the District.  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE, the proposed materials contribute to the vitality of the District overall.  All other members concurred with Mr. Burriss.


d)         Protects and enhances examples of the physical surroundings in which past generations lived.  Mr. Burriss stated TRUE; the proposed materials are consistent with the architecture of the area and thereby improve the structure with historically accurate materials and improvements which protect the physical surroundings in which past generations lived.  All other members concurred with Mr. Burriss.


Mr. Wilken made a motion to approve Application #2015-19, as submitted, with the inclusion of Exhibit ‘A’ – a revised drawing. Second by Mr. Eklof.  Roll Call Vote to Approve Application #2015-19:  Wilken (yes), Burriss (yes), Potaracke (yes), Eklof (yes) and Hawk (yes).  Motion Carried 5-0.


Findings of Fact Approvals:


New Business

Application #2015-19, John Noblick, on behalf of Scott Kennedy; 423 East College Street: Two Story Addition with Upper Level Deck, on Eastern Side of Home: Approve Findings of Fact and Associated Standards and Criteria.  The Planning Commission found the request to be consistent with The Granville Codified Ordinances Chapter 1159, Village Residential District (VRD) and Chapter 1161, Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD) and hereby votes to approve Application #2015-19.


Mr. Eklof made a motion to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2015-19 as amended.  Second by Mr. Potaracke.  Roll Call Vote:  Mr. Burriss (yes), Mr. Potaracke (yes), Mr. Eklof (yes), Mr. Wilken (yes) and Mr. Hawk (yes).  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion to approve the Planning Commission meeting minutes from March 9, 2015:  Mr. Potaracke made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 9, 2015 Planning Commission meeting.  Second by Mr. Burriss.  Motion carried 5-0.


Meeting Announcement:  Next meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2015.


Mr. Hawk declared the April 9, 2015 Planning Commission meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m., seeing no further business before the Commission.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

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