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Adopted Legislation - June 15, 2011


The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the June 15, 2011 regular meeting:

Resolution No. 11-32, A Resolution to Adopt the Decision of the Council of the Village of Granville Affirming the Decision of the Granville Planning Commission Approving Application No. 2011-28 with Conditions and Adopting Decision Findings and Conclusions of Law

On June 1, Council heard the appeal of a decision by the Planning Commission regarding the location of the shared use path related to a development proposal submitted by Metropolitan Partners.  The Council voted to affirm the decision of the Planning Commission.  This resolution formally affirms that decision.

Resolution No. 11-33, A Resolution, as a One-Time Event, Authorizing Full-time Employees the Ability to Voluntarily Donate Vacation Leave Hours and/or Sick Leave Hours to a Certain Full-Time Employee of the Village of Granville Who Will Exhaust all Accumulated Sick and Vacation Leave Due to a Serious Medical Condition

This resolution approves a leave donation policy to address a specific issue with one specific employee who currently has a serious medical condition and will exhaust all available leave.  The Village of Granville Personnel Practices does not address such a situation.  This resolution will permit employees to voluntarily donate sick leave time and/or vacation time.

Resolution No. 11-34, A Resolution to Reject the bids Submitted for the South Main Street Stand-By Pump and Authorize the Village Manager to Readvertise for Bids for a Permanent Stand-By Pump for the South Main Street Pump Station

In April, Council authorized staff to advertise for bids for a stand-by pump for the wastewater lift station along Raccoon Creek.  Last year Council appropriated $80,000 for the project.  The Engineer’s estimate for the pump in April was $55,950.  Bids were opened on April 28th and two bids were received with a low bid of $69,700.  A primary reason why the bids were well in excess of the estimate is the pump specified (a Thompson pump) has been significantly redesigned with a motor to comply with air quality standards.  Based on updated information, the new Engineer’s estimate is $69,500.  The need for this pump is great given the station’s location along Raccoon Creek and anticipated increased flow in this area. 

Resolution No. 11-35, A Resolution Supporting the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Application to the Ohio State Technical Review Advisor Committee (TRAC) for Funding to Construct an Interchange at the Intersection of Cherry Valley Road and State Route 16 

This resolution supports Licking County’s efforts to pursue this project in the ODOT process.  Currently the project is identified as a Tier 2 project.  It would need to be advanced to Tier 1 before scheduling of actual construction.  ODOT District 5 personnel have indicated they want to pursue this project as a top priority.

Resolution No. 11-36 A Resolution to Approve Improvements Proposed by the Bryn Du Commission to the Parking Lot 

This resolution approves the construction of parking lot improvements at Bryn Du.  A total of twenty-one spaces would be added between the Carriage House and the Granville Studio of Visual Arts.  The project is being undertaken by the Bryn Du Commission to address the need for additional parking and better access.

Resolution No. 11-37 A Resolution Authorizing the Village Manager to Waive the Capacity Charge for the Granville Township Service Department Sewer Connection

Staff recently discovered a sewer tap permit issued in May of 2009 for the Township service garage.  That permit approved a six inch tap to the sanitary sewer constructed by Kendal at Granville.  The permit fees included a fee for the reimbursement due to Kendal under the Sanitary Sewer Agreement between the Village and Kendal, but a tap fee (capacity charge) for the Village was crossed out.  Based on the size of the tap, the normal fee would be $7,741.  Staff could not find specific action taken by Council to waive the fee.  There are numerous reasons why the fee might be waived, including the fact that the sewer is not a public sewer awaiting the resolution of easement issues, Kendal at Granville paid a $55,044 capacity charge in 2005 for the line and the Township granted an easement for construction of the sewer.  Adopting this resolution, clarifies the situation and formally grant a waiver.

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