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Adopted Legislation - Village Council - Wednesday, July 21


The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the July 21, 2010 regular meeting:

a.    Ordinance No. 10-2010, An Ordinance Accepting an Application for the Annexation to the Village of Certain Real Properties Located on Lancaster Road (South Main Street)

This ordinance accepts the application for annexation to the Village of 9.89 acres located along Lancaster Road.  In accordance with a pre-annexation agreement approved by Village Council on November 18, 2009 for the Mill District LLC property, Metropolitan Partners prepared an Expedited Type II Petition for the annexation of the Mill District properties, the Kiwanis properties, the Village of Granville properties, a small parcel owned by Granville Township, and related rights-of-way along Lancaster Road and River Road.  That petition for annexation was approved by the Licking County Commissioners on April 15, 2010.   

b.    Resolution No. 2010-31, A Resolution to Endorse and Authorize the Village Manager to Submit the Final School Travel Plan for the Safe Routes to School Program Through the Ohio Department of Transportation

This resolution approves and endorses the School Travel Plan that was developed by Village staff, Granville School District staff, and a traffic/alternative transportation consultant supplied by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  The submission of a School Travel Plan allows the Village, Township and School District to apply for federally funded school-related alternative-transportation improvements such as sidewalks, pathways, crosswalks, bike racks, etc.

All legislation is available for review at the Village Offices during regular business hours, which are normally 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Village Offices are located at 141 East Broadway.

Mollie Prasher, Clerk of Council

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