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Planning Commission Minutes February 8, 2016


February 8th, 2016 7:00 pm


Call to Order:  Mr. Hawk (Chair) called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Mr. Hawk, Mr. Wilken, Mr. Potaracke, Mr. Burriss, Mr. Eklof, Rob Montgomery (ex-officio member Village Council, Non-Voting) and Tim Klingler (ex-officio member GEVSD, Non-Voting)

Members Absent:  None.

Staff Present: Debi Walker, Acting Village Planner; Michael King, Village Law Director

Also Present: Karl Schneider, Jack Lucks, Eric Roberts, and Jerry Griffin

Citizens’ Comments:  None.

New Business:

Application #2013-104 (Amended); Eric Roberts, Rocky Fork Co, for Karl Schneider, Raccoon Creek Senior Housing LLC, on behalf of Middleton Senior Living, LLC,  for the property located at 1500 Weaver Drive and the adjacent Parcel No. 020-042252-00.001, located at the corner of Weaver Drive and Columbus Road.  The request is for review and approval of the installation of a forty-eight (48”) inch tall crossbuck style fencing along Weaver Drive and Columbus Road.  The property is zoned Village Gateway District (VGD).

Swearing in of Witnesses: Mr. Hawk swore in Eric Roberts, Karl Schneider, Jack Lucks, Michael King and Debi Walker.

Discussion: Mr. Karl Schneider, 150 E. Broad Street, Suite 305, Columbus, Ohio stated:

He would like to install a 48” inch tall crossbuck style fencing along Weaver Drive and Columbus Road.  He feels it would make the property look more appealing by hiding the gas meter shut off valves and telephone poles along the southern property line.  He stated they’ve selected the crossbuck-style fencing in order to present a different gateway fence – in an attempt avoid duplicating the look of New Albany fencing.  He stated that when the fence is first installed, it will not be painted.  It will need to season for an appropriate length of time prior to being painted; and then it will be painted white approximately every 3 – 5 years.  The fence will eventually be extended to the adjacent parcel where the new Middleton Garden Cottage units will be constructed.

The Planning Commission reviewed the standards and criteria pertaining to Application #2013-104 (Amended); Chapter 1173, Village Gateway District, and Chapter 1187 Height, Area and Yard Modifications.

Mr. Burriss made a motion to approve Application #2013-104 (Amended) as submitted.  Second by Mr. Wilken.  Roll Call Vote to Approve Application #2013-104 (Amended):  Eklof (Yes), Potaracke (Yes), Wilken (Yes), Burriss (Yes), and Hawk (Yes).  Motion Carried 5-0.

Work Session: Karl Schneider of Raccoon Creek Senior Housing, LLC. The request is for review and feedback on proposed Garden Cottages at Middleton Senior Living located at 1500 Weaver Road and the adjacent parcel no. 020-042252-00.001.  The property is zoned Village Gateway District (VGD).

Mr. Schneider stated, in his experience, there is an increased demand for more independent living housing with attached garages.  His intention for the Garden Cottages at Middleton Senior Living is to develop and offer 31 such units, each unit having two bedrooms and approximately 1,200 square feet of living space.  He feels the addition of independent living cottages would allow the Middleton facility to be more successful overall. He illustrated that food and medical attention would only be 60 seconds away for the future cottage residents. The units will have the same roofing material as the main facility, but he intends to mix cladding materials on the cottages.  The porches on each unit will include columns. There will be landscaping and fencing along Columbus Road to provide screening. The crossbuck style fencing and pedestrian paths will be included to allow residents to move between the main facility and throughout the property. The noted the proposed units illustrated on the east side of the main facility are located within a 100 year flood plain; to address that situation Mr. Schneider will file a plan with the Army Corps of Engineers for review. Ms. Walker stated there is adequate sewer and water to serve the proposed cottage units.

Work Session: Submitted by Lyn Robertson and presented by Jerry Griffin, on behalf of Granville Commons, a Condominium Co-Housing Community, located on approximately 18.972 acres with frontage along Newark-Granville Road (parcel no. 019-041946-00.000). The request is for review and feedback on potential annexation to the Village and development of the property.

Mr. Griffin presented the concept of co-housing to the Planning Commission, providing a general understanding of the proposed co-housing neighborhood to be located on a parcel of land along the south side of Newark-Granville Road across from The Colony. It would consist of approximately 15-16 structures, with a total of up to 36 living units. The community would also be home to a common house – the focal point of the community - where the community members would be able to share meals, exercise, garden, gather, etc. together enhancing the sense of community. Mr. Griffin went on to add co-housing communities are designed by their residents as an intentional community. The community members would be required to help take care of the community, for instance keeping the sidewalks clear when there is snow.  The units are typically smaller in size usually about 1,100-1,200 square feet.  The homes may be sited facing each other with the kitchens facing the outside. They will also be energy efficient, including the latest conservation building concepts: triple glaze windows, heavy insulation, and the use of solar and geothermal heating. Mr. Griffin expects the homes to be priced starting around $180,000, well below the average cost of a home in Granville.  The Commissioners discussed their considerable concerns over the project and inquired of Mr. Griffin if the project developers had given thought to the potential impact on the schools. Mr. Griffin stated that he and the other founding members clearly had to give more consideration to certain aspect of the project prior to providing the Commissioners with a detailed response.

Finding of Fact Approvals:

New Business: Application #2013-104 (Amended); Eric Roberts of Rocky Fork Co, on behalf of Karl Schneider for Raccoon Creek Senior Living LLC; 1500 Weaver Drive and the adjacent Parcel No. 020-042252-00.001, located at the corner of Weaver Drive and Columbus Road; Fencing: Approve Findings of Fact and Associated Standards and Criteria. 

Mr. Eklof moved to approve the Findings of Fact for Application #2013-104 (Amended). Second by Mr. Wilken. Eklof (Yes), Potaracke (Yes), Wilken (Yes), Burriss (Yes), and Hawk (Yes). Motion Carried 5-0.

Motion to approve the Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from January 25th, 2016 Planning Commission hearing:  Mr. Wilken made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 25th, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting.  Mr. Potaracke Second.  All in favor voice vote:  Motion carried 5-0.

Meeting Announcements – next meetings:

February 22, 2016

March 14, 2016

March 28, 2016

Motion to Adjourn:  Mr. Hawk declared the Planning Commission meeting adjourned seeing as there was no further business before the Commission.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

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