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Adopted Legislation - Village Council - Wednesday, August 18


The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the August 18, 2010 regular meeting:

a. Resolution No. 2010-34, A Resolution to Award the Contract for Towing and Impound for Services for the Police Department to M & P Towing LLC, and to Authorize the Village Manager to Enter into an Agreement Therefor

This resolution awards the contract for police impound and towing to M & P Towing LLC for the next three years.  M & P’s bid was lower on the basic towing fee and daily storage fee.  This information was reviewed by the Police Chief and has his recommendation.

b.  Resolution No. 2010-35, A Resolution to Establish the Annual Compensation Adjustment for the Fiscal Year 2010

This resolution provides a wage adjustment for non-union employees for 2010 retroactive to July 1, 2010.  No adjustment was given to the non-union employees in December or January due to the incomplete status of the police negotiations.  The compensation adjustment would include a 2% increase for those employees below the top step of their pay range.  The total cost of the increases would be approximately $4300, including related benefits.

c. Resolution No. 2010-36, A Resolution to Appoint a Member to the Planning Commission Representing the Board of the Granville Exempted Village School District

This resolution affirms the appointment of Robert Steven Hawk as the Village School District’s representative to the Planning Commission.

All legislation is available for review at the Village Offices during regular business hours, which are normally 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Village Offices are located at 141 East Broadway.

Mollie Prasher, Clerk of Council

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