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Planning Commission Minutes August 8, 2016


August 8th, 2016 7:00 pm


Call to Order:  Mr. Hawk (Chair) called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Mr. Hawk, Mr. Burriss, Mr. Potaracke, Mr. Wilken, Mr. Montgomery (ex-officio member Village Council, Non-Voting)

Members Absent:  Mr. Jennings

Staff Present: Debi Walker, Acting Village Planner; Michael King, Village Law Director

Also Present: Melissa Lucas and Gerry Bird

Citizens’ Comments:  None

Selection for Vice-Chair:  Mr. Potaracke made a motion to nominate Mr. Wilken for Vice-Chair.  Seconded by Mr. Burriss.  Motion carried 4-0.

New Business:

Application #2016-95, submitted by Melissa and Michael Lucas, for the property located at 424 East College Street. The request is for review and recommendation to Village Council for the structural demolition of an existing barn at the rear of the property.  The property is zoned Village Residential District (VRD) and is located within the Architectural Review Overlay District (AROD).

Swearing in of witnesses: Mr. Hawk swore in Melissa Lucas and Debi Walker.

Discussion: Melissa Lucas, 424 East College Street, Granville, Ohio stated:

She is seeking approval for the demolition of an existing barn at the rear of the property.  When the home inspection was performed, the Inspector informed the homeowners that the barn is deteriorating due to termite damage.  After staff contacted the Granville Historical Society, we received confirmation that the barn was of no historical significance.   The applicant assured the commission that for the time being the area will remain grassy.  In the future, the owners plan to build a garage.

The Planning Commission reviewed the standards and criteria pertaining to Application #2016-95; Chapter 1162, Structural Demolition.

Mr. Potaracke made a motion to recommend approval of Application #2016-95 to

Village Council. Seconded by Mr. Burriss.  Roll call vote to approve the motion: Burriss (Yes), Potaracke (Yes), Wilken (Yes), Hawk (Yes).  Motion carried 4-0.

Work Session:

Submitted by Gerry Bird, for the property located at 1536 Newark-Granville Road.  The request is for review and feedback related to the proposed development and future annexation of the parcel which is currently located in Granville Township.

Gerry Bird stated: He is seeking to purchase the 18.792-acre property located at 1536 Newark-Granville Road.  He intends to construct 37 homes which will be located on 64’ wide minimum lots.  The homes will be approximately 2,500 square feet, and 1.5 stories with an open floor plan.  Mr. Bird will have three standard housing options for buyers to choose from, or they may choose a custom home which will require going through a design committee review process for approval.  One-third of the homes will have driveways that will pull directly into the garage, while the remaining two-thirds will share a curb cut and utilize more of a parking courtyard driveway configuration.

Mr. Bird presented two detailed plans for the subdivision.  Both options will have one entry point across from the Colony, which will remain landscaped without any homes.  The first roadway layout option will be a cul-de-sac, and the second option will be a loop.  Both options will include a pond/stream; the rear of the subdivision will be dedicated to green space, sidewalks will be provided within the subdivision, as will street lighting, etc.  He suggested varying front yard setbacks up to 10’ to provide a village historic district streetscape.  That will not, however, allow for larger homes with shortened front yard setback.  In order for the project to move forward, Mr. Bird stated that the subdivision would need to be annexed into the Village.

The Commission expressed their concerns about the amount of additional traffic the development would create on Newark-Granville Road.  Mr. King stated that a traffic engineering study would be required.  Once that is complete, possible traffic lights and/or crosswalk signals might need to be installed. It was also suggested to not market the development to only senior citizens, but also to younger families. 

The Commission asked for Mr. Bird’s timeline. Mr. Bird stated that he intends to purchase the property in 2017, if the property will be allowed to be annexed into the Village.  Once the property is annexed, he will seek a plan approval with the Planning Commission at the end of 2017, with construction to begin in the spring of 2018.  Questions of HOA’s and covenants also arose.  Mr. Bird stated there will be HOA fees, and a Declaration of Covenants will be in place.  The Developer will maintain control of the Homeowner’s Association until two-thirds of the lots are sold, and at that time, homeowners will join the Association. 

Finding of Fact Approvals:

New Business:

Application #2016-95; Melissa and Michael Lucas; 424 East College Street; Structural Demolition of a Barn: Approve Findings of Fact and Associated Standards and Criteria

Mr. Wilken moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2016-95. Seconded by Mr. Burriss.   Potaracke (Yes), Wilken (Yes), Burriss (Yes), Hawk (Yes). Motion carried 4-0.

Motion to approve the Planning Commission Meeting minutes from July 25, 2016 Planning Commission hearing:  Mr. Potaracke made a motion to approve the minutes from July 25, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting.  Mr. Burriss seconded.  All in favor voice vote:  Motion carried 3-0.

Meeting Announcements – next meetings:

August 22, 2016

September 12, 2016

September 26, 2016

Motion to Adjourn:  Mr. Hawk declared the Planning Commission meeting adjourned, seeing as there was no further business before the Commission.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

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